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Wondering where a good place to stay is while you are visiting Kauai? A home away from home is the right answer. Going to a vacation rental home with all of the amenities is the way to go. It is luxurious to have your own space, privacy, and to be honest–to have your own kitchen and laundry room! A vacation rental home like the Princeville Garden House is an ideal option for a family or a group of 6.

Princeville Garden House

Located at 4862 Victoria Loop, Princeville, HI 96722, this home is on a quiet loop in Princeville that has garden and mountain views with a golf course nearby. It is a three bedroom, three bath home that has many comforts like home. Bedrooms have ceiling fans, oh and there are two master bedrooms! Recall how I said this was perfect for a dual family getaway? The third bedroom hosts a queen sofa bed with an upgraded mattress.

The living room has a home theater system, the kitchen is a full sized kitchen with top appliances and elbow room for cookin’. Wireless internet is throughout the house, and there is a flat screen TV as well. Out back there is a private backyard with a slate flooring, outdoor furniture, a gas grill, a hammock, and more. Oh, yes, there is a lime, orange, and avocado tree as well. If you are staying, help yourself to the ripe fruit! What attention-to-detail-perks ;) love it!

For a week’s stay, prices start at $1350. If you break that down, for a week’s stay that’s less than $200 per night. That is easy on the budget; then if you were to split the unit for a couple’s getaway, imagine that price squarely cut in half. This is very doable, is my point. If saving money is something you seek out, think about cooking in the kitchen. Really, consider how many meals can now be cooked at your vacation rental on your own time schedule, with groceries you have purchased from the store. I’ll say it again: this is even more so easy on the budget.

There is more than one, more than a hundred, more than a thousand reasons to come and stay on the beautiful island of Kauai. When you get here though, you may want a place to stay. Got that covered. For you and your family, or for you and the rest of your party, the Marvin Pool Home is ideal.

This single-family vacation rental home is on Kauai’s north shore, in Princeville. It is up on the ocean bluffs and is located in a family neighborhood setting. It is a three bedroom, two bath home. There is a king sized bed on one room, a queen sized bed in another, and in the third room there are two twin sized beds. Doing the math, it sleeps 6 in beds. If you need a bit more space, the couch is always up for grabs and there is room to have a pack-n-play or portable crib bed for young children. See my post about Ready Rentals for more information.

For the size, the space, the features of this luxurious home, the price starts at 2,300 per week. This includes a hot tub, TV and DVD, wireless internet, a gas barbeque, and a salt water pool. Did I say luxury already? That is what this place is. And it is private. The vacation rental home stands alone and the property out in the back with the salt water pool, back patio, barbeque and everything else is inclusive.

This location, and the house itself is ideal. It is perfect for a family or group getaway. The neighborhood it is in, is residential. The neighborhood is great for family walks, and it is close to shopping and dining in Princeville. There are also children’s parks nearby, the two golf courses, and spa services! It is close to the beach, too. You have options: saltwater pool or the ocean. Life is just full of tough choices, isn’t it? ;)

Looking to stay on Kauai’s north shore soon? The gorgeous Hale Waileia is available as a vacation home. Check your calendars and see what dates this home is still available for. At just $1,350 per week, this vacation rental home is worth it all. Click on the link I added above to see pictures of the home–both inside and out!

This home is modern, with clean lines. It has an open floor plan so it is great for entertaining a large family or a group of friends for a Kauai vacation. It sleeps six with two queen sized beds and two twin sized beds for a total of three bedrooms. There are also two full sized baths. If you need space to add that extra person, there is a single folding bed to sleep just one more person. If you are needing to sleep an infant or small child, Hale Waileia comes stocked with a pack ‘n play as well. Look how many people this house can sleep now?!

The accommodations are all there: TV with DVD player, high speed internet and it is fully stocked with quality, updated furnishings. Check out the pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms–you will be impressed I am sure. What I like about a vacation rental home, is that while you are there, you have the luxury of coming back and relaxing to a place where everything you need is at your fingertips. There’s the kitchen you stock with foods and drinks, and you can have some late night fun while the kids are safe and soundly asleep in the room down the hall. Having a home while on vacation makes it all the more relaxing.

Oh! Let me also tell you about the location of Hale Waileia. The home is at 4240 Waileia Place, Princeville, HI 96722. It is in a residential community just a couple minutes’ drive (or a few minutes’ walk) from being in town. This way you are close to activities in town, restaurants, shopping; and then in the other direction you are just a short drive from the beach. The view in the backyard is luscious and oh so green! The greenery and the garden life is simply divine. Hale Waileia is a great vacation rental home in Princeville–great for a family or large group who wants some space to relax and spread out. It makes for a great home-base while staying active with all of the sights to see and things to do on “The Garden Island.”

