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Princeville on Kauai’s North Shore is a luxurious place to stay on vacation. They have vacation rentals of all different types, so whatever meets your fancy. Pali Ke Kua 225 is one of the ones I like to brag about. It is oh so nice AND the right price! ;)

Pali Ke Kua is a vacation rental unit hosting two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private lanai (porch), and gorgeous ocean views. The bedroom situation has a king sixed bed, and then two doubles. If need be, there are beds enough to sleep 6 people comfortably. The bathrooms are modern and accommodating. Check out the picture slide show at the link above. The vacation rental complex, Pali Ke Kua, has a community pool, jetted hot tub, barbeque grill and a picnic area. The views… did I mention the view from this unit is divine?! Ocean. Front. Yes. Please! Did I mention there is a secluded beach, with this community having beach access? Yes, to Hideaways beach is the one. It is a great beach for snorkeling, swimming, or sunbathing. Sunbathing may have been an automatic thought of what a beach is good for, but I thought I’d say it again anyways.

More than just a place to sleep, access a secluded beach, grill-out, and swim in a swimming pool, Pali Ke Kua also brags of a full kitchen (ready for action) and a washer and dryer in unit. It is like your vacation home– it is a vacation home. It is perfect for families, extended families, or even couples on double date vacations to go out and getaway.

Princeville is a popular place to stay and play when visiting Kauai. It is one of the larger cities on the North Shore. Good news is that is borders the ocean, too. When you come to Kauai, you want to be by the ocean, right? Short answer: yes! Pali Ke Kua 124 is a luxurious vacation rental condo with big ocean views. If for some reason you don’t believe me, have a look for yourself:

Pali Ke Kua 124

Pali Ke Kua is at 5300 Ka Haku Road, Princeville, HI 96722. It is close to the water, but in the other direction it is close to town to pickup groceries for the condo, or if you want to do some shopping. Restaurants of all kinds from truck vendors to fine dining is in Princeville. We are all on Hawaiian time, relaxing and having a good time!

This condo is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath vacation rental that goes for $1350 per week. This is easily affordable, and should you opt for this one as a couple’s double date getaway vacation, split the price in half and you will be shocked at how much money you are saving. Even then at that rate for a family of 4 or 6, this is a winning deal. Everyone can have their own space in the evening, night, and then to get ready in the morning? It will be worth it! There are 2 bedrooms with a queen sized bed in each, and then there is a sofa sleeper.

Also indoors, there are the classics: Wi-Fi, Tv with DVD player, fully kitchen and full bathrooms. Out towards the back, facing the water, is a lanai, or a back patio. This is inviting for so many reasons. You will dream up every reason just to go out back to be closer to the water, to hear the waves, to smell that fresh air…

As you can tell from the picture, the condo is fully furnished with modern fixtures, appliances, and linens. Quite frankly, it is an attractive unit, if I may say so myself. It is a condo, and what comes with the property features are also a pool and Jacuzzi, a paved path to the beach and picnic and barbeque areas.

When you think “Hawaii vacation” you most likely think “beach” right off the bat. The beaches on Kauai are really what draw people from near and far. The beach is where you go to relax, getaway, have fun with your family and friends, and really have some time to just hang out by the water. I know just the beach for you: Pali Ke Kua Beach. This is one beach that you are sure to have a good time at!

What better way to bring a day to a close than at the water’s edge watching a sunset? I really should not say “watching a sunset,” it is more of an experience that you are a part of. The water, the waves, the sound of the ocean is magnificent! Add a sunset on the beach and you will find yourself in such a place of serenity. The constant waves of the ocean make for such a soothing sound. Just to be silent at the water’s edge for a moment can bring peace to your life and your thoughts. If this is not therapeutic I do not know what is! Talk about a way to release stress and reflect on recent and upcoming events in your life.

Not all beaches are created equal. Kauai’s Hideaway Beach also known as Pali Ke Kua Beach is one a bit more on the adventurous side. What makes it a hideaway? Well, the path to get to the beach does I suppose. It is a bit of a hike that most anyone is capable of doing. This past Christmas Eve I was headed to this beach when I immediately noticed at the beginning of the trail that a wedding ceremony was going to be held at this beach. Yes–the bride was on the path and if she can make it up and down that path barefoot and in a full length dress then I am sure most others can make the hike as well. That was a fun night. :)

Anyway, this beach is known to some but I am sharing this Hideaway Beach with all of you my readers so that you too can enjoy and experience this wonderful site. Sunsets are my favorite but really it is enjoyable any time of day. The sand is pure and desirable too. It is relatively private like I mentioned so this makes it great for sun bathers. ;)

Another point of interest that makes this beach one of a kind is the location. There are shade trees all around (do not worry though you sun bathers have plenty of sun) and there are many large black rocks that add interest. It is such a pretty beach. If you have not yet been to this beach I highly recommend it. If you are living or vacationing near the Princeville or Pali Ke Kua area: perfect! If I were you I would add this beach to my “to experience list.”

