Waimea Town Celebration 2015

It started February 14th, Valentine's Day. It ends February 21st. It is the annual Waimea Town Celebration!! This is a fabulous time to come and play and participate in fun, recreational activities and entertainment events. The community comes together for this week-long celebration and has a memorable time doing it all.

No, you do not have to be a part of every single activity, no. That is not the purpose of this event. The purpose is more so to boost community involvement, support nonprofit organizations, and to do fun athletic activities.

Sunday February 15th - King Kaumuali'i Festival is this day. Admission is free, food and drinks available for purchase. This special festival encompasses hula performances, and a 3-act play depicting historic events from the King's life.

Monday February 16th - Waimea Film Festival takes place today for a full day of documentaries and international screenings at the Waimea Theater. Tickets range from 6-8$ per film or a 25$ day pass is available as well. Follow this link to see what's playing, and at what time: http://www.waimeatheater.com/special-events-1.html

Wednesday February 18th - This year's Ambassador of Aloha 2015, Mrs. Nalani Brun will be presenting at the Waimea Theater to share her support of annual festivals and her past experiences.

Thursday February 19th - They are calling it "Tales and Treats" at the Waimea Theater, where Story Teller Joseph Keoki Punohu will be sharing some sweet treats and also some spooky tales. Tickets are 10$.

Friday and Saturday February 20-21 - So much is going on this day… I will make a brief list of the highlights: Silent Auction at the Waimea Theater, Ukulele Contest at Old Waimea Mill, Ice Cream Eating Contest at the Mill also, Surf Ski Races from McBryde to Waimea Landing, Fun Runs of different distances to end at the Waimea Plantation Cottages, Hat Lei Contest at the West Kauai Visitor's Center, Basketball tournament at Waimea Canyon Park Basketball Courts, Softball Tournament at Waimea Athletic Field, a Roundup Rodeo at the Old Waimea Dairy site, and also the Heritage of Aloha event with free live entertainment at the Old Waimea Mill

It is a fun, fun week we are in! Look up what events and activities you are most interested to get involved in!

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Valentine’s Night

Alright, so you are looking for something special, something different, something new to do on Valentine's evening. Couple's night out? Let me share with you an event that came across my path!

Momona Beats presents DJ Dan on Valentine's weekend. Friday, February 13th at Eleven44 they are having a show. Then on Saturday, February 14th at Tahiti Nui they will be performing.

Tickets are $15 per person as a presale, and are available online at this link: http://www.momonabeats.com/new-events/. If you make your decision to come last minute, at the door tickets are $20.

I haven't been to Eleven44 before (to be honest and all), but I do know about Tahiti Nui! Here is their sign out front, so you know what to look for, despite the night starting at 9pm…

Tahiti Nui

Check out the website I linked in this article to find out more about DJ Dan and Momona Beats. This is for adults aged 21 and over, so please plan accordingly.

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Saturday Art Night

January is coming to a close here pretty soon. Is it just me or is time flying by? I know I am not getting any younger, but time just seems to be going by quickly. I heard one of my friends say this the other day, and I thought it was suiting: the days are long, the years are short. That about sums it up. I know we just closed out 2014 but already here we are a the coattails of January 2015! The Superbowl is upcoming, folks.

With the end of the month here, the last Saturday (as you may know) means Kilauea Art Night! From 4 to 8pm is a night of art and entertainment. OH and there will be food too, if you so choose. I have been before and there are usually food trucks, ice cream, pies, and other goodies. It is during typical dinner times, so it would make sense to eat while you are there enjoying the atmosphere.

It is very easy going and a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike from what I have seen. You will hear great music, eat tasty food, watch some dancing most likely, and perhaps get treated to another form of art and entertainment such as live art pottery making of cartoonist sketches.

If you are in the area, I highly suggest going. If you are not on Kauai's North Shore, I urge you to go!

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One Fine Evening in February

Coming to Kauai at the end of February? Or maybe you are leaving Kauai at the end of February? I have just the fine dining event for you to go to on your way incoming or outgoing in Lihue, Kauai. Lihue is yes, where the airport is. It is called One Fine Evening, where it is a mix of Kauai's premier fine arts, dining, wine, and music experience.