As you may know, I am always looking for things to do on Kauai, and I love to blog and share my findings! To keep up with all that is happening on Kauai’s north shore, staying on the north end of the island is best. I came across the Princeville Nalu House! This house is great… I am confident you will enjoy your stay while here. From $1,200 per week, you do not want to pass up this rental opportunity.


The Nalu House is in Princeville, a major city on Kauai, filled with shopping centers, restaurants, golf courses and it is ridiculously close to the beach. The house is a single-story home on a residential street. It is at: 5112 Kapiolani Loop, Princeville, HI. Thought some folks may want to look it up for themselves. It is on a quiet, residential loop. How perfect is that for a family vacation?

The House

Okay, the house itself is a single story dwelling. This is ideal for families with small children and also those with elderly family members. By having no stairs, this makes for a safer and more family-friendly environment where everyone can move about the home with ease. The house has a garage to house your rental car (should you opt to get one).


Princeville Nalu House gets to boast of two bathrooms and two full bathrooms. The master bedroom has a California King bed (that’s the largest kind bed I know of) and it has a spacious on-suite bathroom. The other bedroom holds a queen bed. Now there is an additional room off of the garage that has a full sized bed. So really, this home sleeps six people when all of the beds are full.

The floor plan in welcoming and has a logical flow to it. I like it when floor plans and the general set up are logical! It also has high ceilings which are great for ambiance and the breeze to have room to flow on into your living space. From inside the home, you get to look out onto lush garden views. Nearby homes are not too close either. They are a comfortable and appropriate distance away. There is a relaxing sense of privacy at this vacation rental home.

This home is fully functioning as you would expect any other home to be. It has a full sized washer and dryer. That will be nice to not have to go home and have suitcases full of dirty clothes. Oh! The kitchen is gorgeous and fully stocked for use. There is Wi-Fi! See, told you it was an up and running rental home with all of the details you may take for granted.


If you step out the back sliding door onto the lanai (deck), you will get to experience the outdoors in full! There is outdoor furniture and a grill for use. It is so tempting just to lay out there and sunbathe. Do it! ;) Something else I really liked about this place, is that there are fruit trees on the property. Yes–you can help yourself to them! I love touches like that to a rental home. You just cannot beat the whole house–the whole property–effect!

There is a double person hammock out on the grass. I opted to take the hammock all to myself and cozy with a light blanket and my current book in the evening. It was just the right combination of everything: the breeze, the smells, the sounds, the sway of the hammock… it was all I wanted. I got to take this rental for a test-drive and it sooooo passed.

Hardwood floors. Hot tub. High Definition Plasma TV. Vaulted ceilings. Free Wireless DSL.

Do I have your attention? Then you are going to love staying at Aloha Lani.

Aloha Lani is a beautiful new vacation rental home in Princeville overlooking the golf course. So if you want to come to Kauai and stay somewhere truly luxurious, then this is the spot to choose. For only $1,900 a week, this vacation home and all that it has can be yours. Now, let’s talk amenities.

In addition to the amazing items listed above, you will find many more amazing things in this fabulous vacation rental. First of all, the kitchen is fully equipped with everything you’ll need if you want to cook a few meals. The living room is large and includes not only a plasma tv but also a DVD player for movie nights. And there is a large gaming table for 8 where you can enjoy a few hands of cards or play board games with your kids. And if you are worried about those humid tropical days, then never fear – this house has central air conditioning.

There are two sleeping wings in the house and each wing has two bedrooms. The bedrooms are large, almost like suits, and each bedroom has its own bathroom. So, you could bring your whole family or make this a couple’s retreat for up to 4 couples!

Outside, there is a private lanai (or patio) with views of the mountains and the golf course. Plus, a large hot tub where you can spend the evenings watching the stars and enjoying the tropical air. And if you want to walk into Princeville, that won’t be a problem. This home is a short walk from the Princeville Shopping Center and a short drive from a handful of beaches and hiking trails. And if you play golf, you’ll love this location, as you are a short distance away from the Princeville Makai golf course!

I don’t think the owners were kidding when they advertised this place as a little piece of Heaven. Believe me – this is a house of luxury and comfort. It’s the perfect place for a golf retreat, family vacation, small family reunion, or couples retreat, and it is one of my favorite vacation rentals on Kauai.

