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Easter is in the air! It is that time of year again and I am getting excited! I just love the community here, the events, the activities… in other words everything. Let me tell you about the Easter Parade and Egg Hunt at Prince Albert Park this Saturday the 12th.

This is a family fun event hosted by the Princeville Community Association. It is a free event. Free and fun. I love it when those two words wind up in the same sentence! ;)

Anyway, it is at Prince Albert Park in Princeville. The park by itself is designed for children ages one through eight, and it is a clean and well maintained park and play structure. (I was there recently–I know these things!) It is right across the street from the Princeville Library, too. Here is the address for those who wish to know the street address so they can better navigate there: 4304 Emmalani Drive, Princeville, Hawaii.

The event starts at 2pm and there will be a parade to kick it off. Bring a bike, wagon, stroller… something child friendly for the parade. Dress it up and dazzle it out before hand so the parade can sparkle and shine as the procession carries on. There will also be an opportunity for the children to meet the Easter Bunny. Now how perfect is that?! Furthermore, there will be an egg hunt at the park. Festivities are anticipated to end around 4pm. I got the flyer just the other day and thought I would pass along the info. You’re welcome.

Today was the grand opening of Fish Eye Kauai in Princeville! Fish Eye Kauai is an art gallery that has on display a variety of art mediums. The grand opening today was a big success. The atmosphere was great, the weather was just right (there were some light showers, but no big deal) and the live music was welcoming. I enjoyed touring through the gallery and snacking on some hors d’oeuvres (yes I had to spell check that one…). This is a family friendly art gallery that has pieces on display for purchase. I think it is a great tribute to Princeville to have a place like this nestled into the community.

At Fish Eye they specialize in photographic prints featuring underwater photographs of Kauai by Scuba Tom. Also known as Thomas Green, this is his first gallery! How exciting to be a part of such a great gallery at the grand opening. Tom shares the gallery with a few other local artists. There are a lot of photographs (my personal favorite) and also carvings and creations. Oh–and there is jewelry as well!

Princeville is one of the best places to come and stay on Kauai, in my opinion. Hmm perhaps that is why I am living on the north shore! Come check out this place if you are wanting to see some talented artists’ work. Fish Eye is on the Kuhio Highway in Princeville. Check out their webpage here for directions, hours of operation, the whole thing…

March 23, 2014 by, Lindsey

For those who are staying or will be staying in Princeville, let me tell you about two great eateries nearby. Both CJ’s Steak & Seafood and Federico’s are located in the Princeville Shopping Center (5-4280 Kuhio Hwy, Princeville). I am always a fan of a good place to eat, so I thought I would blog about these two.

CJ’s Steak & Seafood is a great option if you are looking for seafood, steak, or a variety to please the group you are with. It give everyone an option and I know I have never been disappointed! Monday is Meatloaf day… and let me tell you… this meatloaf is out of this world! Now I get why people wait for Mondays. Oh and Prime Rib is on Friday’s. ;)

Now for Federico’s Fresh Mex Cuisine… this really is authentic Mexican cuisine here on Kauai’s north shore. I like it for they have the option to dine in or to take your food to go. They also offer breakfast, in addition to lunch and dinner. Whether you are visiting or are living on Kauai, this is a place to go get some fresh Mexican food. The food is affordable but does not compromise on quality. Their avocados and tomatoes are locally grown, as well a number of other ingredients in their recipes. Again, Federico’s is located at the food court at the Princeville Shopping Center behind the Post Office.

I am always trying new eateries and returning to the oldies but goodies that I love. As I try more places I will blog about them! As for now, I am calling it a night… Monday is just around the corner now!

Looking to stay on Kauai’s north shore soon? The gorgeous Hale Waileia is available as a vacation home. Check your calendars and see what dates this home is still available for. At just $1,350 per week, this vacation rental home is worth it all. Click on the link I added above to see pictures of the home–both inside and out!

This home is modern, with clean lines. It has an open floor plan so it is great for entertaining a large family or a group of friends for a Kauai vacation. It sleeps six with two queen sized beds and two twin sized beds for a total of three bedrooms. There are also two full sized baths. If you need space to add that extra person, there is a single folding bed to sleep just one more person. If you are needing to sleep an infant or small child, Hale Waileia comes stocked with a pack ‘n play as well. Look how many people this house can sleep now?!

The accommodations are all there: TV with DVD player, high speed internet and it is fully stocked with quality, updated furnishings. Check out the pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms–you will be impressed I am sure. What I like about a vacation rental home, is that while you are there, you have the luxury of coming back and relaxing to a place where everything you need is at your fingertips. There’s the kitchen you stock with foods and drinks, and you can have some late night fun while the kids are safe and soundly asleep in the room down the hall. Having a home while on vacation makes it all the more relaxing.

Oh! Let me also tell you about the location of Hale Waileia. The home is at 4240 Waileia Place, Princeville, HI 96722. It is in a residential community just a couple minutes’ drive (or a few minutes’ walk) from being in town. This way you are close to activities in town, restaurants, shopping; and then in the other direction you are just a short drive from the beach. The view in the backyard is luscious and oh so green! The greenery and the garden life is simply divine. Hale Waileia is a great vacation rental home in Princeville–great for a family or large group who wants some space to relax and spread out. It makes for a great home-base while staying active with all of the sights to see and things to do on “The Garden Island.”

