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For visitors coming to Kauai, I think the options may seem a bit overwhelming when it comes to the topic of: where to stay. Just like any traveler going any place new, you want to pick a good spot to go that is close to the activities and things that you want to do. You also want to hit the sweet spot where price meets quality. Sure a splurge every now and then is fabulous (trust me) but for the most part, people are on a budget. I totally get and respect that. I myself live on a budget so I know what you mean when you say that price matters, and has an impact on your decision when it comes to choosing visitor housing.

A vacation rental on Kauai’s North Shore is what I recommend. I’ll save my in-depth reasons for another post, but straight to the point: vacation rentals allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Those are my words in a quick summary!

Puu Poa 102 is a condo vacation rental that has been recently updated. It is ideal for a family as it hosts 2 bedrooms (one as the master with a bathroom and a king sized bed, and the other bedroom hosting 2 twin beds). If you need just a bit more sleeping room, the couch is convertible queen sofa sleeper. There is an additional bathroom for the non-master bedroom guests.

Alright, now that everyone is situated for sleeping, let me tell you about the views! Puu Poa 102 is located on the bluff of Princeville. You have ocean views to gaze at. Look up the exact address if you’d like: 5454 Ka Haku Road, Princeville, HI 96722. I would do it myself, and then I can compare this vacation rental home location to some of the other activities I will be parting in on the island.

There are many accommodations this condo has… the complex offers a swimming pool and tennis court. The condo in particular is equipped with outdoor equipment for the renters use: boogie boards, tennis racquets, snorkels, chairs, coolers, and more. Puu Poa 102 also has the standard: Wi-Fi, flat screen TV with DVD player and movie library.

A trip to Hawaii may be in your near future. It may not. It may be further out. Looking, gathering facts, thinking about it all adds up and helps you to make a more informed decision. Check out all that Kauai has to offer, and feel free to ask me any questions about the Garden Island in the comments section.

Kauai is ready for the new year. I think I can go ahead and say that on behalf of Kauai. Kauai is ready for you, too! You may have been thinking about it for quite some time, or perhaps you are more of the spontaneous type and you make plans on a whim. I myself and more of the planner. But from time to time I enjoy spontaneity!

Kauai’s Puu Poa 312 is glamorous. It has what you have been dreaming of. Follow the link I put in and check out these pictures. It is the perfect size for a family of 4, or for a double-date couple’s getaway time. The bedrooms break-down into two rooms: 1 with a King, 1 with a Queen. There are two full baths as well, so that easily accommodates the renters. On that note, I should add that there are two private lanais. A lanai is a porch, balcony, or veranda. This one has not one but two! How romantic is that? I can only imagine… Each couple can easily have their own privacy while spending time with their spouse, and then for other outings the time can be spent as “girl time” to the beach or “guy time” to the golf course for example. Imagine the possibilities here! If it were couples at this vacation rental, I might add that that is one excellent way to cut the budget significantly. One roof, two families. It is literally like cutting the vacation rental condo rent in half! And you know the other roommates who are there. Is it just me, or can you too see the visual landscape I am painting of this condo?

This unit is a condo on the bluff of Princeville overlooking Bali Hai and the Kilauea Lighthouse. This condo offers all of the expected: HD TV, CD, DVD, high speed internet, etc. As well as it offers the amenities such as a shared pool and tennis courts.

I love a room with a view. I love a vacation rental with a view! If you are thinking about coming to stay on Kauai, consider my recommendation as follows: Puu Poa 410 on Kauai’s north shore. On the edge where Princeville meets the ocean, is Puu Poa there with the view and also the Bali Hai views as well.

For a vacation rental that comfortably sleeps up to six people, the price is right. It starts as low as $1950 per week. With two bedrooms–one with a King sized bed, and one with twin sized beds–your family or group is sure to embrace the sleeping arrangements. There is also a sofa sleeper, so that adds two more people to your party. I like the diversity this vacation rental has to offer. It would suit a family of four to six people, as well as an extended family group.