If you are coming to Kauai for a vacation, then you will probably need a place to stay. Trust me – don’t choose a hotel. They are overpriced and won’t give you the comfort or privacy you need. What you need is the Princeville Garden House.

Rooms – This beautiful home in Princeville has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a private lanai (patio) for spending evenings watching the stars.

Space – And just in case you think these rooms are small, let me tell you a bit about them. There are two master suits with amenities like walk-in showers, a Jacuzzi tub, a flat screen TV, upgraded mattresses, and more. The kitchen is new and features the best appliances and enough space for any cook. And the living room is a full on entertainment center with enough space for your whole family to stretch out.

Amenities – Here are just a few amenities that this incredible house has to offer: high ceilings, outdoor gas grill, fully equipped kitchen, wireless internet, hammock, citrus trees (and you can take as much fruit as you want), large home entertainment system, slate flooring, and air conditioning (for those humid days). Plus close proximity to everything Princeville has to offer.

Location – Because this home is located in Princeville, you won’t have to drive far at all in order to enjoy the best of Kauai. After all, you’d only be 5-10 minutes away from the North Shore, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, high class restaurants, shopping centers, hiking trails, Hanalei Bay, the Kilauea lighthouse, and two professional, world-class golf courses.

Price – Now, for a week’s stay in a hotel, you are looking at a couple thousand dollars at the very least. And for a nice hotel room, you’re looking at a lot more than that. But for a week’s stay in the Princeville Garden House, you’ll only have to pay $1400! Can you believe it. And if you make this a trip a couple’s retreat and invite two more couples with you, you can split the costs and still have enough room to enjoy your own private moments.

When people vacation on Kauai, they love to play in the ocean and explore the waves with snorkeling gear or surf boards. But at the end of a long and sandy, salty day, going back to the beach might not hold the same sway. But what if you still want to swim? How about staying at the Marvin Pool Home and enjoying a private pool and hot tub?

The Marvin Pool home is a lovely place in Princeville, the picture of simple and elegant taste. Located in a family-friendly neighborhood, this is the perfect place to rent for a vacation on Kauai with the kids. Why? Well, first of all, there is a nice pool.

For some parents out there, the idea of undertow and unknown sea life is unsettling, especially when your children could suffer a mishap. So why not give your children a fun pool of your very own to play in?! While parents can lounge in the nearby hot tub, enjoying the relaxing nature of our tropical island, children can swim all they like in the spacious pool located in the backyard.

This home also is very kid friendly with enough space for everyone without being overly large. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, there is enough space to sleep six people comfortably. Plus, there is a fully equipped kitchen and dinning room for making and eating family dinners, TV with cable and a DVD player for movie nights at home, high speed internet for keeping up to date with the world, and comfortable places scattered all throughout the house for individuals or groups to setting down and play.

Want to leave the house? Well, luckily this home is located in Princeville, so you are close to everything from a movie rental store to a grocery store, from a children’s park to the Hanalei Bay, and from the professional golf course to spa services. There is something to do here for the whole family!

The Marvin Pool Home is one of my favorite vacation rental on all of Kauai and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Need a place to stay in 2012 when you come to Kauai? Great! I have a ton of vacation rentals to tell you about so you don’t have to stay in an overpriced hotel during your visit. (After all, we do want you to come back and visit again… and that would be hard to do if you spend your entire savings on lodging, right?) First of all, let’s talk about Hale Waileia in Princeville.

Forget staying in a tiny hotel room. This house (yes, I said house) in Princeville has all of the room you will need to truly relax and enjoy your stay. You know how they say that clutter will clutter the mind? Well, you will not have that problem with this house. Every room is highlighted with multiple windows (some floor to ceiling), so you can always see the beautiful tropical island that surrounds you. Plus you get your own private courtyard with a view of a beautiful Kauai garden.

And this house is big. We are talking about 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room and dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen for only $1,050 a week! The master suit is large, with a king-sized bed, private bathroom, and immaculate furnishings. And the entire house has hardwood floors and updated cabinets to give it a modern yet comfy feel.

Wanna know the best part? Well, okay, the price is really the best part. But you will also be a short walk away from a world class golf course, shopping centers, restaurants, beaches, equipment rental shops, and everything else that Princeville has to offer! And, if you want something fun to do, simply use the high speed internet here at Hale Waileia and look up my blog. I’ll provide you with all of the island highlights!

Want the best place to stay on Kauai? A place that offers pristine views, luxury furnishings, a fully equipped kitchen, private suites, and access to a world famous golf course? Well, Villas of Kamalii 11 is the perfect place for you to stay then.

