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So, you’ve been thinking about your Kauai vacation, eh? It is on the horizon and you are going to write it down on your calendar with the dates you are going just as soon as you book your airplane tickets and your place to stay. Allow me to assist you with the “where to stay” part of the equation. Alii Kai 6101. It is a vacation rental that is your home away from home.

Alii Kai 6101 is a two bedroom, two bath vacation rental unit on the ground floor with two large patios (lanais). It has ocean front views from both of the bedrooms! How perfect is that?! There is a soft grassy lawn that overlooks the ocean bluff. The patios, the private bedrooms, the views… it is perfect! Oh and there is free high speed internet access at Alii Kai as well as the standard DVD, TV, full sized washer and dryer and a fully equipped kitchen. When you stay at a vacation rental like this one, it is luxurious to be in a home that has all that you need in your own space. Case in point: the kitchen. Maybe you have family with you that have special dietary needs, maybe you are on your “babymoon” and would like access to the kitchen at all times of the night… whatever your reasons are, it is extremely nice and convenient to have access to a full sixed, fully equipped kitchen under the same roof as where you are sleeping.

Back to the bedrooms, there is a master suite with a king sized bed and the full private bath of course. The second bedroom has two twin beds to accommodate guests, and there is a pull out sofa in the living room should you need to sleep more than 4 people while staying on Kauai. Six people, comfortably housed for the price of $1575 per week is a great price. By week I do mean a full seven days. That breaks down to $225 per night. In other words, for 6 people that’s under $40 per person per night. We are talking about The Garden Island of Kauai here, with ocean front views and all the comforts of home. This is a deal!

I get it. Vacations are a luxury type of expense. A Hawaii vacation does not have to break the bank though! There are vacation rentals very reasonably priced for what they offer you. Hanalei Bay Resort 3305-6 is a one bedroom, one bath vacation rental condo unit that has all that you need for your stay. It has breath-taking view of the ocean and of Bali Hai.

Hanalei Bay Resort 3305-6 is a one bedroom (king sized bed) and one bath (full sized bathroom) that also hosts a kitchenette, high speed internet, air conditioning (if needed), living room, and porch (lanai) where you can sit and enjoy the view. This is a perfect getaway for a couple, a family of 3, or for a single person.

Check out its location at 5380 Honoiki Rd, Princeville, HI 96722. The views are right there, big and panoramic! Ok, so you know how I was talking about Hawaiian vacations and price? Well, this vacation rental is a mere $1505 per week, and some seasonal rates make it even lower. They offer nightly rates as well if you were not planning on staying a full week. I vote for at least a week when you come to stay and play on the great island of Kauai. For more information on booking this space for yourself, visit the link I attached above in this article.

Kauai is a great place to come and stay. Some folks come and stay, and stay, and stay and simply cannot go away. Kauai has a certain draw to it that people cannot get enough of. I get it. I love Kauai for all that it is. If you are wanting to come and stay, like a vacation, do it! The perfect one bedroom, two bath vacation rental condo is just right. It hosts a king sized bed, fully equipped kitchen and laundry services.

The Cliffs 9201 is a modern, clean styled condo with magnificent oceanfront views. I think there are extra windows in this place just so you can enjoy and see more of that brilliant blue water. Am I right or am I right?

Cliffs 9201 used Dec 2014

This is a very desirable condo rental. Click on the link above and see the pictures for yourself. With ceiling fans, the views, the space, the accommodations…. I could go on and on and on. With the view you will catch some great sunrises and sunsets. It is very romantic I might add! For one week it is just $1050 starting plus taxes and a cleaning fee. Seven nights, that’s starting as low as 150 per night. On Kauai? I think you get the picture of what I am getting at. This is a fabulous deal.

It is located on Kauai’s North Shore in Princeville, which is full of fun things to do. Hanalei Bay is just a few miles away, and the water is well, right there as well. Beaches are nearby; after all you can see the ocean from your room.

Check out the Cliffs condo 9201 for the Hawaiian experience you have been dreaming of going on. I think it makes for a great honeymoon spot, anniversary spot, or simply a couple’s getaway time. Even with a young child this condo is very comfortable and you would be able to get just as much out of your stay.

Wondering where a good place to stay is while you are visiting Kauai? A home away from home is the right answer. Going to a vacation rental home with all of the amenities is the way to go. It is luxurious to have your own space, privacy, and to be honest–to have your own kitchen and laundry room! A vacation rental home like the Princeville Garden House is an ideal option for a family or a group of 6.

