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Don’t Dance – Race!

Okay ladies, we all know that our men love to drive fast cars and street bikes, racing against each other in fierce competitions to see who is the best racer on the street. But what about you? Do you love the feel of the wind in your hair as you accelerate toward freedom and epic speed? Well, if you do (and if you aren’t planning on attending the Tahitian festival I mentioned in my last blog), then you should come to Ladies Night at Kauai Raceway Park! ☺

I’ve talked about the raceway before. In fact, there was even a scheduling mix-up for the first event, which I sadly didn’t catch on my blog. (Sorry again for that, guys.) However, this night at the raceway will be totally different as women compete in a special ladies-only bracket racing class. It should be awesome to watch as these women compete for the title of fastest woman on the track. And I bet they can even show up some of the men, eh?

Of course, there will be free hotdogs and giveaways for this special event, and other races will take places as well. You’ll get to see dragsters, street bikes, sport compact cars, muscle V8s, and Top Gun favorites, and that’ just a sample list. There will be much more to see this weekend at the raceway.

So if this sounds like a fun event for you, then come on down to Kekaha on Saturday, August 4th, from 11am-3pm. The cost is only $12/person to get in. Plus, kids are free! Everyone is welcome at this family-friendly event.

By: Emily