First of all, for all of you who wanted to go to the drag racing event last Saturday, I’m so sorry it was canceled. I didn’t hear about it until the last minute when it was too late to update you all. So if you went out to the raceway and nothing was there, I can only tell you that they haven’t set a new date yet. But when they do, I’ll try to keep you updated.

Secondly, I want to talk about a new event (one that won’t be canceled) that you can attend while visiting Kauai: the Prince Kuhio Celebration!

The celebration itself actually started yesterday and will continue for the next two weeks with something new and fun to do each day. There will be canoe racing, cultural demonstrations, Kahiko hula, a luau, a royal dinner, a rodeo, spearfishing and free diving competitions, and much more. There is even a website for this event where you can get an exact schedule of events, so you know which activities you can attend.

The best part is that, most of these events are free of charge. This means you can bring your whole family and enjoy a few days of fun without spending any of your hard earned cash. So come and visit us for this time of celebration and remember one of our greatest monarchs: Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole.

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