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Wedding Planning

Okay, can I be a girl for just a minute? I have been wedding planning for a while now, slowing since our date is still out a ways. Anyway, I stumbled across this wedding and event design company (aka florist) and was wonderful if any of my Kauai buddies had ever used them.

The company is North Shore Buds & Blooms, and I really like what I’m seeing so far. They did a wedding my friend was in a little while ago, and she said that all of the arrangements were beautiful. But she didn’t know much more than that. I know that the flowers were on the tables, in the bouquets, and even on the cake! And the pictures were lovely.

Their website has a lot of great pictures featuring the arrangements they offer, like wedding arches for the ceremony and bouquets for the bridesmaids. And I like the fact that they use native plants, making each space look elegant yet simple. That is kind-of what I’m going for. But I want more information.

So, if someone on Kauai wants to post a comment or two about this company, that would be great. And if someone else who is planning to get married before me (unofficial date is January) and needs a florist, can you check out their site, hire them, and then tell me how they did? That would be great. Thanks. ☺

By: Emily