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April 21, 2014 by, Lindsey

From the condos at Sealodge in Princeville, I wanted to mention that you have a view of a lighthouse, the Kilauea Point Lighthouse off of Kilauea Road, Kilauea. It is a lovely point where lighthouse meets history and it’s an animal sanctuary. There are informative signs that tell of its history, and the lighthouse and scenery seem to speak for themselves.

For some reason people do not think about lighthouses on the island of Kauai, but really, they are here! Lighthouses serve two basic purposes: to guide ships into the shore safely, and then to warn other ships that there is land here–do not crash into it! That is the basic way I think about lighthouses.

Kilauea Lighthouse is at a nice spot on the island. From people I have spoken with, they have said that they liked visiting it the day they arrived on Kauai. If you pay the five dollars you can walk out to the lighthouse itself. It makes for a nice walk, where you can stretch your legs and smell the ocean air after a long flight.

The views are breathtaking! The photo opportunities are fantastic. I love it there. Pull out the nice camera for this, if you have one. Photos will only attempt to do this scenic spot justice though. I do not have the best camera in the world, but still, the whole sensory landscape is just too much to fit into a camera’s photo! I still try to capture the moment though. :) If you have them, bring your binoculars. Depending on the time of day and the season, you may be able to see whales in the ocean and nesting birds in their sanctuary environment nearby.

Oh–also about the tickets for five dollars per person, if you are active duty military, I know with ID you can get in for free! That includes you and your guests. Why? Because it is a national park. “Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge” is its legal name. See this webpage for more information. Not to worry if you are not in the military… plan and call ahead (808-828-1413). On select weekends admission is free, so give them a call and see what is coming up.

Easter is in the air! It is that time of year again and I am getting excited! I just love the community here, the events, the activities… in other words everything. Let me tell you about the Easter Parade and Egg Hunt at Prince Albert Park this Saturday the 12th.

This is a family fun event hosted by the Princeville Community Association. It is a free event. Free and fun. I love it when those two words wind up in the same sentence! ;)

Anyway, it is at Prince Albert Park in Princeville. The park by itself is designed for children ages one through eight, and it is a clean and well maintained park and play structure. (I was there recently–I know these things!) It is right across the street from the Princeville Library, too. Here is the address for those who wish to know the street address so they can better navigate there: 4304 Emmalani Drive, Princeville, Hawaii.

The event starts at 2pm and there will be a parade to kick it off. Bring a bike, wagon, stroller… something child friendly for the parade. Dress it up and dazzle it out before hand so the parade can sparkle and shine as the procession carries on. There will also be an opportunity for the children to meet the Easter Bunny. Now how perfect is that?! Furthermore, there will be an egg hunt at the park. Festivities are anticipated to end around 4pm. I got the flyer just the other day and thought I would pass along the info. You’re welcome.

Looking for things to do on Kauai’s north shore? How about kayaking? This is not the kind of kayaking that has rapids or something like that, this kind of kayaking is more like paddling around. If you are not a fitness buff, then this may feel like an upper body workout a bit… like it was for me.

Kayaking on Hanalei River is a fun thing to do, and it’s family friendly. There are kayaks for rent (that seat up to three people is the most I have seen). There are folks out there with children too, so you can bring them along if you think they are ready, good listeners, and who want to go out on the water. I have seen kids as young as about four years old, if that helps any.

There are multiple locations on the north shore to get out and on the water. Hanalei River is the one I like to kayak on. The water is easy and smooth. The landscape is breathtaking! You are bound to see wildlife such as turtles and birds. It is like an estuary out there.

With any kayaking adventure, I recommend going prepared. Sunscreen is a must, a water bottle, maybe a sunhat or other type of shade. Wear clothes that you would be okay getting wet in as far as shorts and shoes. You can bring your cell phone if you wish. There is a thing called a “dry bag” case that is available for rent at most all kayak rental shops. It is large enough to hold a few small possessions to keep dry, such as a phone, wallet, and a key ring. In case the inside of the boat gets wet, these items will be just fine. If you think this is a good investment for your lifestyle, go ahead a buy a dry bag, or bring the one you already own.

