Music and Mango Festival

I have the perfect event for a Sunday Funday this coming weekend. It is the 2nd Annual Music & Mango Festival brought to you by the Waipa Foundation. This organization has been going strong now for over 20 years, connecting the community with hands on sustainable farming. They are all about the land and the resources, and using them responsibly. Here's their webpage if you'd like to learn more about this great organization:

So this Sunday, August 17th at the Halulu Fishpond in Hanalei is where the festival will be held. Activities begin at 11am and it goes until 5pm. Adults admission is $10 and kids ages 3-18 are just $1. It is a family friendly event, and it is also noteworthy that it is held outdoors. There will still be easy handicap access though.

What is all of the hype about? Well, mangos and some good music! There will be food booths, crafts, auctions going on, mini-classes and hands-on workshops. There will be cultural displays as well as live entertainment and live music, of course.

Here's what I suggest you bring if you are planning to attend: Admission money, spending money, a beach blanket or lawn chairs for the family to relax in, protection from the sun such as a hat and sunscreen, and other specialty needs as it pertains to your family or group (ie stroller, extra water bottles, etc). See you there?!

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#1 Best Live Show in Hawaii

Most people love live music. There is a certain ambiance that is created and you realize how alive and invigorating it is to have a live performance rather than hearing songs on the radio. What I am trying to say, is that I have really come to enjoy live music over the years. As my maturity in music has evolved as I have gotten older, I am much more appreciative of live performances.

This Friday, August 8th at the Hanalei Community Center there will be the "Mountain to Sea Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele Concert" that is the show you do not want to miss! Really, this has gotten high ratings and good reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. I heard about this concert coming to town, and I find it odd that I have not been to one of their live shows before. Anyway, the show starts at 4PM at the Hanalei Community Center. Tickets are priced for adults at $20 per person, and then seniors and kids are $15 each, children age 5 and under are free admission.

For more information and to purchase your tickets online, follow this link. This is the Number One Best Live Show in Hawaii after all, as voted by Hawaii Magazine Readers' Choice. I think this is the year I make my debut at this concert! How about you?

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Hanalei Sand Castle Contest

If you are anything like me, you simply love the beach. The ocean, the waves, the sand, the sun, the whole package! I am pleased to share that one of my favorite events is back this year, back on the beach. The Sand Castle Contest in Hanalei is coming up on Saturday, August 2nd from 11am to 4pm.

I am excited to watch these artists at work. I do not compete myself, no, I am one to observe and appreciate the skill and effort put into these pieces of art. This is a free contest and all artists are welcome. Yes, that means kids through adults, all are welcome to compete. Years past have been very easy going where it comes not feel like a competition at all, more like groups coming out and 'playing' in the sand. Individuals are welcome, as well as teams of any size and age range. I love that about this friendly competition. Note that there are prizes, but really I think the experience is the gemstone here.

This is a family friendly event in Hanalei Bay. Schedule it into your plans that Saturday and enjoy some good times out by the water's edge with some great sand art. I am adding this to my planner, that's for sure.

Want to volunteer? There are many jobs to do to help prepare for this event before, during and after. Click here if you want to know more about this neat opportunity, or to know more about the event in general. Also see some pictures from past years contests. :)

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Hanalei Swim Challenge

This Saturday the 26th is the annual Hanalei Bay Swim Challenge! Staying on Kauai's north shore? Do you like to swim in races or maybe just like to cheer on the swimmers? This event is perfect to attend. If you have a swimmer in your family, click here for Race Registration. This is a family friendly event, and all swimmers are welcome. For more general information for attendees, read more at this link for General Information.

I personally have not competed in the swim challenge, but I know plenty of folks who have. It is a good time and a high energy environment. I like that they have spots for the kids as well. I was cruising around on their website, and I found that there is indeed a 1000 meter route and a 3000 meter course for adults. The start of this event is near Hanalei Pier, just next to Hanalei Beach Park.