Out of all of the Villas of Kamalii, this one is considered the best, especially if you enjoy your privacy. This luxury townhouse is tucked away on the most beautiful golf course on Kauai, away from all other condos or homes. Every morning, you can wake up to the sounds of song birds, the rush of the distant ocean, and the smells of the greenbelt along with the scents of a thousand wild flowers. Plus, with three bedrooms (two of which are master suites) and three bathrooms, you won’t run out of space any time soon.

The house comes fully furnished and equipped with several amenities like beach toys in the garage, a washer/dryer unit, internet access, and a barbeque. And, of course, there are also flat screen televisions throughout the house, a DVD player in the living room, and a nearby community pool/hot tub. So if you want to stay at home and relax all day, you can. But with downtown Princeville so close by, why stay in?

Princeville is home to an excellent shopping center, a library, several wonderful restaurants, a few great clubs, and much more. The Princeville Resort is nearby and is a fun place to spend some time, and the beach is a short trip down the road. From Princeville, you can go hiking, biking, horseback riding, surfing, sunbathing, snorkeling, and just about anything else you want to do. And this townhouse is right in the middle of the action, though far enough away to give you the privacy you deserve.

Do you have a large family? How about a big group that all wants to come to Kauai for a week on vacation? Have you noticed the price of hotel rooms lately?

Well, not to worry. If you stay at Aloha Lani, then you won’t have to worry about individual hotel rooms for your whole party. In fact, this vacation rental home can sleep 8 people in beds, a few more on couches and air mattresses and has 4 bathrooms. And the incredible nature of this rental is just beginning.

Aloha Lani is a relatively new rental, built with a combination of modern design and traditional Hawaiian architecture. The ceilings are vaulted and the living room is open and spacious. The house is divided into two sleeping wings, so you can vacation with another family and be perfectly comfortable. Plus, there is a large dining room where you can all come together for meals.

What to know about the cool parts? Well, how about floor-to-ceiling lanai screens that can retract at the touch of a button, allowing you to experience the amazing views of Kauai and get some fresh air while you’re at it? What about a generously-sized lanai hot tub just perfect for evenings of relaxation and fun? What about free wireless internet and a den/office space off the living room that includes a large game table? And have I mentioned recently that each bedroom has its own private bathroom?

Honestly, this house was designed to be everything a tourist could ever want in a vacation home: outstanding elegance, roomy interior, mountain and ocean views, near a golf course, more amenities than any hotel, privacy, privilege, and a high definitional plasma television.

From visiting this vacation home, I can safely tell you that I want to live there. The house itself is perfect, the location is walking distance from nice shops, spas, and restaurants, and the view couldn’t be better. If you rent this place for the week, it will be the most luxurious experience of your life.

When you come to Kauai, not only do you want to experience the wonder of the island, the sunny weather, and the beach, but you also want a nice place to stay. After all, wouldn’t the whole experience be ruined if the hotel room was really small, the pool was out of commission, or tiny bugs lived in the window sills? You want somewhere nice and relaxing that you can treat as your home, a place like the Marvin Pool Home in Princeville.

This home is great for many reasons. First of all, it is a fully furnished rental that only costs $1,400 a week for three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private pool and hot tub, wireless internet, and a well-equipped kitchen. To put it another way, this place is big and can sleep six people easily.

Of course, since it is a rental home, you don’t have to share a bedroom wall with another set of tourists, constantly replace your electronic key card because it isn’t working, or share your living room with hundreds of other people. So if those are experiences that you enjoy, I would recommend a hotel. We have many on the island and, while they are going to cost you a bit more, you will at least get what you’re looking for.

Okay, all kidding aside, this really is a great home-away-from-home. There is a comfortable living room with a TV and DVD player, high speed internet everywhere throughout the house, a dining area where you can share a meal, a BBQ on the lanai where you can cook up some fresh fish or some steaks from the market, and it is all located in a peaceful neighborhood where you can take walks with your family or go out for a morning jog.

Since the house is located in Princeville, you are only a few miles away from great restaurants, world class golf courses, children’s parks, the famous Hanalei Bay, shopping centers, day spas, and several different beaches. There are also companies scattered all over Princeville that offer tours, scuba lessons, surfing lessons, horseback riding, snorkeling, hiking adventures, and much more.

The Marvin Pool Home is a place I would feel comfortable recommending to my closest friends and family members. So take my word for it and inquire about availability today. This place really would make the perfect spot to stay during your vacation.