Today was the grand opening of Fish Eye Kauai in Princeville! Fish Eye Kauai is an art gallery that has on display a variety of art mediums. The grand opening today was a big success. The atmosphere was great, the weather was just right (there were some light showers, but no big deal) and the live music was welcoming. I enjoyed touring through the gallery and snacking on some hors d’oeuvres (yes I had to spell check that one…). This is a family friendly art gallery that has pieces on display for purchase. I think it is a great tribute to Princeville to have a place like this nestled into the community.

At Fish Eye they specialize in photographic prints featuring underwater photographs of Kauai by Scuba Tom. Also known as Thomas Green, this is his first gallery! How exciting to be a part of such a great gallery at the grand opening. Tom shares the gallery with a few other local artists. There are a lot of photographs (my personal favorite) and also carvings and creations. Oh–and there is jewelry as well!

Princeville is one of the best places to come and stay on Kauai, in my opinion. Hmm perhaps that is why I am living on the north shore! Come check out this place if you are wanting to see some talented artists’ work. Fish Eye is on the Kuhio Highway in Princeville. Check out their webpage here for directions, hours of operation, the whole thing…

March 24, 2014 by, Lindsey

When most people think of Hawaii, they think of the beach. On Kauai there are many gorgeous beaches to go to! I want to shine the spotlight on Anini Beach today… it is a favorite of mine and of my friends. If you have children, this is a great beach for them too.


Anini Beach is located just southeast of Princeville, so if you are staying in Princeville or Hanalei, you should definitely go to this beach. It is located on Anini Road, on your right hand side of the road. If you are looking for it, you will not miss it. There is a home at the end of the road, but right on past it to get to the beach.

What To Expect

If you think a beach is just a beach–think again. Anini Beach has something for everyone, I think. It is very kid-friendly there. I have seen children as young as 4 years old learn how to snorkel there. The reef is only six or so feet deep, so it is easy to see turtles and fish! The beach is calm. It does not get big waves which makes it great for the little ones to have fun in the water. I have seen kids gain confidence in swimming and snorkeling there, and I have even seen some folks teaching their children how to get up on a long board out there (again, with no waves).

What I like about Anini Beach (add it to the list) is the ample shade trees. I like to lay out in the sun every now and then, but there are other times when I seek refuge from the sun’s ray. There are shade trees but also there are climbing trees! How fun is that?! One I know of hangs out over the water (it’s not high up) and it is fun to jump in off of it. Good times…

There are picnic tables in the area so people are able to enjoy a meal while on the beach. There are other facilities such as showers and bathrooms. Oh and there is a lifeguard on duty. By now I should have convinced you to go to this beach and see for yourself how great it is!

The island of Kauai is known as “The Garden Island.” I want to share my experience at the Limahuli Garden and Preserve which is recognized as one of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in the United States.

Located at 5-8291 Kuhio Highway, Haena on Kauai’s north shore, this garden of living history is one of a kind. The garden is open for both self-guided and guided tours starting at fifteen dollars per person. I read a sign that this garden experience is only for people ages ten and over. Note that guided tours require reservations in advance using their online system. Look here for Limahuli Gardens tour information to select a date for your reservation and to find out more specific tour information.

I read-ahead and went prepared for this walking tour of the gardens. Please wear good walking shoes (your feet will thank you), and bring a water bottle. I went on a self-guided tour and I got to pause at the spots and checkpoints that I wanted to. They also provide a booklet on the self-guided tour, so that was interesting to read and learn about the stops along the way . It was neat to actually see the garden spots like the stepped irrigation section and then to look in the booklet and read about it. What a glance into the past! The time I spent touring was close to two hours worth. Just letting you know so you can plan accordingly.

It was so neat to learn about and to see plants that are native to Hawaii and to see others that are not native to Hawaii. Did you know that coconut palms are not native to Hawaii?! It is amazing what you can learn if you just step outside of your comfort bubble and immerse yourself in your surroundings. History is fascinating.