This is the ocean, and safety is the first priority. This event has been and will be well monitored both from the shoreline and out in the water with jet skis and paddle boards. With as much media attention as this swim challenge gets, there is sure to be more than enough lifeguards and other safety officials there.

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Happy Dad’s Day

Looking for something last minute to do today? Check out the 10th Annual Just for Dads Auto Show today. Not to worry, it starts at 10am and goes until about 2:30pm today. Come and go as you please. This show will feature cars, trucks, and bikes I hear!

This would be a great thing to do with your dad with father's day. It would be great for any car enthusiast, actually. It will be held at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center parking lot in Lihue. Are you leaving today? Not to worry, this is right on your way out, near the airport in Lihue. Make one more fun last stop before your visit comes to an end.

On a budget? I get it, I totally understand. It is a good thing this event is free! If you have been staying at a vacation rental, most likely on Kauai's north shore, why not bring your extra canned goods and unopened food to donate? The Kauai Independent Food Bank will be there collecting donations, which will be greatly appreciated.

See how this is turning out to be a perfect set-up? It's on the way, and you donate the food you did not use to a good cause. The auto show will be fun in itself too, I am confident. There will be prizes, give always, and live entertainment. This sounds like the perfect thing to do with the dad in your life who loves some autos! ;)

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Kamehameha Day

If you do not know what this coming Saturday is, please keep reading. It is that time of year when state-wide we celebrate Kamehameha! King Kamehameha, or Kamehameha the Great, was the one who conquered the Hawaiian Islands and established the Kingdom of Hawaii back in 1810. I do not consider myself a history buff, but I do know the basics!

Anyway, this weekend is the time we honor, reflect, and celebrate those who have pioneered the way before us. There will be a floral parade procession down streets in Lihue, near the airport. In the parade, the Kamehameha Court arrives typically on horse. This is pretty neat to see people on horseback, all decorated with traditional satin garments, and also the horses flaunting handmade flower leis.

This event begins at 9 am and usually it is an all-day event, as I recall from years past. There will be live entertainment, crafts to do, food to eat, drinks to drink, and demonstrations to see. For those visiting Kauai, I encourage you to strike up a conversation with someone about Kamehameha day and see what their plans are. There are events going on all over the Hawaiian Islands this weekend in honor of Kamehameha Day.

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Banana Poke Round-Up

Looking for something to do this Sunday, May 25th? My friends were telling me about it and I knew right away that I should blog about it. ;) So it is called the Banana Poka Round-Up. "What is that?" you may be asking yourself? It is a forest education fair!

Here's the back story… the Banana Poka vine is an invasive, weed-like plant that grows pretty pink blossoms. It makes for a great craft material. Baskets are often made out of it. Like I mentioned, it is an invasive, weed-like plant, and so by using it as a crafting material it is no way harming or disrupting the wildlife on Kauai. By using it as basket-making material, it is in a way reusing or repurposing this over-abundant plant!

This is a free event! There will be live music, exhibits, activities for kids such as basket making and face painting. But wait--there's more! This location is the finish line to the Pedal to the Meadow hill climb bicycle race. There really is a lot going on, it is an action packed day of events.

It is at Kauai's Kokee State Park, at Kanaloahuluhulu Meadow. To drive there, take Highway 50 west to Waimea. Turn right and follow the road up along the canyon rim for about 16 miles. Note: the bicycle race is from 8am-11am, so drive with extra caution.

The Banana Poka Round-Up starts at 10am with events and activities, and ends at 4pm. I looked up more info online than what I heard, so I could be sure to share fully accurate data with you all. :)

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Lumahai Beach

Let's talk beaches! Which one to go to? What to expect? I can understand it may be overwhelming to select a beach to go to. You want to go to one that meets your needs. Some are private, some are more busy and populated. Some are high on the bluffs, others have some smooth sand. There is quite a variety on Kauai. Today I want to spotlight Lumahai Beach in Hanalei. This north shore beach is one you may just fall in love with. ;)

Have you ever seen the movie "South Pacific?" If so, you have seen Lumahai Beach! This is a good beach for photographs, beach walking, sunset viewing, and some snorkeling. There is a lifeguard on duty during normal hours.