Princeville Garden House

Located at 4862 Victoria Loop, Princeville, HI 96722, this home is on a quiet loop in Princeville that has garden and mountain views with a golf course nearby. It is a three bedroom, three bath home that has many comforts like home. Bedrooms have ceiling fans, oh and there are two master bedrooms! Recall how I said this was perfect for a dual family getaway? The third bedroom hosts a queen sofa bed with an upgraded mattress.

The living room has a home theater system, the kitchen is a full sized kitchen with top appliances and elbow room for cookin’. Wireless internet is throughout the house, and there is a flat screen TV as well. Out back there is a private backyard with a slate flooring, outdoor furniture, a gas grill, a hammock, and more. Oh, yes, there is a lime, orange, and avocado tree as well. If you are staying, help yourself to the ripe fruit! What attention-to-detail-perks ;) love it!

For a week’s stay, prices start at $1350. If you break that down, for a week’s stay that’s less than $200 per night. That is easy on the budget; then if you were to split the unit for a couple’s getaway, imagine that price squarely cut in half. This is very doable, is my point. If saving money is something you seek out, think about cooking in the kitchen. Really, consider how many meals can now be cooked at your vacation rental on your own time schedule, with groceries you have purchased from the store. I’ll say it again: this is even more so easy on the budget.

Princeville is a popular place to stay and play when visiting Kauai. It is one of the larger cities on the North Shore. Good news is that is borders the ocean, too. When you come to Kauai, you want to be by the ocean, right? Short answer: yes! Pali Ke Kua 124 is a luxurious vacation rental condo with big ocean views. If for some reason you don’t believe me, have a look for yourself:

Pali Ke Kua 124

Pali Ke Kua is at 5300 Ka Haku Road, Princeville, HI 96722. It is close to the water, but in the other direction it is close to town to pickup groceries for the condo, or if you want to do some shopping. Restaurants of all kinds from truck vendors to fine dining is in Princeville. We are all on Hawaiian time, relaxing and having a good time!

This condo is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath vacation rental that goes for $1350 per week. This is easily affordable, and should you opt for this one as a couple’s double date getaway vacation, split the price in half and you will be shocked at how much money you are saving. Even then at that rate for a family of 4 or 6, this is a winning deal. Everyone can have their own space in the evening, night, and then to get ready in the morning? It will be worth it! There are 2 bedrooms with a queen sized bed in each, and then there is a sofa sleeper.

Also indoors, there are the classics: Wi-Fi, Tv with DVD player, fully kitchen and full bathrooms. Out towards the back, facing the water, is a lanai, or a back patio. This is inviting for so many reasons. You will dream up every reason just to go out back to be closer to the water, to hear the waves, to smell that fresh air…

As you can tell from the picture, the condo is fully furnished with modern fixtures, appliances, and linens. Quite frankly, it is an attractive unit, if I may say so myself. It is a condo, and what comes with the property features are also a pool and Jacuzzi, a paved path to the beach and picnic and barbeque areas.

Kauai views are the best. I of course have a biased opinion, but there are others that agree with me. After seeing some Kauai views live and in person you may very well agree with me too!

Cliffs 7305

Staying at a vacation rental in the popular location of Princeville, Kauai is a fabulous place to stay. Whether it be for work, travel, vacation, couple’s getaway, this really is a nice place to call home while on Kauai. The ocean views are brilliant in color and the greenery around is just so vibrant. Pictures are alright, but they do not do the Cliffs 7305 justice. I say you’d have to experience this kind of view in person. The whole sensory overload is just amazing. Being perched up high like that on the cliffs gives a sense of presence, a sense of control. Like how a bird perches itself in a tree, the Cliffs have the same effect.

The vacation rental itself is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath top floor unit of the Cliffs. There is a master suite, and a loft with an office and an additional king sized bed. This rental sleeps 6 people comfortably though, for there is a sofa sleeper in the living room. See what I mean now about a honeymoon suite, couple’s getaway, or a family vacation? This place fits the bill, and for only $1110 per week it is an attractive place to be in more ways than one.

