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There is always something good going on in Princeville. That is part of why I recommend vacationing and staying on this shoreline town. For a family of four, Puamana in Princeville is just the right vacation rental to come and stay at. This two-story condo sleeps four people comfortably and does not miss a beat when it comes to meeting your family’s needs.

Puamana 2D is the condominium vacation rental located at 3880 Wyllie Road, Princeville, HI. It is an end unit, and you could very well call it a townhouse. At this beautiful location you will get to experience both a mountain and a tropical garden view. Oh, and the golf course is nearby too. The Anini beach path is a five minute walk away, too. Didn’t I say that this place does not miss a thing?!

It is a two bedroom, two bath condo. A king bed is in the master and a queen is in the other bedroom downstairs. Every room is furnished with linens and all of the little details that count. There are plenty of bathroom linens as well. The clothes washer and dryer there are also nice to have, for you can do your laundry on an as-need basis, and not worry about running out of clothes or returning to your home with luggage full of clothes that need to be laundered.

The kitchen is ready to go! You do need to stock it with food, but everything else you need is right there at your fingertips. This makes it easy to have your meals first thing in the morning, or late at night while the kids are in bed for example. I think having a kitchen in-home is great for families with young children who can be routy at meals sometimes, or for the person who has specialty dietary needs. Having access around the clock to a full sized kitchen is the best when you are on vacation. Not too many places can brag about that!

There is so much more that this rental has to offer: a gas barbeque, a pool onsite, a private patio, television, phone, the whole nine-yards. Rates for Puamana 2D start as low as $840 per week. That is as low as $120 per day! That is a very competitive price that will be tough to beat considering all of the accommodations this place has to offer. Feel free to call Oceanfront Realty at 808-826-6478 and ask about seasonal prices, discounts, and availability. Nightly rates are also an option–it is not limited to only weekly rates. Puamana really is a great condo to stay at while you and your family come to visit Princeville and the surrounding areas on the beautiful Kauai.

I have found the cutest vacation condo for you and your family of four (or small group of friends). It’s Puamana 2D in the beautiful and tropical town of Princeville, and it’s perfect for a small group of up to 6 people.

When I walked into this home, I was rather smitten. The colors are bright and cheery, the rooms are the perfect size, the furniture was nice and comfortable, and it was right on the North Shore. Perfect. And it only got better when I walked around.

The living room is comfortable, furnished with cozy couches and chairs. And the open floor plan allows for easy access to the fully equipped kitchen and dining room. Also downstairs, you will find a guest bedroom with a nice queen-sized bed and bathroom, along with a garden lanai (patio) for enjoying the sun or BBQing some tasty treats. (Yes, there is a BBQ on the patio. You don’t have to bring your own. ☺)

And upstairs is even better. The entire upstairs is a private suite, complete with sitting room, master bedroom, and bathroom. This is also a balcony lanai and your own private phone and TV. So, while everyone else spreads out downstairs, you can relax in comfort, enjoying your own private world upstairs.

Wondering where those other two people are going to sleep? Well, the couch downstairs folds out into a nice sofa bed. (I haven’t tested it myself, so I can’t attest to how comfortable it is. But the owners swear it’s okay, and they are typically trustworthy.) In other words, this vacation condo is perfect for a family or 4-6 or two couples in need of a get-away. It’s also great for a bunch of friends vacationing together, though I’ll leave it up to you to fight over the bed situation. ☺

When you come to Kauai, I know that you will want to save some money. After all, vacations are expensive and you’ll want to save up for more important things like surfing lessons or nice dinners out with your loved ones. So here is an option for you if you want to stay in Princeville and experience all that the North Shore has to offer: Puamana 1C.

Puamana 1C is a vacation rental in Princeville off of Wyllie Road. With two bedrooms, two baths, and enough space to sleep 6 people, this is a great home for a larger family or a group of friends. Plus, unlike hotel rooms which run $200-$600 a night per room, this vacation home is only $1050 for the whole week!

Now, you might be thinking that $1050 for the week isn’t THAT much less. But let’s factor in a few details. For instance, most hotel rooms are set up for two people. And, if you have kids, some rooms will fit up to four people. But after that, you’ll need a second room. So, for a family of 6 staying on Kauai in a hotel for a week, you’ll be paying $2800-$7200.

Do I have your attention now?

Well, then I should also mention that most hotel rooms are the size of small bedrooms. But with a vacation rental home, you’ll get two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, a living room, and a patio. Talk about having a bit more space.

Of course, I should let you know that saving money isn’t the only reason why you should choose Puamana 1C for your vacation. In addition to the spacious interior and the inexpensive pricing, this home is also packed full of amenities like DSL internet, a TV, a DVD player, a stereo, a fully equipped kitchen, a pool, a washer/dryer unit, and a large BBQ on the back patio (called a lanai on Kauai).

So if you want a comfortable and inexpensive place to stay on your vacation, think about choosing Puamana 1C. It really is worth the stay.