Also during my tour I learned that this garden has won national awards as the best natural botanical garden in the whole United States. They have the best appropriate environmental practices of soil, water, and rare plant conservation in their overall garden design. This is a sight to see, folks… a garden to experience.

March 14, 2014 by, Lindsey

Weekends are always busy for me. I can only imagine this is also true for you folks. This weekend is packed for me, but I am also looking ahead to the following weekend! Can you tell I like to plan? And I like to look forward to fun things to do? And on top of that I love free events? (I also like sharing my knowledge through blogging!)

Saturday the 22nd could not get any better, for all of you golfing fans with children. On Kauai there is a Free Kids Clinic by PGA and LPGA Professionals. It is the 3rd Annual Junior Golf Day put on by the Hawaii State Junior Golf Association. This is exclusively a children’s beginning golf event for kids ages five through eighteen. They are advertising for new and beginner golfers only. Of course parents will need to accompany their children, but they will not be golfing at this event. The focus is on the kids–getting them involved, getting them active, and having fun.

Hit the greens of Kauai’s Princeville Makai Golf Club for this upcoming event. The lead contact person for this opportunity is Alex Nakajima. I went ahead and attached the online registration link here, for your convenience. If you are wondering where to go exactly, here is the address of the Makai Golf Club at Princeville: 4080 Lei O Papa Rd, Princeville, HI 96722. That should work out perfectly if you are using a smart phone or other GPS device.

Why is this event opportunity going on? Why not! It is a fun way to get kids outdoors and to try a new sport. Just like with new foods, you will never know if you like it until you try it. Same goes with sports. This sounds like a great opportunity to get outside and try out golfing for your children.

I highly suggest this outing for those who are staying on Kauai’s north shore, like in a Princeville vacation rental. What a way to have a day out on the greens and to make some family memories. The first forty children to register online will receive a free tee gift. Glad I am telling you about this early, hmm? You’re welcome. :)

Looking for something to do this coming weekend? I have just the event for you. It came up on my facebook feed and I thought I would share the info! Oh and should I mention it is free?! Yes it is a free event! Be sure to pre-register so you can participate, it is required. Now that I have you all wild-up about this event I should probably tell you what it is. There is a free Roping Clinic for young ropers at Farias Cattle Company in Kapaa. If you are staying on the north shore of Kauai, just follow the Kuhio Highway east and then south as it curves with the island. This looks like it will be a fun event for kids to come out and show off some roping skills.

This is an event where parent/guardian participation/supervision is required. There is an orientation on Friday, March 7th at 6pm. The workshop activities begin the follow day, Saturday at 10am and go until 4pm. Sunday is the same schedule with a 10am start and a 4pm finish. Those who will be participating in this roping clinic will need to bring a personal lunch and drink both days. Snacks will not be provided either. Plan accordingly.

Just think about it–a free roping workshop where your youngsters can really learn a thing or two about roping. The highlight speaker and teacher of this event is Rickey Green, horse trainer and team roper from Texas. You can thank The Department of Parks and Recreation for sponsoring this event.

I also want to take the time to tell you more about the Farias Cattle Company where the event is being held. Bobby Farias is the owner of this company and runs his operation for the purpose of land management and also beef production. It rests on three thousand acres of land, and Bobby was given the award for “Green Business Initiative” recently. This is sure to be a good time with good people doing some fun things out in the beautiful country landscape of Kauai. Consider adding it to your trips’ itinerary, drive out, and see what it is all about.

February 24, 2014 by, Lindsey

Kauai has made great improvements over the years to cater to alternative forms of transportation. One of which is the North Shore Path for bicyclists, walkers, runners, and others. Back in 2012, the North Shore Path (NSP) was unveiled. It is a beautiful paved path connecting the communities of Kilauea, Princeville, and Hanalei along the North Shore. Now that you know some basics of this nature-filled path, let me tell you more…

This path has been something welcomed by the community. It offers an alternative to motorized vehicles as a way for transportation. It promotes exercise, health and wellness, and a more united sense of community. I have been out on the NSP and I like it when I come across others on the path, along the way to my destination. I always see friendly faces when I am on it. Sometimes I go out and bike on it for pure exercise. Other times I have used it to make a leisurely commute on my bicycle.