I just saw some gorgeous pictures of Plantation at Princeville 1111 and I just love it! The décor is just gorgeous in my opinion; it is a contemporary Hawaiian Plantation styled condo, and is fully furnished for vacation renters. Everything in this condo is sleek, attractive, and oh so welcoming! It is the perfect place for a family of 4-6 to come and stay. Plantation at Princeville 1111 master

This vacation rental condo is located at 4771 Pepelani Loop, Princeville, HI 96722 which is on Kauai’s luxurious north shore. It is just minutes to the world-famous Hanalei Bay and all of the other north shore beaches. Also in Princeville, are shopping centers to grab some groceries, children’s parks, the public library and it is very close to the Makai and Prince Golf Courses. Did I mention that this was a fantastic location? ;)

As for the insides of this vacation rental, you are all set! It is a fully furnished condo, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a master bedroom that hosts a king-sized bed, there is another bedroom that hosts 2 twin-sized beds, and there is a sofa sleeper in the living room should you need. In total, you can have up to 6 adults/children.

Kauai has great temperatures… in fact Kauai has such comfortable temperatures most homes do not have air conditioning. This may be news to some folks. Anyway, for the comfort of the vacation renters, there are two air conditioning units in the master bedroom as well as in the living room. Plantation at Princeville 1111 is wired with cable TV and a DVD player. The kitchen is gorgeous and ready to go. Just pop into town for some groceries and you are set!

There is also a full-sized (yes, I said full-sized) washer and dryer in unit as well. This works out well for families with kids, as well as those who just want to get their laundry done and not have to do it all post-vacation. How neat is that? This condo really is luxurious, and for the low weekly price of about $1170 it is very affordable and provides the family or group with all of the comforts and conveniences of a home. I find this to be a highly desirable vacation rental!

I love a room with a view. I love a vacation rental with a view! If you are thinking about coming to stay on Kauai, consider my recommendation as follows: Puu Poa 410 on Kauai’s north shore. On the edge where Princeville meets the ocean, is Puu Poa there with the view and also the Bali Hai views as well.

For a vacation rental that comfortably sleeps up to six people, the price is right. It starts as low as $1950 per week. With two bedrooms–one with a King sized bed, and one with twin sized beds–your family or group is sure to embrace the sleeping arrangements. There is also a sofa sleeper, so that adds two more people to your party. I like the diversity this vacation rental has to offer. It would suit a family of four to six people, as well as an extended family group.

Ok, bedrooms are covered… there are also two full bathrooms, which works out perfectly. The kitchen is fully equipped and ready to go. All it needs are some guests! There is Wi-Fi, a TV and a DVD player. This can come in handy if your group has young children and they absolutely must have their favorite recorded shows and movies. It makes for some easy going down-time while at your vacation rental. While the show is playing, or they are napping, the adults can be on the patio. The view alone is attractive and will draw you outside toward it.

There are other Pua Poa rooms, but they share a common area of tennis courts and a swimming pool. Here is a view of the pool… oh and yes, that is the ocean right there, too. :)

Pua Poa 410 Pool

When you are coming to stay on Kauai, you want both a quality place and a reasonable price. I can understand this, as I myself live on a budget. What I like about Kamahana 12, a vacation rental in Princeville, is that it fits the bill when it comes to needs and wants.

Kamahana is an all-ground level vacation rental in a resort community in Princeville. It is a one bedroom, one bath unit hosting a queen sized bed in the bedroom and also a bonus queen sized futon in the living room. Therefore, 2-4 people could easily sleep here.

It hosts a full kitchen, and for the price of $840 per week I think the folks who stay here are coming out ahead. Talk about getting your money’s worth! That is a great deal all things considered. Oh and there is a shared pool area and BBQ. Something else I find attractive about this unit is the back patio (lanai) faces the ocean… and yes you have an ocean view! Being this close, there is a seasonal hiker’s trail to the water’s edge that can be used.

Kamahana 12 makes for a great place to call home while you are visiting “The Garden Island.” While there is plenty to do on Kauai’s north shore, Princeville is what I would call the highlight city. This is the place where you can do all of your shopping and recreational activities just about. It will be nice to be staying in Princeville for that is where a lot of the activities are. Popular beaches are just a few minutes’ drive away, as are the two golf courses. There is a children’s park nearby as well as many dining and shopping venues.

I sure wish I lived on the shoreline of Kauai’s north shore. The view gets me every time! There is a condo in Princeville that sits on the bluffs and overlooks the ocean. It is a great location with views you can gaze at for days. It never gets old to me, then again I wonder if it can really ever get old for anyone?! Alii Kai 5103 vacation rental has a lot of bragging points.