One Fine Evening is on Saturday, February 28th at 5:00pm at the Lilohana Luau Pavillion (3-2087 Kaumualii Hwy, Lihue). Ticket prices start at $50. Here is the link to find out more: https://www.freshtix.com/events/one-fine-evening.

It is a night of music, fine culinary food, wine of all varieties, and fine art. There will be a silent auction so I hear. Items will features jewelry, art, and other higher ticket quality items as well. The Rotary Club of Poipu Beach hosts this event and that is where the proceeds benefit after immediate expenses (food, wine, entertainment) are paid for.

I think there is also an 8:30pm dinner as well. I would contact the organizer for more information, at the link I added above. This sure sounds like a fun night, and I am drooling to go. It is in Lihue, so if you are passing through by all means, go on my behalf and my recommendation! I have heard great reports and good times from past years.

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Project Learning Tree Kauai

I've been blogging a lot about a budget lately, so I was excited to share this FREE upcoming event! It is called Project Learning Tree (PLT). You may have heard about it. It is an educator workshop that will be held at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens Headquarters, at 3530 Papalina Road, Kalaheo, Kauai. It is next Saturday, January 31st from 9am to 3:30pm.

I did say it is free, but the event notice I saw had an asterisk, noting that there is a hold fee upon registration. Upon arrival for the workshop, that hold fee will then be returned to you. This is just to ensure attendance and hold your spot in a way. If you are on the fence about if you can make it or not, I would be sure to either clear your schedule and make it happen, or otherwise leave the registration open for another person and skip this event altogether.

So, this is an adult workshop, thus the tag line "Educator Workshop." You will receive snacks and coffee, as well as a PLT curriculum guide for school grades K-8. There is additional information in the packet including posters and grant opportunities! This is such a great resource for educators…

Participants will be able to access the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. They will get to immerse themselves in this environment. The ability to interact and share ideas talking about PLT is one of a kind. To do it on Kauai, Hawaii is all the more fun and enjoyable. What an experience to be able to remember, treasure, and learn from.

If you are interested to register, or want to know more information (more than what I have shared) here is the link to follow: http://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dofaw/education/plt/.

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Kids Ukulele Classes

Looking to get involved and do something hands-on and memorable while staying on Kauai? Of course you are! Each day will have its highlights I'm sure. It's those memories that are made that are so near and dear to people's hearts.

It is not all about the pictures, although I really do like those too. It is the activities, the moments shared with family and friends that are the most pleasurable, the most treasured. Looking back on those times and reminiscing is what makes them so great.

Ok, so starting today: January 11th from 5-7pm are free beginners and intermediate classes for kids to learn the ukulele! How cool is that? Let me break it down for you:

Classes start today like I just mentioned. Not to worry if you missed it or cannot make it. There are other opportunities. It is a first come, first serve basis anyway. Oh, and did I mention it is free? Yes, free!

Here are the other dates for the free ukulele classes: January 25, February 8, 22, March 8, 22. These are all Sundays, and they are all held from 5-7pm. Dinner will even be provided. This is a sponsored event, it is great that they could provide this opportunity to kids.

The beginners class is for kids aged 6-11. There are enough spots for up to 12 students. If you have a ukulele go ahead and bring it! If not, please do you best to bring one, if it comes to it there are a few that can be loaned out for the duration of the class.

Now for the intermediate class, it is for children aged 11-18. For this class, students must bring their own ukulele--no exceptions. There are more spots available in this class though, at 15 opening.

If you are interested, have questions, want more information or anything of that nature, contact Keola at 808-245-1873. Oh, and it is at the Anahola Clubhouse.

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The Biggest Loser Kauai Part 2

I am just a little bit late to the game. I had it set to record on my DVR and I just watched it this evening. The Biggest Loser Kauai, part 2 just happened! If you missed it, you can watch it online on NBC.com until the network chooses to take it offline. Here is the link for your viewing: http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/episode-guide/season-16/kauai-part-2/1604

If you follow the television show, you know that it can get emotional and deep when it comes to the contestants and the transformations that they go through. Week after week they have weigh-ins and they are challenged to face their fears and past trust issues.