The path really is an extensive trail that is composed of some road sharing and some alternative paths so you can more efficiently get to your destination. In the Princeville area on into Hanalei Bay there are some parts of the path near the water, too. If you have a bike and you are anywhere near the North Shore, this is something you must do.

Perhaps you are going to be vacationing in the Hanalei area and you will not have a bicycle with you. Not to worry! There are bicycle rental shops in the area! In Hanalei there is Pedal n Paddle. Click on the link to see prices and cruise their site to get their exact physical address. The folks there are very nice and helpful–I recommend them! :)

If you do not wish to bike the NSP then please, walk it! If you have little ones, stroll on it! It is something outdoorsy, free to do and it keeps us all moving. I know I look for ways to add exercise into my day. If you are on vacation, this is a great way to help keep fit.

February 5, 2014 by, Lindsey

There is just something about going to the beach. It is so relaxing. It is my time away that I take for myself. (That, and the few times I can go and get my nails done!) Some might call it their “me time.” At Haena Beach you are sure to find what you are looking for… I know I do each time I go. Haena Beach is located on Kauai’s North Shore, just west of Hanalei Bay off of Kuhio Highway.

This is one of my favorite beaches on Kauai. There are lifeguards, restrooms, picnic tables, and outdoor showers for rinsing off after a swim in the turquoise water. The water by the way, looks great up against the white sandy beach, then the backdrop of green is just behind that. It is a very picturesque place! I have talked with folks there and some say it is a bit of déjà vu they say–as if they have been here before or seen it in a movie or something. I will have to look into that and see if anything has been filmed here…

Beaches all come with different flavors, as I like to say. Some are good for surfing, others are good for people watching and sunbathing. Probably why I love this beach so much is because it is a very friendly beach for all kinds of water activities. At Haena Beach I have seen surfers, boogie boarders, snorkelers, swimmers, and sunbathers. I have been a few of those titles during my time on Kauai. I have not surfed these waves, but I like to sunbathe and watch those who do.

There are also camp sites available for those who have a permit to camp. I suggest camping in the non-winter months and for those who have been camping more than once in their lifetime. Then again, if you go with an experienced camper it is great for first-timers. Don’t get me wrong–beach camping is a neat experience and I recommend it for those outdoorsy people.

Another part of Haena Beach that I think is neat, is that it is just across the way from “The Dry Cave.” There are several caves in the area and this one is a sight to see! When you pack your beach bag, I suggest packing a flashlight or two for your group so that you can see the walls and ceiling of the cave better. Pack your camera too–if you have not already–you will want to snap some pics of this unique site.

Haena Beach is a great place to go and have a good time. I like to make half day trips out of the experience. It could easily be made into a day trip as well if you really want to soak up the sun. ;) It is nice to have a change of pace, to have a relaxing day at the water’s edge. Maybe bring your own lunch, eat at a picnic table, and have the rest of your day playing in the water. Oh and go see the Dry Cave across the road. So many options on how you want to plan out your day at the beach.

February 2, 2014 by, Lindsey

Well, today was the Super Bowl in the wide world of sports. I opted not view the game. Instead, I saw this as an opportunity to get out and do something for myself. I do like to relax every now and then ;) …spa services followed by some evening blogging does the trick for me. After all, I did have had a busy weekend!

It was refreshing to go out and get a manicure and pedicure. This is something I do not always go out and do. But hey, it is a way I can pamper myself without breaking the bank. I went to Relish in Hanalei and I just love the name, the atmosphere there, and my nails! At first, you may be thinking, “Relish, as in what I put on my hot dog and what goes in potato salad… that relish?” Short answer: no. Not the condiment.

This takes the meaning of relish as a verb, “to take pleasure in” or “to enjoy.” Now that is what this place is all about! I filled my reusable cup with cucumber and lemon infused water and off I went. Sometimes you just have to make time in your schedule to have some “me time.” If you are staying in the Hanalei area and are looking for just that–some me time–I suggest you schedule your manicure, pedicure, and/or hair appointment with them ASAP. It is just respectful, I think, to both your time and theirs to get an appointment on the calendar. This will ensure you are not waiting to be serviced, should there be other customers at that time (then again their waiting area is quite nice).