Alii Kai 5103

It is a two bedroom, two bath condo with a full sized kitchen. The bedrooms are both hosts to king sized beds. This makes it a perfect double-date vacation for couples, or a family of four where two kids do not mind sharing a bed. If you need just a bit more room, there is a living space where a couch sits. To save on costs of rooms for the total head count, this may make for an alright option for those who have a larger family or party of 4.

What else is there you say? The complex hosts a gorgeous and spacious pool on site as well. The kitchen, like I mentioned, is full sized and ready to accommodate your every meal if you so choose. The rooms are Hawaiian themed and in modern, contemporary taste. There is a patio or lanai on the back where you will be able to sit out and relax on your private condo vacation rental.

To have this location in Princeville, the view, the sleeping quarters, the kitchen and lanai, it comes to a weekly total of about $1,170. Split that in half with another couple and it comes to $585 per couple (for one entire week’s stay). Per night? That’s less than $90 per night, per couple. That is an awesome price considering all that this place has to offer. Everything you need is at your fingertips and the vacation rental is like your vacation home away from home. This would make for a great annual couples getaway location! You wouldn’t have to ask me twice…

What a great time to come to Kauai and have some time away. Vacations are valuable! What other time in your life do you get to go somewhere other than your home, relax, do fun things, and not have to be responsible for your homely or work duties? See why a vacation is worth it? It is time invest into you relaxing, rejuvenating, and getting your focus back. After I go on a vacation I always feel recharged and ready for the next big thing!

The Cliffs in Princeville allow for such a vacation as this, without breaking your vacation budget! The Cliffs 5201 vacation rental on Kauai rents for under 1,000 per week. Yes, under one thousand dollars for a whole 7 day stay. I did the math and that is under $150 per night for a full-on living space. Let me explain…

For the price, you get a one bedroom, two bath condo on Kauai with mountain and distant ocean views! Oh, and the Cliffs 5201 has a sofa bed, so this rental will comfortably sleep a family of 4. There is a kitchen. Yes, full sized, and with all of the necessary appliances. The stainless steel in the kitchen looks pretty sleek and oh so new! The dining space and overall décor of the condo is modern. I think it is very pleasing to the eye, and I would be ready to rent this for my next vacation get away at the drop of a hat!

What else? Oh, yes there is more. There is an HD flat screen TV in the living room, and also a TV with DVD player in the master bedroom. Wireless internet? Of course there is free Wi-Fi! There is even a bit of a library this condo gets to brag of, so you are welcome to pleasure read during your stay.

For the price, the view, the amenities of the condo, the location in Princeville… this is a winning place for anyone to come and stay. There are so many good things going for this place. I wish I could get it for a couple nights just for the experience alone. The back patio (lanai) is ideal. Know that I have got myself going on this, I want to borrow a book and go read out on the patio even now…

The ocean. Some people are just drawn to the ocean. It is what they need. It is where they like to be. When you travel to Kauai, most people will want to go to the ocean. Some individuals are drawn to the ocean and simply do not want to leave. If this sounds like you or your significant other, I suggest getting a vacation rental home near the water. Get as close to the ocean as possible. Get close enough that at night as you fall asleep you will be able to hear the waves crash and roll out. The getaway condo at Sealodge fits the bill.

Sealodge E4

This is a condo that is nestled into a small complex up on the ocean bluffs in Princeville. The water is just below the bluffs as you are perched appropriately on the cliff. The rise up on the bluffs makes it magnificent and oh so glorious! Sitting out on the lanai is so invigorating, so awakening, I just love it! Depending on the season, weekly rates start at low as $700 per week. Check and see what dates are available and what weekly and nightly rates currently are.

What you get for the price is a one bedroom one bath condo. There is a full kitchen, cable television, a laundry washer and dryer, and also a sleeper sofa. This is ideal for a couple’s getaway or for a family of four (sleeps two per bed/queen sofa sleeper). There is also a shared pool and a barbeque area onsite to share with other vacation renters.

The views! The location in Princeville! The price… it is all so attractive. Look at these pictures from Sealodge E4 and tell me how desirable this is!

There is always something good going on in Princeville. That is part of why I recommend vacationing and staying on this shoreline town. For a family of four, Puamana in Princeville is just the right vacation rental to come and stay at. This two-story condo sleeps four people comfortably and does not miss a beat when it comes to meeting your family’s needs.