There are magnificent black lava rocks around and in the water. The contrast, the colors, it is all just so picturesque. The sand is so white. Did I mention the colors already? Blue, black, white, add in some green from the trees and some white from the clouds (if any) and you have got yourself a perfect picture! The sand--that is what I wanted to talk about before I got carried away--the sand is a dream. I do not know how else to say it really. If you are looking for a beach to walk and talk along, feel the wind in your hair, and watch a beautiful sunset at--Lumahai Beach is perfect for you. Memories and special moments are made here!

So you want to come here? Here is the Google Map results of Lumahai Beach. After following that link click on directions and you should be able to navigate how to get there from your location on Kauai.

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First Saturday: Ohana Day

Well, here it is, Wednesday, and I am already thinking about what I am going to be doing this weekend…

Did you know that the first Saturday of each month is Ohana Day at Kauai's Museum? Admission is free, free, free! The museum is open for some good family fun, demonstrations, and lectures on these Ohana Days. Saturday, May 3rd is the next Ohana Day. That is why I am sharing this info with you now!

The Kauai Museum is located at 4428 Rice St, Lihue, HI 96766. Doors open at 10:30am.

On this special day, the museum is special host for the 3rd Annual Keiki La Lei Contest. This too, starts at 10:30am and will go until about 12noon. If you are in the area, will be visiting, or will be flying into or out of Kauai on this Saturday, I would suggest stopping by the museum and immersing yourself in some history, tradition, and community here on Kauai. This is a very family friendly event! Come one, come all, come old and young. The museum is handicapped accessible as well.

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Surfing Update

Last month history was made, yet again. Remember Bethany Hamilton? The one whose real life story was written about in the book, Soul Surfer? And then it was turned into a feature film in 2011? Well, the latest on this amazing young woman's story is that she has taken first place at this year's Surf n Sea Pipeline Women's Pro hosted here in Hawaii!

She has not let life's hurdles get in her way. Check out this article on her winning this year's big event. The ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) results are at the bottom of the article, too, for scoring purposes. Check it out!

If you have not been to a surfing competition, let me tell you it is something to do at least once in a lifetime. If at all possible, do it more than once. I saw this in my morning's news feed from "The Garden Island" paper, and I thought I would share. Here is the article on "Hawaii surf championship opens today at Ala Moana Bowls" which highlights the four sites for the competition along the way. I want to try and make the event at Pine Trees in Hanalei!

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Pine Trees Classic Surf Contest

Saturday. The day before Easter! Tomorrow is the 13th Annual Pine Trees Classic surf contest in Hanalei. Surfing begins early in the morning at 7am. This is an event for kids ages 5 through 12. It is located at Pine Trees beach.

This is a great family event to go to. Thousands of people show up and it makes for a welcoming atmosphere. I have gone in the past, and I had a good time. There have been sponsors there years prior, and they will likely be back giving away free things from hats and shirts to posters and backpacks (just like the year I went with family). In years past I have seen sponsors give away surfboards, too! I wonder if that will happen again this year?! I guess we will have to find out tomorrow…

For those who are not participating in the surfing contest, there are other booths and things for kids to do. I doubt anyone would feel left out. There is simply too much to do and see. It is a time for the community to come together. When I was there last year I did not see unhappy faces. The contest is fun and competitive, but really it is more about the kids, having fun, and getting some surfing in.

As for those in the contest, they have given out trophies in the past, and I would assume that they would do the same again this year. It is an everybody wins kind of encouraging and motivational time for the kids.

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Free Family Easter Parade and Egg Hunt

Easter is in the air! It is that time of year again and I am getting excited! I just love the community here, the events, the activities… in other words everything. Let me tell you about the Easter Parade and Egg Hunt at Prince Albert Park this Saturday the 12th.