These friendly people are located at 5-5161 Suite 210 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 96714. It is located right above Barracuda Restaurant on the second story. They are open from 10am to 5pm each day. I recommend calling to schedule an appointment. I did the work for you and got their number: (808) 826-7742. You’re welcome.

Happy New Year! Yes, it is still the start of 2014, and the Chinese New Year (also known as the Spring Festival) is this Friday. In honor of this time, Ohana Day at the Kauai Museum is celebrating the Chinese New Year on Saturday, February 1st. It is the Year of the Horse! (I was born in the year of the Snake, just in case you were wondering.)

If you are flying in soon for your Kauai stay, be sure to visit on your way in, for the museum is near the airport. On second thought, if you are on your way out then you could just as easily stop in prior to your flight. The Kauai Museum is in Lihue and the full physical address is: 4428 Rice Street, Lihue, HI 96766. Follow the link I posted for you to get more detailed directions should you need them. Remember: the front entrance is on Rice Street.

I first heard about this event through one of my family’s friend’s kids having their artwork on display at the exhibit. It is a celebration of the Chinese New Year and the opening of the art exhibit there at the museum. This is the 54th Annual Student Art Exhibit that returns Saturday! Artwork from school children will be on display. I just love seeing that in the community! This news had me searching for more details on the event, and I thought I could pass along the information to you!

The Kauai Museum’s doors open at 10am and the exhibit celebration begins at 10:30am and goes until 1pm that day. This is a one day event so you do not want to miss it! I read that the first fifty or so visitor will receive a door prize! :D

There will be some unique opportunities at this event. At 10:30am there will be the option for you to learn calligraphy. (That is one thing on my bucket list still to do.) There will also be a fortune stick reading by the lovely Gladice Fujiuchi.

Admission prices are no more than ten dollars to the general public and the prices only go down from there for seniors, students, children, and then kids ages five and under are free. This is a great opportunity for you and your group to learn about and experience Kauai. The museum is full of history, artifacts, and also the special event celebrating The Chinese New Year. Be sure to add this to your event calendar, as I did mine.

January 18, 2014 by, Lindsey

So, you are staying or going to stay on Kauai in the Hanalei Bay area, huh? That is a great choice! Let me tell you about one of the fav, dive bars in the area. If you do not drink that is fine. Go there for the pizza at least. The restaurant and cocktail lounge is called Tahiti Nui. If you are on Kauai right this moment here is the street address so you can plug it into your smart phone or GPS system and get there without any problems: 5-5134 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei. Click here to follow turn by turn directions if that is easier for you. :)

The Mai Tai is popular and so is the pizza. That is what I would say it is best known for. What my favorite part of this restaurant is not just the food, but also the live music. Yes, I said it and I meant it. The live music at dinnertime is simply fantastic and genuine. I like anything really that is genuine and authentic. This is the real deal! Hawaiian music in Hanalei. Perfection.

Something else I should let you know about Tahiti Nui: patio seating. It is not all indoor seating. If you’re willing, I suggest dining outside. Why outside? Here is my take on the topic…

Dining outdoors I am convinced makes my food taste even better! Being outside in the elements with the fresh air filling my lungs makes it so that my experience is more real–more awakening. It is difficult to put words to exactly. Dining on the patio enables me to look around at the scenery and to enjoy the landscape as I savor my food. It may seem silly to some, but I am convinced the setting has a lot to do with the overall experience. Now add the live performers and their music. Again, perfection! This combination with food, setting, and live entertainment makes for a great combination.

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are days I suggest to go. Yes, there will be more people there simply because it is the weekend, but from my perspective that is more attractive for as a restaurant-goer it makes for better people watching, meeting new people, and also experiencing the live music as a group. There becomes a sense of community when you are at a restaurant like this. It is a fun, fun thing!