Puamana 2D is the condominium vacation rental located at 3880 Wyllie Road, Princeville, HI. It is an end unit, and you could very well call it a townhouse. At this beautiful location you will get to experience both a mountain and a tropical garden view. Oh, and the golf course is nearby too. The Anini beach path is a five minute walk away, too. Didn’t I say that this place does not miss a thing?!

It is a two bedroom, two bath condo. A king bed is in the master and a queen is in the other bedroom downstairs. Every room is furnished with linens and all of the little details that count. There are plenty of bathroom linens as well. The clothes washer and dryer there are also nice to have, for you can do your laundry on an as-need basis, and not worry about running out of clothes or returning to your home with luggage full of clothes that need to be laundered.

The kitchen is ready to go! You do need to stock it with food, but everything else you need is right there at your fingertips. This makes it easy to have your meals first thing in the morning, or late at night while the kids are in bed for example. I think having a kitchen in-home is great for families with young children who can be routy at meals sometimes, or for the person who has specialty dietary needs. Having access around the clock to a full sized kitchen is the best when you are on vacation. Not too many places can brag about that!

There is so much more that this rental has to offer: a gas barbeque, a pool onsite, a private patio, television, phone, the whole nine-yards. Rates for Puamana 2D start as low as $840 per week. That is as low as $120 per day! That is a very competitive price that will be tough to beat considering all of the accommodations this place has to offer. Feel free to call Oceanfront Realty at 808-826-6478 and ask about seasonal prices, discounts, and availability. Nightly rates are also an option–it is not limited to only weekly rates. Puamana really is a great condo to stay at while you and your family come to visit Princeville and the surrounding areas on the beautiful Kauai.

Taking a family vacation is one of the best ways to relax. It is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime. Inviting extended family can exponentially increase the memories. Time is precious, as all of us adults have come to realize. Take a family vacation to Hawaii, and stay at a Kauai vacation rental, Villas of Kamalii 11. Click on the link and see these gorgeous pictures! This is the best location of the Villas of Kamalii. Let me tell you…

The location of this rental condo is perfect. It is located on a private greenbelt and golf course! There are no other buildings in view. You will feel like you are in your own private three bedroom, three bath fully furnished home. The golf course, garden and mountain views will make you feel like you have the hillside all to yourself. Do not get the wrong impression though! Although you are away from society as far as views and noise, you are located close to the Princeville Center, the Makai Golf Course, and a two-mile walking trail. It is the right mix of privacy and closeness to society in a vacation rental.

Again, this 3 bed 3 bath condo sleeps six people comfortably (not including couch space for those little ones who wiggle into the head count). The décor is contemporary and comfortable. The rooms are fully furnished with linens, dishes, hand soap, TP… the whole deal. There are flat screen TV’s, internet, full sized washer and dryer and a barbeque as well. Bonus–it comes stocked with beach toys! I told you it would feel like a vacation home.

Kamalii 11 rents for $1080 per week plus applicable taxes and a refundable deposit. For all that you are getting for your stay, this is worth it. If you are coming with a large family or an extended family, the price then becomes completely reasonable for each family going. To split up the price in halves or thirds makes it outrageously affordable.

Check your calendars and check online at the link above in this post to see available dates for Villas of Kamalii 11. Click Book Now and then the Rates & Availability tab. April is when the next availabilities are, so call up your family and plan your vacation now. It may work well for you and your children to come over their Spring Break from school, which will be the latter half of April.

Princeville is a lovely, luxurious place to be! It is one of the major cities on the island of Kauai. Princeville gets to brag of not one but two championship golf courses. If you are looking to stay somewhere with a city buzz to it, Princeville is your place. Staying in a vacation rental is what I suggest for your lodging needs. I have talked with too many people over the years and vacation rentals are the way to go. Let me introduce you to Plantation at Princeville and you will see why a vacation rental is the best way to go when vacationing or visiting Kauai’s north shore.

First off, Princeville is a major city on Kauai, but the Plantation at Princeville is not smack in the middle of downtown. It is just the right mix of being close to things to do on the island, while also having privacy at the vacation home. Furthermore, the beach is just a few minutes’ drive. Staying at the Plantation at Princeville leads you to Anini Beach, that’s the closest one. Hanalei Bay is also just a drive down the coast too. It’s a win-win-win for you. :) One nearby attraction (literally down the short road) is the Princeville Golf Club-Makai Course. If you or anyone in your group staying at this vacation home plays golf, you are in luck!

