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Spouting Horn Park

Have you ever heard of Spouting Horn Park? Well, that’s okay. Most people who haven’t been to Kauai have never heard of it. It is a fun tourist location on the island, however, and great for a family trip.

Spouting Horn Park is located on Kauai’s south shore near Poipu. It is an interesting location because of the blowhole that releases a spout of water up to 60 feet high! The blowhole was made long ago by the island volcano. Formed by natural lava tubes that lead to the water, when the Poipu surf channels into these tubes, a hiss will be heard, a roar will commence, and a jet of water will blast into the sky. It is truly a sight to see.

In the way of a little history, ancient Hawaiians always thought that this spot on the island was guarded by a giant mo’o named Kaikapu. A mo’o is a lizard, and long ago a mo’o named Kaikapu used to eat the fisherman and swimmers on the island. One day, Liko (an island man) was near that area and Kaikapu attacked. Liko quickly dove into the water and escaped from the mo’o through the lava tubes, and the crafty mo’o went after him. But misjudging the size of the tubes, Kaikapu got stuck and could not escape from the lava tunnels.

Slowly over the course of months or perhaps years, Kaikapu died. Whenever the water would rush through the tubes, the hissing and roaring noises of the pressurized water would sound like their ancient enemy, thrashing in pain and roaring with hunger as it sat trapped by the rocks.

Now, of course, we know there was no giant lizard, and Spouting Horn Park is one of the most popular tourist locations on the island. Plus, if you visit at sunset, the views from the lookout are amazing. You can see the jet of water rise against the sky and even view the humpback whales migrating off the coast. I would recommend this spot to any tourist coming to the island.

By: Emily