Are you coming to stay in the Hanalei area on Kauai? Please let me help you make plans for your upcoming stay! After all, you are looking for things to do in the area, things that are fun and entertaining. I know just the thing for you and your family. This would also make for a great couples or adult outing. Experience A Taste of Kauai, Yesterday and Today. This is more than a meal, it is a tour, an outdoor event, a learning experience for everyone who is a part of the event.

Ok so mark your calendars for Friday, January 24th. Tours usually start at 9:30am and end about 1:00pm. Note that reservations for tours must be made three or more days in advance, thus me telling you all about it now. I try to plan ahead so I thought I would give you lovely folks a heads up.

What is this cultural festival all about? This is a culinary tour unlike any other! You will get to learn about how ancient Hawaiian farming and food preparation techniques relate to this modern day. You will get to tour a taro and market garden as well as a fishpond. This all takes place in the beautiful Hanalei Valley Wildlife Refuge.

Now for the food part–the eating part–you do get to experience the taro tasting and a four course lunch at the breath-taking Hanalei Bay. What is on the menu? Local, fresh, and delicious cuisine. Organic chicken, local fish, handmade raviolis, and fresh vegetables are on the menu. For dessert Passion Fruit Cheesecake and Banana Lumpia will be served. Banana Lumpia is a fried banana dessert topped with brown sugar or sometimes caramel. It does depend on the time of year you go to get what is locally grown and in-season at that time.

I have heard wonderful reports about this cultural festival in Hanalei. If you are staying nearby this would be an ideal addition to your vacation stay. The Hanalei Valley Wildlife Refuge is a place where you will not only experience and see the culinary side of Kauai but you will also be able to see endangered birds, indigenous fish and many, many native plants. Be sure to bring your camera for this one! I also suggest wearing comfortable shoes for this event for it is a walking tour along farmland and also on the beach when it comes time for lunch.

Like I mentioned already, you do need reservations for this event. Tickets cost $115 plus tax for this once in a lifetime experience. To hold your reservation, call 808-635-0257 and leave a message if they do not pickup. Upon registering you will be emailed an itinerary of the festival.

Imagine a world in harmony. It makes for a nice thought, and here on Kauai it will become a reality this coming weekend. This event is close enough on the calendar that I should get to telling you about it! Kauai Voices is putting on an indoor concert this weekend of January 17th and 18th (Friday and Saturday). Their performance is titled, A World In Harmony. I am so looking forward to this event! Events like this give me hope, joy, and inspiration.

So what is this all about? Kauai Voices is putting on a performance of live music at St. Michael’s Church Friday and Saturday night. There is a forty voice vocal ensemble and many cultures will be celebrated at this time through music. Doors open at 7:30pm and tickets at the door are 15 dollars. If you plan on attending, get your tickets early for just ten dollars. Contact Melissa for more information at 822-0545. Oh! Bonus for you students: it is only ten dollars to attend, even at the door.

It is said that “music is a universal language” and I believe it. Music through either song or instrument is something that connects us all. Even if the performance is in a language you do not understand the spoken words–the lyrics, the tone, the emotions speak volumes. I was told that there will be Hawaiian, Jamaican, Korean, and other languages being sung. To hear and appreciate another language is something that binds us all a bit closer together. We are all neighbors in this world after all!

The instruments are fascinating to me too. I am like a child in a toy store when it comes to instruments. From all over the world, there are so many instruments that I would like to try. They all make unique sounds, and I am so curious about them all. It is a beautiful thing to watch and listen to a performer and his or her instrument play the melodies that are dear to their hearts. Musicians have a special place in my heart; they have a way of putting my heart and mind at peace. Live music amps up the passion so much more too. That is why this event is so perfect.

This will be a great time of unity, community, and family. I am going to take my family on Friday night. Which night do you plan to attend? This is a beautiful, fun, and family friendly event to go to this coming weekend. Make it a special night out with your family. Why not? We could all use some more endorphins. What a beautiful addition to the start of a new year.

I am going to admit to something right off the bat: I’m not going to this event. ☺ My husband and I have plans on Saturday with our family, and I typically don’t drive all the way to Waimea for a party, even a Christmas party. However, for those of you who are here visiting and want to see the canyon and the West Shore anyway (or for those of you who live on the West side of our island), this event is for you.