Here is the street address if you would like to see for yourself the location on a map: 4771 Pepelani Loop Suite 211, Princeville, HI 96722. This rental home has a homey-meets-luxury feel to it. Let me tell you…

It comfortably hosts a family of four. Keep in mind, if this is not a family trip it makes for a great couples getaway for a vacation double date. There is a room (master) with 1 King sized bed and another bedroom with a Queen sized bed. It is equipped with what you’d expect in a home: air-conditioning, wireless internet, TVs in every room, a stackable washer and dryer, and a fully equipped kitchen. On top of a kitchen ready to go, is a gas grill for you to use at your convenience. Sounding like a home yet, that you can live in and relax in? There is also a one car garage–perfect for the rental car you have while on Kauai.

I saved the best piece of information for last. The price! Really, all of this is priced for just $960 per week plus tax. How reasonable is that? All you need, right at home at your vacation rental. There are seasonal rates, as well as discounted times of the year, so be sure to book your trip before your desired dates fill up.

I know it is only January, but with the whole year ahead of us it seems only fitting to make plans for the months ahead. Now is a fantastic time to plan your spring break vacation. Easter falls late in April this year. If you have children in school check the academic calendar to see where their break falls. Once that has been established, plan your vacation to beautiful Kauai, Hawaii. For a family of three to a family of five I suggest Princeville’s Puu Poa 207. This is a vacation rental condominium that comes with all of the bells and whistles. Puu Poa 207 is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath rental that comes at $1,770 per week.

The master bedroom hosts a king sized bed and the secondary bedroom hosts a queen… Comfortably! It is not like some places that have a small room with a huge bed stuffed in it–no. This is a vacation rental that accounts for extra space for luggage and walking room around furniture.

The kitchen has been recently updated and it sparkles with new, high end appliances and granite countertops. When you are staying at a vacation rental, life is easier because you have your own kitchen. If you are looking to save some money, eating-in a few meals or so can really keep you on budget. Especially if you have children with you and they are always wanting to snack then this is an ideal situation: kitchen in your condo. Furthermore, there is a barbeque on the lanai so you can grill at your convenience. ;)

Of course there is also a TV, DVD player, and free high speed internet access. Again, when traveling with children it is nice to be able to bring along their favorite movies so that they can have some time to wind-down from their day. After all, on Kauai with all of its outdoor activity available, a rest or movie back at your vacation rental can make for some good down-time.

This condo comes with a pool and a tennis court onsite. Both come with all the fixings such as pool noodles, beach toys, etc. There is a welcoming sunroom for any of your leisurely activities like reading, napping, meditating, etc.

The ocean front view is what sold me on this place! If you are going to stay on Hawaii then you should really get a place with a view. You can go all out without breaking the bank. The views, the sounds of the ocean, it is all a part of the vacation experience that is just wonderful to be immersed in. Talk about stress-reducing and relaxing!

Outside of the property, it is an easy walk to the beach. For other sites to see, it is a 10 minute drive into Hanalei. Shopping is close by as are restaurants. It is all here and for such a reasonable price. Look at your family calendar and see when is the best time for you to come and stay at Puu Poa 207 this spring or summer. Check availability here where you will also find pictures and more information.

I have a something to share with all of you. One of Kauai’s best kept secrets perfect for a couple’s get away is Pali Ke Kua 113. Let me tell you all about it. You do not have to keep it as a secret though–you have my permission to share the news with friends and family. Tell them about it after you book your trip so they do not book this comfortable home for the time slot you wanted. ;)

Pali Ke Kua 113 is a one bedroom, one bath condominium that goes for $1,050 per week. It is the perfect private and comfortable getaway that couples are looking for! I suggest this condo for anyone who is honeymooning, babymooning, yearning for a couples escape, or looking to vacation at a more private spot near the water.

Here is what you will see at Pali Ke Kua 113: a king sized bed in a luxury master suite with an attached bathroom to match. The kitchen area is fully equipped–ready for use–with a nice large island of counter space. It is nice to have a full sized kitchen in your Kauai vacation rental for it keeps you from having to eat out each and every meal–which can add up. It is nice to eat out, but every now and then it sure is nice to have a meal at home for convenience, cost savings, or for food choice/selection. More and more folks these days are realizing they have special dietary needs so having the option to cook in your vacation rental on Kauai, like Pali Ke Kua 113, allows you to do so in comfort.

