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August 25, 2010 by, Emily

Today I had a bit of fun and went snorkeling with some friends off the south shore. I’ll admit to being a north shore kinda girl, but I take a good snorkeling opportunity whenever it presents itself, and this week the opportunity was in Eleele.

Eleele is on Hanapepe Bay, spitting distance from Port Allen Airport. There is a company there called Kauai Sea Tours, and my girlfriends decided to sign up for one of their underwater adventures. And just so you know, contrary to popular opinion, not every resident of Kauai owns their own snorkeling gear. Sure, many of us do, but sometimes it pays to go out with a group.

Anyway, I had a wonderful day of fun in the water. We snorkeled out to this one area where we knew there would be Hawaiian Sea Turtles and pretended to be in the movie Finding Nemo for a while. (You remember the scene, right? All the turtles in surfer accents hanging out in the current?) I love swimming alongside those big turtles, especially since they don’t seem to fear people at all. I even found a smaller turtle away from the rest of the group and named him Squirt. It was a great swim.

When we got back to shore, we all dried off, jumped in the car, and headed back up to the north side of the island for pizza from Kilauea Bakery. (I think I’ve mentioned them before.) They have the best pizza on the whole island, and we polished off several pieces apiece before heading back home.