In this week's Kauai episode the contestants are challenged. One gentleman is to repel down a waterfall. He is nervous at first and not focused, but then he and his trainer/coach are able to do it with ease. How neat would that be to be able to repel down a waterfall? Kauai presents the opportunity! It really is the place for the great outdoors. :)

Other contestants on the show were faced with rope course type of exercises. They sure got an adrenaline rush on those activities! It is so neat to watch them accomplish those thrilling tasks. Did you know that Kauai offers these kinds of activities to not just Biggest Loser contestants but also to visitors and residents alike? If you look for these kinds of adventures to go on, it will not take you long at all to find them on Kauai. From rope swings, balance walks and other rope related thrilling activities, there are plenty of things to do for those adrenaline junkies.

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January 2nd Free–

Alright, so if you are going to be visiting Kauai in the new year, be sure to stop by Lihue (where you will more than likely be flying into and/or out of). Friday, January 2nd of 2015 is the date. (Note: I am typing out the year just so I can try to get used to purposefully writing out the right year.)

On that night, from 5pm until 10pm there will be free laxer lights train rides. There will be food for purchase, as well as music and entertainment and other vendors. It is on Lihue Mill Road. If you are seeking more information, the flyer I saw has a contact number of 808-639-8222.

Here is a link to the flyer I saw. It's on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204159432599781&set=gm.835717936499142&type=1

I know it seems weird to be making plans for the new year, but I'm sure you readers have other things already on the calendar. Perhaps it is the closeness to the new year that is making it seem so all-of-a-sudden.

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Storybook Theatre with Santa

Holiday storytelling and nutritious snacks? Oh I'm there! It's that time of year again for Friday Nights with Santa in Hanapepe. Ok, so I'm just a little bit late to the game, as one of the Friday nights has already passed. There will be events this Friday the 12th, the 19th, and the 26th. They all start at 6:30pm and go until 8pm. For more information see the link to the flyer here: http://www.storybook.org/santa-visits-storybook-theatre-friday-nights-in-december/.

Where is it you ask? It's at the Story Book Theatre located at 3814 Hanapepe Road. As a kind note, I do want to add that this is a free event. If you are able to give, they are accepting donations. There will be storytelling, pictures with Santa, and healthy snacks served. Please bring your own camera so you can snap your own pics and have them on-hand for yourself. If you get in soon enough, to the event this Saturday, you should be able to get holiday cards made to send out to loved ones? Just a thought. :)

Holiday cards are something of a tradition that I have carried on with me through my adult years. I find a nostalgia, an ambiance of sending out handwritten cards that I just love. I get to send my love to those I care about. I get to personalize each one and it is times like this when I get to share my heart with the receiving family. I love to receive cards as well! I cherish them and probably display them way too long most would consider. Holiday cards after New Year's? Yeah, that may be extending it a bit too long, but I just love the cards and the kind words that are in them.

I want to take a moment to encourage you, yes YOU to spend time with family, friends, loved ones this holiday season. It may mean going to a Storybook Theatre on a Friday night with the family, or sending out holiday cards. It may mean baking cookies for the neighbors or inviting them over for tea, cider, or hot chocolate one evening. May your holidays be filled with love this season. I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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Waipa Kalo Festival

It is that time of year again, for the annual Waipa Kalo Festival!

To some, this may make perfect sense. I also understand that some folks may not know what Waipa and Kalo mean. First things first. Waipa refers to the foundation that is putting on this event. The Waipa Foundation values connecting people with the land and natural resources around them. Secondly, Kalo is part of the taro plant. It is an edible, starchy, nutrient rich plant that is grown in Hawaii as well as other places around the world.

Ok, so back to the festival… this is like a strawberry festival or an orange festival, but it is a kalo festival. Get it? ;)

The festival is for everything kalo! It is happening this Sunday, December 7th on Hanalei Bay. Activities commence at 11am and go until about 5pm. There will be live entertainment and music. It is very family friendly I might add. Some of the highlighted events include a waterslide and a recipe contest. Of course there will be other activities for kids to keep them entertained and busy.

For just $5 for adults ages 18 and up, and $1 for kids, this is an event you do not want to miss. It is an affordable price for all of the fun you get! Bring a beach blanket, sunwear, and enjoy the day on the beach and with some good community company. Proceeds benefit the Waipa Foundation.

