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Easter on Kauai

If you are going to be on Kauai for Easter, then you will probably want a few activities to go and do with your family. Well, never fear – that’s why I’m here.

For the religious amongst you, there are several churches on Kauai for you to choose from who will be offering Easter services on Sunday morning. While a complete list of churches and attendance times is a bit much to put in this blog, you can easily look up local service times in a phone book or ask around when you get here for a good church in your neighborhood. The residents here will be more than happy to invite you along with them this Easter.

Now, let’s discuss Easter breakfast/lunch. This year, you can head to The Garden Café in Kilauea and enjoy as much food as you want for only $35. (I know I sound like a restaurant ad, but let me explain.) The Garden Café is located at Common Ground, which used to be the Guava Kai Plantation. This Sunday, brunch will be served there from 9am-2pm and you can eat your fill of smoked salmon benedict, prime rib, omelets, desserts, and more.

Then, starting at 10am, there will be an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids (only $20 admission) and live Easter baskets made with living organic wheatgrass can also be purchased to house decorated eggs. For the adults, a live band (Soul Good Music Family) will be playing, so you will be sure to enjoy your time there. After all, what is better than great food, good music, live entertainment, and a kid-friendly atmosphere? Of course, this will probably be a popular Easter locale, so reservations are a must.

Then, for the rest of the day, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Kauai at just about any location you choose. The beaches are beautiful this time of year and are teeming with new life as Spring commences. The hiking trails are just waiting to be explored and several of the tour lines will still be running during the holiday weekend as well. And, if you want to stay a few days, we have several holiday vacation rental homes on the island that you can rent while you’re here.

So Happy Easter everyone! I hope you enjoy your holiday on Kauai.

By: Emily