This is a family fun event hosted by the Princeville Community Association. It is a free event. Free and fun. I love it when those two words wind up in the same sentence! ;)

Anyway, it is at Prince Albert Park in Princeville. The park by itself is designed for children ages one through eight, and it is a clean and well maintained park and play structure. (I was there recently--I know these things!) It is right across the street from the Princeville Library, too. Here is the address for those who wish to know the street address so they can better navigate there: 4304 Emmalani Drive, Princeville, Hawaii.

The event starts at 2pm and there will be a parade to kick it off. Bring a bike, wagon, stroller… something child friendly for the parade. Dress it up and dazzle it out before hand so the parade can sparkle and shine as the procession carries on. There will also be an opportunity for the children to meet the Easter Bunny. Now how perfect is that?! Furthermore, there will be an egg hunt at the park. Festivities are anticipated to end around 4pm. I got the flyer just the other day and thought I would pass along the info. You're welcome.

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Keiki La Lei Workshop

Have you ever seen beautiful Hawaiian leis? I am convinced there is nothing else like them. Flower leis have become quite an iconic symbol relating to Hawaii. I found the perfect event for you and your family to attend to, this upcoming weekend, Saturday the 15th. At the Kauai Museum in Lihue, there is a children's lei workshop. Called, the Keiki La Lei Workshop, this $5 per family event will certainly be a memorable one.

There are actually six different lei making techniques. One is "kui" which is by stringing, "kipu'u" is another method by knotting, "wili" uses twisting, and "humu papa" is a method where it uses sewing on the backing. "Haku" uses a braiding technique and "hili" lei making utilizes a plaited approach. It might sound complicated, but I hear some award-winning lei makers will be there to lead the class.

The first session of instruction starting at 9:30am will cover kui, kipu'u and wili. The second class commences at 10:30am and will be on the other three methods.

This sure sounds like a fun-filled event! I got word that participants must bring their own lei making materials. This should not be a problem, for any floral shop will be able to provide what goods you need. Perhaps you already have some flowers on your property and you could use. This is a special event for the kids and will be worth the trip to Lihue. With this advanced notice, you should easily be able to make it to the event on-time.

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Free Roping Clinic

Looking for something to do this coming weekend? I have just the event for you. It came up on my facebook feed and I thought I would share the info! Oh and should I mention it is free?! Yes it is a free event! Be sure to pre-register so you can participate, it is required. Now that I have you all wild-up about this event I should probably tell you what it is. There is a free Roping Clinic for young ropers at Farias Cattle Company in Kapaa. If you are staying on the north shore of Kauai, just follow the Kuhio Highway east and then south as it curves with the island. This looks like it will be a fun event for kids to come out and show off some roping skills.

This is an event where parent/guardian participation/supervision is required. There is an orientation on Friday, March 7th at 6pm. The workshop activities begin the follow day, Saturday at 10am and go until 4pm. Sunday is the same schedule with a 10am start and a 4pm finish. Those who will be participating in this roping clinic will need to bring a personal lunch and drink both days. Snacks will not be provided either. Plan accordingly.

Just think about it--a free roping workshop where your youngsters can really learn a thing or two about roping. The highlight speaker and teacher of this event is Rickey Green, horse trainer and team roper from Texas. You can thank The Department of Parks and Recreation for sponsoring this event.

I also want to take the time to tell you more about the Farias Cattle Company where the event is being held. Bobby Farias is the owner of this company and runs his operation for the purpose of land management and also beef production. It rests on three thousand acres of land, and Bobby was given the award for "Green Business Initiative" recently. This is sure to be a good time with good people doing some fun things out in the beautiful country landscape of Kauai. Consider adding it to your trips' itinerary, drive out, and see what it is all about.

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Waimea Town Celebration 2014

It is that time of year again! The Waimea Town Celebration is back this year. 37 years and it is still going strong! This is Kauaiʻs oldest and largest annual festival on the west side of the island. If you are in the area or perhaps staying on the north shore, come make the day trip down to experience some great entertainment.