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Breakfast with Santa on Kauai

Well, just like that it is December. We all saw it coming. After all December does come every year. On that note, breakfast with Santa is on the horizon. I just love events that extend the holiday season!

Breakfast with Santa is this Saturday, December 6th from 8am to 10am at Gaylords at Kilohana. Reservations are required… call 808-639-5656 to save your seat. Kids costs $18 to attend, and adults it is $23. This price includes breakfast, photos, and activities. This is something fun to do for your family, especially for the little ones. All proceeds support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kauai. What a good cause, and a win-win situation.

I remember going to Santa breakfast events in the past, when I was a kid. Most memories I have are from when I was an older-kid though. My family and I would go, and my younger siblings eyes would light up when Santa made his grand appearance. It was absolutely priceless to see those expressions on their faces. What a neat event to be a part of. If we are being totally honest, I do still enjoy a Santa breakfast. I pay particular attention to the younger kids. Sure, some have stranger-danger at certain ages, but for the most part the kids want to see Santa and have their picture taken.

What a way to kick of the holiday season. Come one, come all and enjoy a family friendly good time at the Breakfast with Santa event. :)

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Festival of Lights

I know that some people are sensitive to what topics are brought up and when. For some it is a rule not to decorate, play music, or to prepare for the next holiday when there is still a holiday coming up first. I am talking about the Thanksgiving and Christmas matter. So, I waited until Thanksgiving was officially over before I shared my next holiday-type of event here on my blog.

The Festival of Lights has come to Kauai's Historic county building! Here is the street address for your reference, direction needs, GPS navigation, etc. 4396 Rice St, Lihue. Since it is in Lihue, this is perfect for as you are coming or going to the airport. I highly recommend staying on Kauai's North Shore, and this makes for something fun and that "little something extra" to do on your way coming or going on Kauai. I have gone in years past and it is neat to see the people's faces (kids especially) light up with the magic of the holiday. It is something special to be a part of, to view and share with others. I remember it like being in a magical land and the others around me were happy, and were a part of my dream-like state with me. The lights make it a magical, special time for all who go and see.

You'd like to know when it is exactly? Let me tell you! It is Friday, December 5th from 6-8pm. There are other times to go and see it. The parade is the first night, on the 5th, and then on all Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights thereafter until December 24th in the evening the lights will be on display. I say if you can make it to at least one of the showings, go!

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Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day

Hello Thanksgiving Day fans out there! If there's one thing I like to blog about, it's food. I also have been trying to become more active. For the sake of my health, feeling better, fitting into my clothes better, I have been trying to exercise more.

So there is Kauai's Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day morning. It makes sense right? Exercise in the morning, then feast in the afternoon. It seems logical to me. This way when I am enjoying all of the delicious food at the dinner table, I won't have to feel so guilty as if I have been stuffing my face all day (no pun intended with the stuffing joke!

It is a bit of an early rise, at 6:45am. It is at the Kapaa Beach Park. It is FREE! It is not too late to register either. You could decide the night before that you'd like to participate. Why? Because it is onsite registration only! Even if you wake up early Thanksgiving morning (really early I mean) you can still go and join in the turkey trot.

It is an informal, non-competitive 5k, 10k, fun walk, fun run, or bike ride course. I like that it is minimal pressure and really just something motivating to get out with a group of people to exercise. I like that the purpose is to get out there and exercise. I am not over the top competitive and it is intimidating for me to participate in things like this when others are so over the top aggressive in competing. This is not the case with the Turkey Trot.

If possible, on the flyer I saw, it suggests (or asks) that participants bring canned food for donation. Very appropriate is what I have to say about that! It is a suggestion, not a requirement. Why not though? When you are able to give, I say do it. The cans will add up.

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Crafters Fair

Weekends, weekends… gotta love the weekends. I like the weekends on Kauai because they never disappoint! There is always something to do if you want to do it, and if you don't feel like doing much of anything but lounging around, well, you can do that too! It's perfect really.