Wi-Fi is popping up more and more places these days to meet the wants and needs people have. Wi-Fi is fully available, up and running here at Pali Ke Kua 113. As is the TV and DVD player. The condominium has an open floorplan with lots of windows. It has clean lines and is sure to please!

The inside if fabulous–the outside is magnificent. This vacation rental has the ocean views you have been longing for. This couple’s escape condo also has a private paved path to the beach! How great and convenient is that? If you have any kind of wheelchair needs, the paved path works out great. If you and your sweetie prefer to go to a pool or jacuzzi, those are available onsite as well.

Located in Princeville, you are close to many natural and tourist attractions. The perfect setting, the perfect location, and at a perfect price with ample privacy! This is something you cannot simply pass up!

This rental has so much to offer and for the price of approximately $150 per night it is worth every penny! You get to see Kauai and spend time with the person you came with. Pali Ke Kua 113 is the perfect getaway for a couple, best friends vacation, or even a small family if the kid or kids do not mind sleeping on the couches.

December 26, 2013 by, Emily

Christmas is behind us and New Years is before us! And while you’re making resolutions for 2014, maybe you should take a break for a little while. Find some time to relax, enjoy your family, and play in the ocean. That’s right, I’m thinking you should come to Kauai and do New Years in STYLE! And if you need a place to stay, I have some recommendations for you, one of which is Puanani in Kilauea.

Puanai is an excellent place to spend a vacation for multiple reasons:

1. A great bedroom to bathroom ratio – There are three good-sized bedrooms and three bathrooms. So if you go with friends, each couple can enjoy their own private bathroom… unless you also have someone sleeping on the sofa sleeper bed in the living room. Then someone will have to share.

2. The location is SUPER close to the beach – Anini Beach is literally 60 seconds away on foot.

3. Tons of space to stretch out – This is especially good if you bring a few friends or a couple of other couples. You can either spend time all together in the spacious living spaces or out on the deck, enjoying the view OR you can each find your own places in the house to have some privacy. This house has two living rooms and several nooks and crannies you can slip into in order to be alone.

4. Free laundry and internet – The worst thing about vacation is going away and then having to bring back a week’s worth of dirty laundry to wash once you’re home. It’s like creating your own work! Not cool. But this house has a washer and dryer, so you can go home with all clean clothes. Plus, there is free internet, so you can check this blog for fun things to do while you’re here!

5. It costs only $2,550 for an entire week! While that number seems big, we’re talking 7 days in a huge house only 60 seconds from the beach for only $2,550. And if you bring three other couples with you, that means it’s only $637.50 per couple for seven days! That’s only $91 a day!! Seriously, have you priced hotels lately? This is a fabulous deal!

So if you want a large, elegant, enjoyable vacation home with enough room for a large family or several friends to spend an entire week near the beach in comfort, then this is the house for you. Puanani in Kilauea. Check it out today!

When you’re on vacation, you don’t just want to stay in a hotel room with no space to stretch out and nothing to do. You want to stay somewhere with lots of space, some great amenities, and something to do while you’re there. And that’s why I’m posting today about one of the most beautiful homes for rent on Kauai: Taro Plantation.

This 4 bedroom, 3 bath house is massive. Each room has comfortable furniture that perfectly fits the space, owing to an excellent interior decorator. And each space in the house continues the elegant theme of natural woods, soft tones, and upscale grandeur that are so apparent when you first walk in.

Included in that grandeur are antiques from China and Indonesia, moving pieces that provide a sense of awe and cultural depth to the house. Plus, there are stained glass windows that diffuse the light and inspire with shades of joy.

The bedrooms are suites really. The master suite has a king-sized poster bed, beautiful furniture, and the most impressive bathroom I’ve ever seen, with large tiles leading into a walk-in bathing area. The other bedrooms have queen-sized beds, so no one will have to sleep in a tiny space. Owing to this, the house itself can sleep 8 adults comfortably, and one more if your guest doesn’t mind sleeping on the couch.