This is a weeklong event starting Saturday, February 15th and going through to the following Saturday. This leaves you ample time to come and see what all the hype is about! There are activities for everyone--young and old--to participate in or to simply come, watch, and be entertained.

Perhaps you are interested in the line-up for the week. Events and activities start daily around 9am and end around 5pm each day. It is a family friendly festival and does not go on into the late night hours. At the Historic Waimea Theater there is a film festival going on too. Prices vary per person, per age. Let me share with you what else will be happening at this great town celebration.

There will be a long distance canoe race, a roundup rodeo, softball and basketball tournaments, fun runs of varying distances, an ice cream eating contest, and a ukulele contest. There are some other events going on to fill the week right up with entertainment and activities.

Live entertainment is the name of the game the way I see it--there will be continuous vocal and instrumental artist performing throughout the time of the festival. Let me just say that this is reason enough to come and spend some time out in the community. I love live entertainment and the sense of community all over the island. Oh! And did I mention the live entertainment is free?

Now that you know what is going on, you are sure to know that there will be tasty local food there as well. How could there be such a large gathering, a festival, without it? :) There will be vendors with food as well as a beer garden for those of legal drinking age.

Since there is so much going on with water and sporting events to film festivals viewing and live entertainment, locations vary per event. It is all held in Waimea. I've looked up the contact info for the Waimea Town Festival and you can see it here. Add to your adventure by adding this community event to your vacation calendar. I know I am going to make some of these events! I have in years past and I keep coming back for more.

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Hoedown For Hope

I am pleased to announce the 6th Annual American Cancer Society's Gala event: Hoedown For Hope is coming up Saturday, February 15th! The American Cancer Society puts on fabulous events like this one; they are an organization dedicated to saving lives, eliminating cancer, preventing cancer, and diminishing suffering from cancer. They are a national organization who do research, education and service projects all in the name of fighting cancer.

So this Western-styled Hoedown will be on Saturday the 15th at the Kilohana Luau Pavilion. They have a fun night planned! It starts at 5:30pm and ends with a night of dancing. I love dancing and am excited to see some Western dancing and games. There will also be an auction with some of the hottest gifts and getaways around.

Wanting to get involved? Here are some ways you can participate and ultimately help out this great organization. Whenever I volunteer or give to a charity of my choice, I get that good-all-over feeling. I love being a part of the community here on Kauai!

They are still in need of volunteers for this event! If you'd like to volunteer, click volunteer here.

Single tickets are $125 or a table for ten people starts at $1500. This is a charity event, and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. If you are wanting to buy tickets, click purchase tickets here. Registration closes on Friday, the 14th, just FYI.

Another option you have is to donate an auction item. If this interests you, click donate an item to auction here. If you have any questions regarding donations (or any other questions really,) the lead contact person is Arthur Grau and he can be reached at 808-432-9156.

Finally, the Hoedown for Hope Gala has an option to make a general donation. Perhaps you already have plans that night, perhaps you are more comfortable behind the scenes so-to-speak. Making an online general donation is an option for you. Follow the link: donate here if you would like to make a general gift donation.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year! Yes, it is still the start of 2014, and the Chinese New Year (also known as the Spring Festival) is this Friday. In honor of this time, Ohana Day at the Kauai Museum is celebrating the Chinese New Year on Saturday, February 1st. It is the Year of the Horse! (I was born in the year of the Snake, just in case you were wondering.)

If you are flying in soon for your Kauai stay, be sure to visit on your way in, for the museum is near the airport. On second thought, if you are on your way out then you could just as easily stop in prior to your flight. The Kauai Museum is in Lihue and the full physical address is: 4428 Rice Street, Lihue, HI 96766. Follow the link I posted for you to get more detailed directions should you need them. Remember: the front entrance is on Rice Street.

I first heard about this event through one of my family's friend's kids having their artwork on display at the exhibit. It is a celebration of the Chinese New Year and the opening of the art exhibit there at the museum. This is the 54th Annual Student Art Exhibit that returns Saturday! Artwork from school children will be on display. I just love seeing that in the community! This news had me searching for more details on the event, and I thought I could pass along the information to you!