So Saturday from 8am to 2pm at the Church of the Pacific, is a Kauai Island Crafters Fair. It's in Princeville at 5-4280 Kuhio Highway. Ok ,by crafter's fair I mean it is a holiday season type of hand-make crafts and artwork fair. This is the opportunity to get something unique, handmade, that special something for someone on your holiday gift-giving list. I have been to crafter's fairs like this and you will find books, jewelry, hair accessories, quilts, artwork, and much more… believe me!
Admission is free, so feel free to come and look around. If you buy something--cool, great--if not--no worries whatsoever. The event runs most of the day so why not make it a part of your leisurely day? Oh! I will mention that it is an indoor event as well. Just an FYI.

I know the holiday season is right in front of our faces. I am not a last minute shopper, not unless I have absolutely no clue what to get someone! I go to crafting fairs like this because 1) I like them; I like crafts 2) They give me ideas of what to gift family and friends 3) I get to buy things I want to gift to my family and friends 4) I get to meet new people 5) It's a social event in general 6) It supports Kauai crafters. Those I suppose are my top six reasons to go to a crafters fair.
For more information on this event, see the website Craft Fair tab at http://www.churchofthepacific.org/Activities.html

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November Film Nights

Are there any independent film enthusiasts out there? Yes, I know there are. If you are on the island of Kauai, come and check out some films by the people of Kauai. The Independent Filmmakers of Kauai are hosting a free viewing event this Friday.
There is more than one venue spot, so no need to worry about crowding and things. So it is this Friday, November 21st at the following locations:

Kilauea Bakery in Kilauea at 7pm

Tiki Iniki in Princeville at 10pm

And then on Saturday November 22nd at 7pm there will be another free showing at Galerie 103 in Poipu

For a sneak peak at the films, check out the Independent Filmmakers of Kauai at their website: http://www.ifok.co. Some of the films are about Kauai and the people of Kauai, while others may have hints of Kauai in the background. The filmmakers are always from or living on the beautiful island of Kauai though. These are short films by the way… they are all less than 10minutes long per requirement. So do not think that you will be going and watching hours upon hours of the same topic--no. It is diverse, full of variety and genres. I encourage you, my readers, to go out and see what these filmmakers have to share… hear and see the stories they want to share…

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Old Koloa Sugar Mill Run

Well, I have some more fitness opportunities to blog about! Did anyone go to the Zumbathon? I'd love to hear how it went. Anyways, coming up this Saturday the 15th is the Old Koloa Sugar Mill Run. Please, oh please, do not let the word "run" scare you. No, no! This is a very friendly competitive run.

I should still clarify though… there are multiple running events: There is a 5K, 10K, half marathon, and a non-competitive 5K walk. See? See how friendly that is for everyone? I like that this run is encouraging exercise and general fitness. The walk would be great for beginners, kids, families, people just wanting to get out there and be a part of this event. The walk is actually something I would like to take part in.

The Old Koloa Sugar Mill Run does require in-person registration. To register, pickup your race packet on Friday, November 14th from 11am to 6pm at the Kukui Grove Shopping Mall in the exhibit area behind the Starbucks. Early registration is required, and there will be no day-of registration available. This is one of those events you need to plan in advance for. ;)

For the day of, the half marathon commences at 7am. The 5K run begins fifteen minutes later, and the 10K will start at 7:30am. For participants, this run costs $30 and includes a continental breakfast and a free shirt. The information I have and have heard about this event is that it ends at 9:30pm. That may be late for breakfast, but nonetheless I applaud those who finish--no matter how long it takes them nor what their official time is at the finish line.

There will be awards for male and female finishers per age group. I do not know the age group ranges at this time, but I do know that this should be more about having fun and getting fit than more so about winning. Those are my thoughts at least.

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Honoring Veterans

A day that is near and dear to my heart is upcoming. Veterans Day. I would like to clear the air about a few things… it is my blog and my platform to talk after all. Ok, so Veterans Day is in honor of veterans. Memorial Day is a different day in which our nation honors and remembers those who died while serving in the Armed Forces. Veterans day is the day in which we honor those living, to thank them and remember their service.

As another point of interest, I wanted to share that Veterans Day is indeed spelled just as I typed it. There is no apostrophe in the word veteran, for there is no possession. Veterans Day is not a day that belongs to the veterans; it is a day to honor all veterans. Glad I got to clear that up! Hopefully that helped my followers as well.

So what is going on Kauai's North Shore for Veterans Day you ask?