I have a something to share with all of you. One of Kauai’s best kept secrets perfect for a couple’s get away is Pali Ke Kua 113. Let me tell you all about it. You do not have to keep it as a secret though–you have my permission to share the news with friends and family. Tell them about it after you book your trip so they do not book this comfortable home for the time slot you wanted. ;)

Pali Ke Kua 113 is a one bedroom, one bath condominium that goes for $1,050 per week. It is the perfect private and comfortable getaway that couples are looking for! I suggest this condo for anyone who is honeymooning, babymooning, yearning for a couples escape, or looking to vacation at a more private spot near the water.

Here is what you will see at Pali Ke Kua 113: a king sized bed in a luxury master suite with an attached bathroom to match. The kitchen area is fully equipped–ready for use–with a nice large island of counter space. It is nice to have a full sized kitchen in your Kauai vacation rental for it keeps you from having to eat out each and every meal–which can add up. It is nice to eat out, but every now and then it sure is nice to have a meal at home for convenience, cost savings, or for food choice/selection. More and more folks these days are realizing they have special dietary needs so having the option to cook in your vacation rental on Kauai, like Pali Ke Kua 113, allows you to do so in comfort.

Wi-Fi is popping up more and more places these days to meet the wants and needs people have. Wi-Fi is fully available, up and running here at Pali Ke Kua 113. As is the TV and DVD player. The condominium has an open floorplan with lots of windows. It has clean lines and is sure to please!

The inside if fabulous–the outside is magnificent. This vacation rental has the ocean views you have been longing for. This couple’s escape condo also has a private paved path to the beach! How great and convenient is that? If you have any kind of wheelchair needs, the paved path works out great. If you and your sweetie prefer to go to a pool or jacuzzi, those are available onsite as well.

Located in Princeville, you are close to many natural and tourist attractions. The perfect setting, the perfect location, and at a perfect price with ample privacy! This is something you cannot simply pass up!

This rental has so much to offer and for the price of approximately $150 per night it is worth every penny! You get to see Kauai and spend time with the person you came with. Pali Ke Kua 113 is the perfect getaway for a couple, best friends vacation, or even a small family if the kid or kids do not mind sleeping on the couches.

What has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and enough room to sleep a family of 6 or more? Well, maybe your next vacation rental home if you choose Pali Ke Kua 228 when you come to Kauai. This condo has just about everything you will need for your stay, including a good price.

First off, for those overworked and underpaid parents out there, this is a great place to stay. Why? Well, upstairs is a master bedroom with its own full bathroom. This means that you can relax and enjoy each other in your own private space each evening and morning, without fighting with kids over bathrooms or dividing up your family into different hotel rooms.

Secondly, there is enough space to sleep quite a few people. For large families, the extra bedroom with 2 full-sized beds is great. However, there are also 2 futons in the loft that are perfect for a few extra people. So if you and your best friends want to bring your families to Kauai on vacation, there is enough room for both couples to sleep and a loft area for the kids.

And then there are the amenities. The view is fantastic. From this condo, you will have a view of the lush tropical vegetation and the blue ocean waters. You will also look out on a perfectly manicured golf course, so you can’t get much better than that. And then there is a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, a loft, and a new flat screen TV for movie nights at home.

So if these things sound good to you, why not check out Pali Ke Kua 228 for your next vacation. It will be cheaper than a hotel and will offer you a lot more space.

Want to stay somewhere that looks and feels like home? Well, you could always stay home. OR you could come to Kauai and stay in one of our nice vacation rentals. One of the best rentals, Pali Ke Kua 236, has an interior that screams comfy. It’s perfect for a vacation getaway.

Amenities for this specific vacation rental include free high speed internet, a TV with DVD player, a washer/dryer unit, and a fully equipped kitchen. The home looks out onto the ocean and there are great views of the local golf course as well. Plus, if you want some privacy, having your own private residence on the island is a great idea.

There are windows everywhere, so you will always have a great view. And this place is perfect for inviting another couple along to share in the adventure. There are two master bedrooms with two full private bathrooms, so each couple gets their own private suite. The rest of the house is laid out to provide space, comfort, and convenience.

If you and your spouse want to get away from it all and bring some friends with you, this is the perfect location to visit. Plus, at only $150 per night, you can’t afford not to stay in this beautiful home.