The Kauai Museum's doors open at 10am and the exhibit celebration begins at 10:30am and goes until 1pm that day. This is a one day event so you do not want to miss it! I read that the first fifty or so visitor will receive a door prize! :D

There will be some unique opportunities at this event. At 10:30am there will be the option for you to learn calligraphy. (That is one thing on my bucket list still to do.) There will also be a fortune stick reading by the lovely Gladice Fujiuchi.

Admission prices are no more than ten dollars to the general public and the prices only go down from there for seniors, students, children, and then kids ages five and under are free. This is a great opportunity for you and your group to learn about and experience Kauai. The museum is full of history, artifacts, and also the special event celebrating The Chinese New Year. Be sure to add this to your event calendar, as I did mine.

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A Taste Of Kauai

Are you coming to stay in the Hanalei area on Kauai? Please let me help you make plans for your upcoming stay! After all, you are looking for things to do in the area, things that are fun and entertaining. I know just the thing for you and your family. This would also make for a great couples or adult outing. Experience A Taste of Kauai, Yesterday and Today. This is more than a meal, it is a tour, an outdoor event, a learning experience for everyone who is a part of the event.

Ok so mark your calendars for Friday, January 24th. Tours usually start at 9:30am and end about 1:00pm. Note that reservations for tours must be made three or more days in advance, thus me telling you all about it now. I try to plan ahead so I thought I would give you lovely folks a heads up.

What is this cultural festival all about? This is a culinary tour unlike any other! You will get to learn about how ancient Hawaiian farming and food preparation techniques relate to this modern day. You will get to tour a taro and market garden as well as a fishpond. This all takes place in the beautiful Hanalei Valley Wildlife Refuge.

Now for the food part--the eating part--you do get to experience the taro tasting and a four course lunch at the breath-taking Hanalei Bay. What is on the menu? Local, fresh, and delicious cuisine. Organic chicken, local fish, handmade raviolis, and fresh vegetables are on the menu. For dessert Passion Fruit Cheesecake and Banana Lumpia will be served. Banana Lumpia is a fried banana dessert topped with brown sugar or sometimes caramel. It does depend on the time of year you go to get what is locally grown and in-season at that time.

I have heard wonderful reports about this cultural festival in Hanalei. If you are staying nearby this would be an ideal addition to your vacation stay. The Hanalei Valley Wildlife Refuge is a place where you will not only experience and see the culinary side of Kauai but you will also be able to see endangered birds, indigenous fish and many, many native plants. Be sure to bring your camera for this one! I also suggest wearing comfortable shoes for this event for it is a walking tour along farmland and also on the beach when it comes time for lunch.

Like I mentioned already, you do need reservations for this event. Tickets cost $115 plus tax for this once in a lifetime experience. To hold your reservation, call 808-635-0257 and leave a message if they do not pickup. Upon registering you will be emailed an itinerary of the festival.

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A World In Harmony

Imagine a world in harmony. It makes for a nice thought, and here on Kauai it will become a reality this coming weekend. This event is close enough on the calendar that I should get to telling you about it! Kauai Voices is putting on an indoor concert this weekend of January 17th and 18th (Friday and Saturday). Their performance is titled, A World In Harmony. I am so looking forward to this event! Events like this give me hope, joy, and inspiration.

So what is this all about? Kauai Voices is putting on a performance of live music at St. Michael's Church Friday and Saturday night. There is a forty voice vocal ensemble and many cultures will be celebrated at this time through music. Doors open at 7:30pm and tickets at the door are 15 dollars. If you plan on attending, get your tickets early for just ten dollars. Contact Melissa for more information at 822-0545. Oh! Bonus for you students: it is only ten dollars to attend, even at the door.

It is said that "music is a universal language" and I believe it. Music through either song or instrument is something that connects us all. Even if the performance is in a language you do not understand the spoken words--the lyrics, the tone, the emotions speak volumes. I was told that there will be Hawaiian, Jamaican, Korean, and other languages being sung. To hear and appreciate another language is something that binds us all a bit closer together. We are all neighbors in this world after all!