Well, in advance to the actual day is a parade on Saturday, November 8th from 9am to 3pm at Kapaa Beach Park. There will be plenty of service members in attendance--there will be plenty of opportunities to thank a veteran for his or her service.

On Veterans Day, November 11th at Veterans Cemetery in Hanapepe at 11am is a special ceremony. This is an outdoor event and all are welcome to attend. The Kauai Veterans Center website will have more information about these events, and points of contact should there be any questions left unanswered by the website.

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Next weekend is a big weekend. By big I mean that it is packed full of some great events. For this first one, let me just ask: Have you ever tried Zumba? That dancing, aerobics, workout thing that people do? I will proudly say that I have. I actually really love Zumba. For me, it works out well for my preferred way of working out: group exercise. Looking back in my life, I have always done well with group exercise routines, mostly for the motivation and for the friendships formed. Zumba fits the bill and with some good music, it works for me!

All of that being said… leads me to my first event: a Zumbathon! For $15 there is a Zumbathon at the Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School at 10am. The proceeds go towards the students at this school going to San Diego, California for the 2015 Student Television Network National Convention. In other words, it supports the middle schoolers in this club to go to a big national event.

If you have never tried Zumba, I encourage you to come on out, support a great cause, and get your groove on with some Zumba. If you have tried Zumba before, come on out and get your work out on. This is a fun thing to do, and it is supporting a good cause. It is a fundraiser. Oh! And tickets can be bought at the door.

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Halloween What To Do

Ok, so the other day I shared about a family friendly fall festival on Kauai, and that started a domino or a snowball effect in my mind! I wanted to share about more Halloween happenings on Kauai. Here are my tips:

If you are staying on Kauai, as a visitor, I suggest trick-or-treating in your neighborhood. If you are staying at a resort or a hotel or something of that nature, you will be in like-company. What I am trying to say, is that trick-or-treating there will be unfruitful. Your kids will likely be disappointed. What I suggest is staying at a vacation rental and trick-or-treating in that more traditional neighborhood. That will ensure your kids are happy; on Halloween night that is part of the whole goal!

There are other community events going on. Depending on your preferences--and likely you children's ages--there are events going on all over Kauai. From haunted houses to harvest festivals, there is something for everyone. You just have to be on the lookout for an event near you. If you want to have a night in, easy! Just pick up some candy from the store, leave your porch or front light on, and plan for trick-or-treaters to stop on by.

Happy Halloween from me to you and yours!

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Family Friendly Fall Festival

Fall is in the air, and I just heard of a local fall festival going on this Friday and Saturday. It's the 14th Annual Kauai Christian Academy's Fall Festival hosted at their campus at 4000 Lighthouse Road, Kilaueua. If you thought it, you guessed right--the school is located on the side, on the way to the Kilauea Lighthouse. If you have not been there, I encourage you to check it out and in the daylight ;)

For little ones, this will be something special. I have family who have gone to this in years past and they have enjoyed it. There are plenty of activities:

Petting Zoo

Pony Rides

Bounce House

Carnival Games

Hay Rides

Corn Maze

...and Kettle Corn and Shave Ice, of course! There will also be a silent auction to benefit the school.

Halloween is just around the corner at this point, and it can be fun to extend the holiday out to the surrounding weekends. Why not, after all? This event I know is a family friendly, carnival themed atmosphere for families to dress up, come out and have a good time. On both days, the 24th and the 25th activities start at 4pm and go til 9pm.

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February 26th, 2015 by Lindsey

Ooo this looks like a good one!


Do you know what kapa is? I’m sure you’ve seen it before but you may not know what it is. Perhaps I have sparked your curiosity though, eh?

Airing tonight on PBS Hawaii is Hawaiian Masterpieces: Ka Hana Kapa . Airing at 9pm HST. The preview is the link above in this post, and I wonder if you can view the whole thing online, perhaps once it has already aired. I think that is how it works. Watch the couple minute preview to get a dose of kapa education, and if you’d like, tune in later to see the full episode.

In other news, have a happy Thursday. Here a gorgeous plant I took a picture of the other day. I’d say Happy Aloha Friday, but it’s a wee bit premature!

IMG_2437 (2)


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