Each year in Waimea, there is a Christmas parade. No seriously, each and every year since 1996. In fact, I’ve heard that this tradition of big Christmas celebrations dates back to 1786! And if they’ve been doing it that long, I’m guessing that it is awesome!

This year, the parade will start at 6:15pm on Saturday, December 21st. Why so late? Well, this is a LIGHTED Christmas Parade. This means that each float will be lit up with lights and wonder, adding to the overall affect of the parade. The parade caravan will start at Waimea Canyon Park and will travel down the highway to Ala Wai Raod, at which point it will turn to Waimea Road and head back west to end at Hofgaard Park (town center). You can stand anywhere along the route, but I would recommend finding a place near the Kekaha side of town.

Now, a few additional bonuses for this Waimea Christmas celebration… The entire town will be decorated like a winter wonderland in the heart of a tropical climate. It will be overflowing with lights and Christmas cheer, and will put you in the holiday spirit immediately upon arrival. Plus, many vendors will be offering free beverages and baked treats to those who come by. So be sure to come early, walk around this historic town, and enjoy the hospitality of the residents there.

Oh and one more thing! Be sure to go early in order to get a place along the parade route. Traffic will be VERY slow getting in and out of town, and the entire route will be closed down early so it’s clear for those in the parade. My recommendation would be to get there by 4pm at the latest. My additional recommendation would be to get there in the morning and spend the day visiting the historical sites, seeing the amazing Waimea Canyon, and eating at the local restaurants. This really is a wonderful place to visit and you’ll be glad of the chance to see it in all of its glory.

Enjoy the parade!

If you have kids, sometimes it’s hard to find things to do that are new, interesting, and fun for them. That is especially true around the holidays. While adults often like to attend parties, go to nice restaurants, and see the Christmas lights, kids aren’t always that interested in those things. Parties are just old people talking, restaurants are just opportunities to behave and sit quietly, and lights are cool for a while… and then they’re just lights.

At least, that has been my experience with the kids I know. Maybe your kids are different. If that’s the case, good! Every child is different. But if your kids are like the ones I know, then this holiday reading schedule is for you.

It’s very important to read to children. It gives them a better vocabulary, teaching them that reading is fun, and stimulates their brains and creativity. So when there is an opportunity to have someone read to your children, my recommendation is to take it. After all, the books will be new and fun and most authors who come in to read will make a real event of it.

And this holiday season, there will be two more opportunities for you and your children to enjoy a special holiday reading series. (I say two more because I heard about it through a friend and her children who went to the first reading. They told me to mention it here, and so I am!)

Wednesday (December 18th) and Tuesday (December 24th) there will be reading times outside the Coldwell Banker Makai Properties office. (That’s in Poipu at The Shops at Kukuiula.) Both days, the readings will begin at 3:30pm and go for a little over an hour. And both days are absolutely FREE!

On December 18th, Mark Huff will be reading. He is the author of the books “King of the Beach” and “The Sheltering Place.” And on December 24th, Monika Mira will be reading. She is the author of “The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book.” Both authors will be around for book signings if you want to purchase some of their work, and each author will be reading their stories as well as their favorite holiday stories to the kids.

And, to make it even better, there will be ornament decorating after the December 24th reading! So if you want to go out on Christmas Eve for a holiday reading, this would be the one to attend! ☺

I’ve always loved book readings. After all, I’ve always loved books. And if you haven’t been to a holiday book reading in the past, I encourage you to come for a while. You will truly enjoy it.

December 12, 2013 by, Emily

I will admit it. Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day. Of course, I don’t always eat it at breakfast time, but I love it none-the-less. While coffee can keep me going for a few hours, a good breakfast can keep me going for half a day! And maybe that’s why I love breakfast events. Not only do I get to attend a fun event, but I get to eat a delicious breakfast.

This Saturday morning (December 14), there will be a couple of great opportunities for you to attend a fun event and eat a delicious breakfast. Want to know more? GOOD! Let me tell you about some upcoming awesomeness.