Ok, bedrooms are covered… there are also two full bathrooms, which works out perfectly. The kitchen is fully equipped and ready to go. All it needs are some guests! There is Wi-Fi, a TV and a DVD player. This can come in handy if your group has young children and they absolutely must have their favorite recorded shows and movies. It makes for some easy going down-time while at your vacation rental. While the show is playing, or they are napping, the adults can be on the patio. The view alone is attractive and will draw you outside toward it.

There are other Pua Poa rooms, but they share a common area of tennis courts and a swimming pool. Here is a view of the pool… oh and yes, that is the ocean right there, too. :)

Pua Poa 410 Pool

I know it is only January, but with the whole year ahead of us it seems only fitting to make plans for the months ahead. Now is a fantastic time to plan your spring break vacation. Easter falls late in April this year. If you have children in school check the academic calendar to see where their break falls. Once that has been established, plan your vacation to beautiful Kauai, Hawaii. For a family of three to a family of five I suggest Princeville’s Puu Poa 207. This is a vacation rental condominium that comes with all of the bells and whistles. Puu Poa 207 is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath rental that comes at $1,770 per week.

The master bedroom hosts a king sized bed and the secondary bedroom hosts a queen… Comfortably! It is not like some places that have a small room with a huge bed stuffed in it–no. This is a vacation rental that accounts for extra space for luggage and walking room around furniture.

The kitchen has been recently updated and it sparkles with new, high end appliances and granite countertops. When you are staying at a vacation rental, life is easier because you have your own kitchen. If you are looking to save some money, eating-in a few meals or so can really keep you on budget. Especially if you have children with you and they are always wanting to snack then this is an ideal situation: kitchen in your condo. Furthermore, there is a barbeque on the lanai so you can grill at your convenience. ;)

Of course there is also a TV, DVD player, and free high speed internet access. Again, when traveling with children it is nice to be able to bring along their favorite movies so that they can have some time to wind-down from their day. After all, on Kauai with all of its outdoor activity available, a rest or movie back at your vacation rental can make for some good down-time.

This condo comes with a pool and a tennis court onsite. Both come with all the fixings such as pool noodles, beach toys, etc. There is a welcoming sunroom for any of your leisurely activities like reading, napping, meditating, etc.

The ocean front view is what sold me on this place! If you are going to stay on Hawaii then you should really get a place with a view. You can go all out without breaking the bank. The views, the sounds of the ocean, it is all a part of the vacation experience that is just wonderful to be immersed in. Talk about stress-reducing and relaxing!

Outside of the property, it is an easy walk to the beach. For other sites to see, it is a 10 minute drive into Hanalei. Shopping is close by as are restaurants. It is all here and for such a reasonable price. Look at your family calendar and see when is the best time for you to come and stay at Puu Poa 207 this spring or summer. Check availability here where you will also find pictures and more information.

Need a nice place to stay for your visit to Kauai? Want a place where your kids will have things to do but you can also feel like you’re in a resort? Want a bit of privacy? Well, I want you to check out Puu Poa 102 in Princeville and then decide for yourself whether it’s the perfect place for your family.

As far as vacation rentals go, this one is considered one of the best. Why? Well, let’s go over a few basic reasons.

Location: This vacation condo is right on a bluff, offering you amazing views and a short walk to a great surfing beach. In fact, Hideaway Beach is a great place for snorkeling as well, and you won’t have far to carry your equipment if you’re living up on the bluff. Plus, this condo is situated in Princeville, the home of great beaches, excellent restaurants, world-class golf courses, private spas, large shopping centers, and even a nice children’s park. You will never run out of things to do if you stay in this rental, and you’ll have a lovely view of the ocean from your private patios.

Rooms: A short time ago, this condo was remodeled to give the already nice rooms a touch of amazing. Each and every room in this condo is expertly decorated to provide a sense of taste and refinement, as well as a comfortable atmosphere. The master bedroom (with king-sized bed and private bath) in the epitome of taste and style, while the second bedroom is designed more with children in mind, having two twin beds and a fun decorative theme. The shared rooms of the house have been furnished with furniture that provides function and comfort, as well as some additional ambiance. And with a tropical paradise and ocean views out every window, this place is fit for a King.