But the rooms aren’t the best part. The living space is substantial and comfortable. The living room has cable tv and a DVD player for quiet nights at home. Plus, the house is equipped with high speed internet, so you can bring your laptops and read my blog as you sit in your beautiful vacation home in comfort. And, best of all, there is a large gourmet kitchen that includes all of the best appliances, cookware, dishes, and utensils you will need to feed everyone you bring with you. Off the kitchen is a large dining room that seats 8 and you will find everything you need to lay out a beautiful dinner in the kitchen shelves.

And that doesn’t even begin to take the outside into account. This house is built in a secluded spot in Hanalei Valley, right past Swan Lake. To get there, you will drive through beautiful taro fields and waterways, leading to a house right in the midst of nature. Each morning, you can step out onto the spacious lanai (patio) and enjoy a cup of Kauai Coffee while you watch the waterfowl play in the water. And, if you’d like to take a dip in a refreshing pool, there is a large pool on the property where you can swim contentedly. There is even a poolside dining area, a beautifully laid out section of tile where you can BBQ (it’s a gas grill) and eat while having a pool party.

Now, this all sounds very secluded and far away from civilization, right? But fortunately, while it’s tucked away far enough to be private, this home is only a short walk away from town. Hanalei Town has just about everything you’ll need while you stay with us, from restaurants to grocery stores, from gift shops to equipment rentals. So no matter what you’d like to do while here, you’ll be close to the action. Plus, if you walk (or drive) just a bit further, you will reach Hanalei Bay, the most beautiful beach on earth.

Honestly, this house is the best of the best. However, the price is much lower than one would expect to pay for an elegant mansion home in the heart of Kauai. For only $4000 a week, you can stay in this amazing home. And sometimes they run specials, meaning you can get an even better deal on the house! It’s worth a look, right?

So if you want to come to Kauai and stay in style, please consider Taro Plantation. You will be so pampered here, you won’t want to leave!

Now, I’ve been recommending a lot of tours, which are fun, challenging, exciting, adventurous, and not exactly free. And if you’re worried about spending all of your vacation money on tours, please don’t. I have a simple and easy way of saving you money on your vacation. All you have to do is stay at Kamahana 18 instead of in a hotel.

Now, hotels are great. I mean, there are a million rooms, so you’ll probably get one if you ask. And there is typically a ballroom or event room downstairs where they sometimes host entertainers, for a price. But the downside is that each room is $200-$500 a night! Yikes! And if you have a large family, you might need a couple of rooms. Plus, those rooms are tiny little things with a bedroom and bathroom only. You’ll have no room to stretch, relax, and enjoy your evening.

On the other hand, Kamahana 18 is a vacation condo that you can rent per night or by the week. For an entire week’s stay, you will only have to pay $810. That’s 7 days of vacation lodging for only $810 plus tax. Can you believe it? But it gets better.

Renting your own condo means you can have privacy and a place to stretch out and relax. Instead of one bedroom and a bathroom, this vacation rental has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and your own private patio! In other words, you get an entire house to make your own for the week. And that house has some great amenities.

Location – Sure, a hotel might be in the city near the beach. And if you are on a high enough floor and facing the right direction, you can see the ocean. But Kamahana 18 is on the golf course with an excellent view of the cliffs and the Kilauea Lighthouse! (Which is a great place to visit, by the way. The history and beauty of the place really shouldn’t be ignored.) So while relaxing on your patio, you can star out into the ocean’s soothing blues and enjoy the manicured greens.

Size – If you have kids, this place is perfect. You’ll have your own master suite with a Queen-sized bed and a private bathroom, so you get some privacy during your stay. And your kids can share the other bathroom and the 2nd bedroom, which has 2 twin beds. Plus, there is a family area with a kitchen, dining room, and comfortable living room furniture to hang out during the day with your kids and watch TV.

Extras – And if the price, location, and size aren’t selling points on their own, keep in mind that you will also have access to a fully-equipped kitchen. This means that all the utensils, dinnerware, cookware, and appliances you’ll need are right there, waiting to be used. The laundry room has a washer and dryer, so you don’t have to worry about taking a bunch of dirty clothes home in your luggage. And there is free high speed internet, so you can check my blog for fun activities and festival ideas while you’re here!

Do you see why this condo is SO much better than a hotel? And it’s clearly a WHOLE lot cheaper. So if you want to go on a bunch of tours or spend your money on nice restaurants in town, you can!!

It’s always important to use your money wisely. And renting a condo is a great way to accomplish that.