Koloa Elementary – This wonderful school is having a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning from 7:30-noon. Each breakfast plate costs $7, and the proceeds go directly to the school. (So it’s for the kids and a great cause.) PLUS, there will be a craft fair and silent auction as well. So after you eat a big plate of pancakes, you can browse around. Check out the holiday crafts, bid on some silent auction items, and maybe even win a gift certificate or two. Yea for presents and breakfast!

Storybook Theater – Of course, if you want a bit more of a balanced breakfast, you can come to Storybook Theater in Hanapepe between 9am and 11am for a breakfast with Santa. Now, on Kauai, we have “Aloha Santa.” And for this breakfast, “Aloha Santa” will be attending (played by Phil Worwa) and giving a Talk Story while we consume a nutritious and delicious breakfast made by Master Chef Auntie Helen Lacono. (A bit better than pancakes, right? But the cost is higher as well. $25/couple) There will also be Christmas singing, coloring, story telling, etc.

Now, Koloa Elementary’s pancake breakfast is open to all, so you can just show up with your family and $7/person. However, Storybook Theater requires you to make a reservation for your spot. So please call Phil Worwa (619-417-0050) or go to their website to reserve your spot before Saturday morning.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday morning breakfast!

For the 4th year in a row, Hanapepe will be hosting a Christmas Festival to ring in the holiday season. This festival will take place in Old Town Hanapepe at Hawaiian Congregational Church from 5-8pm THIS FRIDAY and will be FREE for everyone, both attendees and visitors alike. So if you want a fun family activity this Friday evening, I recommend visiting Old Town.

Family Fun – As with all Kauai festivals, this festival will involve music and fun. There will be Christmas carols and singing, as well as Christmas crafts for adults and kids alike. The children will have fun with face painting and balloon animals, and everyone will go home happy after tasting some of the delicious food.

Santa – Hey, it’s Christmas! And Santa would never miss a Christmas event here on Kauai. He’s quite fond of tropical climates, you know. Plus, this will be another opportunity for him to gather kids’ holiday wish lists.

Tree Lighting – And if you want to see a place decked out in holiday lights with a large tree lighting up the night, this is your event. There will be a tree lighting ceremony at sunset.

Doesn’t’ this sound like fun? The answer: oh yeah! This should be a good evening for fun and Aloha. Plus, this event will be held in conjunction with the weekly Friday Night Festival and Art Walk that takes place every Friday. So there will be additional things to do as well.

So come and join us for a night of Santa, celebration, and sensational holiday cheer. December 13th from 5-8pm at the Hawaiian Congregational Church in Old Town Hanapepe. ☺

One of my favorite places on Kauai is the Kilauea Lighthouse. I used to go there every week and sit with a pen and paper. I would write for hours. I learned to play my guitar there. I have just always loved it. It is a part of me as a person.

Of course, the lighthouse isn’t the only reason to visit Kilauea. And TODAY there is a great reason to visit: the Kilauea Christmas Tree Lighting Feast!!

I’m sorry I didn’t write about this sooner in the week so you had some warning. But if you’re seeing this and you don’t have plans tonight, I encourage you to go. It should be fun. Tonight (December 7th) from 4-8pm this Feast will take place at Kilauea Dispensary Park. And it will be FREE!

What does this event entail? Well, I’m not quite sure myself. I only just found out there were doing it this morning. BUT I know that there will be a big Christmas Tree that will be lit up with amazing lights. I know that Santa will be there to meet the kids and check out our Christmas spirit. I know that there will be a massive GIVEAWAY! (6 kids bikes will be given away during the course of the evening!) And I know that there will be plenty to do. There always is with any Kauai event.

Because of the kid-oriented nature of the tree lighting, there will be activities for kids to do. But if you don’t have kids (or like kids), this is probably not the event for you. Though, there will be live music, hula, FREE FOOD, and more. So if you can be there, it will be totally worth it no matter your age!

Have I mentioned everything at this event is FREE??? Anyway, my husband and I are planning to be there, and I hope you can join us. And again, I’m sorry this is last minute. Merry Christmas!