Amenities: Of course, no rooms (no matter the design and style) can provide the ultimate comfort unless properly equipped. This place, however, has it all. Ceiling fans are located in each room of the house, to provide comfort from the tropical humidity. The house comes with a flat screen TV and DVD player, as well as a stockpile of movies for your viewing pleasure. So in case you want to stay in one night, you’re covered. There are 2 private lanais so you can sit and watch the stars, and the kitchen is filled with everything you will need to cook an amazing gourmet meal, minus the food itself. There is high speed internet, a BBQ, a shared tennis court and swimming pool, and a walking trail to a local beach. In short, everything you’ll want for your Kauai vacation is located at this condo or within a short distance of it.

Privacy: And, at the end of the day, you won’t have to deal with a large crowd of people. One of the worse parts of staying in a hotel is being constantly surrounded by people. The lobby is filled with people, the restaurants are filled with people, the elevators are shared with other people, and your small room shares at least two walls with other people. There are people everywhere and not much privacy. But with a vacation condo, you have an entire house all to yourself. The only people here are the ones you bring with you.

Price: And, at only $1350 per week, this place is cheaper than a nice hotel.

So can you see now why I wanted you to take a look at this place? Puu Poe 102 is a wonderful vacation getaway for any traveling family. I hope one day you will get to enjoy staying here as much as I did.

Would you like to visit Kauai and stay in a place where you have privacy and an amazing ocean view? Well, I recently visited Puu Poa 208, a vacation rental in Princeville, and I think it would be just perfect for you.

This specific vacation rental has two bedrooms (plus a queen-sized sofa bed in the living room), two bathrooms, and two lanais, so you could vacation with just your family or you could bring some friends along. The house itself is beautiful and comfortably furnished with granite counter tops, warm tones, and tasteful pieces that provide function as well as fashion. The kitchen is fully equipped with stainless steel appliances and warm wooden cabinets, not to mention the amount of counter-top space you can use to cook with. But wait – there’s more!

The amenities of this Puu Poe unit are top notch. From free high speed DSL to TV/DVD access in the living room, the tech side of your stay will be covered. But what if you want to go have some fun? Well, there are beach towels, snorkeling equipment, and beach chairs included with the house for your use. There are also tennis courts on-site and a pool if you want to avoid the salt water. And if you want a bit of the beach without all of the tourists, there is a private hide-a-way beach pathway for you to follow.

This is a luxury vacation rental only a short distance from the beach, a perfect spot for visitors and tourists. And considering the fact that a hotel room on the island can cost you upwards of $450 a night for one room, spending $1,050 for an entire week at this vacation rental is well worth it, especially when you consider it can sleep 6+ people!

Okay, if you and your family are going to be staying with us over the Christmas holidays and you want to see everything Kauai has to offer from Christmas events to water sports, then you need to find a great vacation rental. That’s where I come in. And I can tell you that, hands down, the best rental for a family of four is Puu Poa 102 off Ka Haku Road in Princeville.

This beautiful two-bedroom home has a king-sized bed for you and two twins for your kids. It was recently updated, so everything is new and perfect for tourists. Let’s take a pretend walk through the house, shall we?

First of all, the living room is perfectly decorated for comfort and spaciousness. With a large flat screen television and a substantial DVD library already stocked, you might have a hard time leaving the house. The kitchen is also well designed, with a center island for additional counter space and all of the appliances and equipment you’ll need to cook in instead of eating out. This is perfect for a family on a budget who cannot eat out for every meal.

With two bathrooms, you will not have to fight over the shower, and with two lanais you will have more than enough room to relax with your morning cup of coffee or tea. In addition to these practical details, this vacation rental also includes a shared pool, a shared tennis court, high-speed internet, and a panoramic view of the ocean. That’s right! This home away from home is on the bluffs overlooking the beautiful waters of Kauai. So you will never be far from a spectacular ocean view.

All in all, this really is the perfect place for a family of four to stay. The price is reasonable, at only $1,200 per week the last time I checked, which is much better than a stay at a hotel with their limited amenities. Plus, you will get to eat meals together and watch movies together in your own place. Sometimes togetherness is worth its weight in gold.