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The Bell Stone

The Coconut Coast is right by the north shore on the NE side of the island, and there are many beaches and sites to see on this stretch of the island. However, one of the most historical and interesting places is the site of the Bell Stone.

The bellstone itself is a large reddish/brown rock that doesn’t look incredibly significant. However, for the ancient inhabitants of Kauai, this rock signaled some of their most important points in history. You have probably figured out from the name that the “Bell Stone” has some interesting properties. In fact, those properties allow it to, when struck sharply, give off a clear musical note.

I’m sure you are already visualizing hitting a rock and getting music out, which is something truly amazing. But there is more. You see, the location of the Bell Stone is the real key for, when this musical note is achieved, it is then resonated over the entire Wailua Valley.

Kings and Queens of Kauai used this rock for announcements, especially for royal births. This way, the people of Kauai always knew when a new successor to the thrown was born. It was a sound of hope, of fertility, of success, of thankfulness, of triumph, and of joy. So take a trip a few miles out to Coconut Coast and see this natural wonder for yourself.

By: Emily