The instruments are fascinating to me too. I am like a child in a toy store when it comes to instruments. From all over the world, there are so many instruments that I would like to try. They all make unique sounds, and I am so curious about them all. It is a beautiful thing to watch and listen to a performer and his or her instrument play the melodies that are dear to their hearts. Musicians have a special place in my heart; they have a way of putting my heart and mind at peace. Live music amps up the passion so much more too. That is why this event is so perfect.

This will be a great time of unity, community, and family. I am going to take my family on Friday night. Which night do you plan to attend? This is a beautiful, fun, and family friendly event to go to this coming weekend. Make it a special night out with your family. Why not? We could all use some more endorphins. What a beautiful addition to the start of a new year.

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Waimea Lighted Christmas Parade

I am going to admit to something right off the bat: I’m not going to this event. ☺ My husband and I have plans on Saturday with our family, and I typically don’t drive all the way to Waimea for a party, even a Christmas party. However, for those of you who are here visiting and want to see the canyon and the West Shore anyway (or for those of you who live on the West side of our island), this event is for you.

Each year in Waimea, there is a Christmas parade. No seriously, each and every year since 1996. In fact, I’ve heard that this tradition of big Christmas celebrations dates back to 1786! And if they’ve been doing it that long, I’m guessing that it is awesome!

This year, the parade will start at 6:15pm on Saturday, December 21st. Why so late? Well, this is a LIGHTED Christmas Parade. This means that each float will be lit up with lights and wonder, adding to the overall affect of the parade. The parade caravan will start at Waimea Canyon Park and will travel down the highway to Ala Wai Raod, at which point it will turn to Waimea Road and head back west to end at Hofgaard Park (town center). You can stand anywhere along the route, but I would recommend finding a place near the Kekaha side of town.

Now, a few additional bonuses for this Waimea Christmas celebration… The entire town will be decorated like a winter wonderland in the heart of a tropical climate. It will be overflowing with lights and Christmas cheer, and will put you in the holiday spirit immediately upon arrival. Plus, many vendors will be offering free beverages and baked treats to those who come by. So be sure to come early, walk around this historic town, and enjoy the hospitality of the residents there.

Oh and one more thing! Be sure to go early in order to get a place along the parade route. Traffic will be VERY slow getting in and out of town, and the entire route will be closed down early so it’s clear for those in the parade. My recommendation would be to get there by 4pm at the latest. My additional recommendation would be to get there in the morning and spend the day visiting the historical sites, seeing the amazing Waimea Canyon, and eating at the local restaurants. This really is a wonderful place to visit and you’ll be glad of the chance to see it in all of its glory.

Enjoy the parade!

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North Shore Dog Park

August 19th, 2014 by Lindsey

Do you recall my previous post about how Kauai vacationers can take a dog on a field trip while they are staying on the Garden Island? If you do not, check it out here, “A Doggie Vacation.” What can happen is the Kauai Humane Society will have dogs (and cats I believe) that are available to go on long-term field trips while tourists stay on Kauai. At the end of their trip, the dog (or cat) can then be adopted or returned to the shelter, no strings attached. If anything, it is a benefit for the dog (or cat) to live a little and for the vacationers to host a lovely pet while they are on staying on Kauai. It’s a real win-win situation.

What new information I wanted to blog about, is that there is a leash-free North Shore Dog Park ! Like most dog parks, there is a section for large dogs and a section for small dogs. The North Shore Dog Park is located at 5445 Kahiliholo Road in Kilauea, just off of Kuhio Hwy 56. This is a very nice dog park I must say! It is ADA accessible I should also note. It is a dawn till dusk park, and is open year-round. This is a great way to get out, exercise your dog and talk with other dog-lovers in the community. I highly recommended it. See here for the Dog Park Rules. I reviewed them myself and they are typical of any dog park, really. Good to know nonetheless.


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