March 14, 2014 by, Lindsey

Weekends are always busy for me. I can only imagine this is also true for you folks. This weekend is packed for me, but I am also looking ahead to the following weekend! Can you tell I like to plan? And I like to look forward to fun things to do? And on top of that I love free events? (I also like sharing my knowledge through blogging!)

Saturday the 22nd could not get any better, for all of you golfing fans with children. On Kauai there is a Free Kids Clinic by PGA and LPGA Professionals. It is the 3rd Annual Junior Golf Day put on by the Hawaii State Junior Golf Association. This is exclusively a children’s beginning golf event for kids ages five through eighteen. They are advertising for new and beginner golfers only. Of course parents will need to accompany their children, but they will not be golfing at this event. The focus is on the kids–getting them involved, getting them active, and having fun.

Hit the greens of Kauai’s Princeville Makai Golf Club for this upcoming event. The lead contact person for this opportunity is Alex Nakajima. I went ahead and attached the online registration link here, for your convenience. If you are wondering where to go exactly, here is the address of the Makai Golf Club at Princeville: 4080 Lei O Papa Rd, Princeville, HI 96722. That should work out perfectly if you are using a smart phone or other GPS device.

Why is this event opportunity going on? Why not! It is a fun way to get kids outdoors and to try a new sport. Just like with new foods, you will never know if you like it until you try it. Same goes with sports. This sounds like a great opportunity to get outside and try out golfing for your children.

I highly suggest this outing for those who are staying on Kauai’s north shore, like in a Princeville vacation rental. What a way to have a day out on the greens and to make some family memories. The first forty children to register online will receive a free tee gift. Glad I am telling you about this early, hmm? You’re welcome. :)

As you may know, I am always looking for things to do on Kauai, and I love to blog and share my findings! To keep up with all that is happening on Kauai’s north shore, staying on the north end of the island is best. I came across the Princeville Nalu House! This house is great… I am confident you will enjoy your stay while here. From $1,200 per week, you do not want to pass up this rental opportunity.


The Nalu House is in Princeville, a major city on Kauai, filled with shopping centers, restaurants, golf courses and it is ridiculously close to the beach. The house is a single-story home on a residential street. It is at: 5112 Kapiolani Loop, Princeville, HI. Thought some folks may want to look it up for themselves. It is on a quiet, residential loop. How perfect is that for a family vacation?

The House

Okay, the house itself is a single story dwelling. This is ideal for families with small children and also those with elderly family members. By having no stairs, this makes for a safer and more family-friendly environment where everyone can move about the home with ease. The house has a garage to house your rental car (should you opt to get one).


Princeville Nalu House gets to boast of two bathrooms and two full bathrooms. The master bedroom has a California King bed (that’s the largest kind bed I know of) and it has a spacious on-suite bathroom. The other bedroom holds a queen bed. Now there is an additional room off of the garage that has a full sized bed. So really, this home sleeps six people when all of the beds are full.

The floor plan in welcoming and has a logical flow to it. I like it when floor plans and the general set up are logical! It also has high ceilings which are great for ambiance and the breeze to have room to flow on into your living space. From inside the home, you get to look out onto lush garden views. Nearby homes are not too close either. They are a comfortable and appropriate distance away. There is a relaxing sense of privacy at this vacation rental home.

This home is fully functioning as you would expect any other home to be. It has a full sized washer and dryer. That will be nice to not have to go home and have suitcases full of dirty clothes. Oh! The kitchen is gorgeous and fully stocked for use. There is Wi-Fi! See, told you it was an up and running rental home with all of the details you may take for granted.


If you step out the back sliding door onto the lanai (deck), you will get to experience the outdoors in full! There is outdoor furniture and a grill for use. It is so tempting just to lay out there and sunbathe. Do it! ;) Something else I really liked about this place, is that there are fruit trees on the property. Yes–you can help yourself to them! I love touches like that to a rental home. You just cannot beat the whole house–the whole property–effect!

There is a double person hammock out on the grass. I opted to take the hammock all to myself and cozy with a light blanket and my current book in the evening. It was just the right combination of everything: the breeze, the smells, the sounds, the sway of the hammock… it was all I wanted. I got to take this rental for a test-drive and it sooooo passed.

February 24, 2014 by, Lindsey

Kauai has made great improvements over the years to cater to alternative forms of transportation. One of which is the North Shore Path for bicyclists, walkers, runners, and others. Back in 2012, the North Shore Path (NSP) was unveiled. It is a beautiful paved path connecting the communities of Kilauea, Princeville, and Hanalei along the North Shore. Now that you know some basics of this nature-filled path, let me tell you more…

This path has been something welcomed by the community. It offers an alternative to motorized vehicles as a way for transportation. It promotes exercise, health and wellness, and a more united sense of community. I have been out on the NSP and I like it when I come across others on the path, along the way to my destination. I always see friendly faces when I am on it. Sometimes I go out and bike on it for pure exercise. Other times I have used it to make a leisurely commute on my bicycle.

The path really is an extensive trail that is composed of some road sharing and some alternative paths so you can more efficiently get to your destination. In the Princeville area on into Hanalei Bay there are some parts of the path near the water, too. If you have a bike and you are anywhere near the North Shore, this is something you must do.

Perhaps you are going to be vacationing in the Hanalei area and you will not have a bicycle with you. Not to worry! There are bicycle rental shops in the area! In Hanalei there is Pedal n Paddle. Click on the link to see prices and cruise their site to get their exact physical address. The folks there are very nice and helpful–I recommend them! :)

If you do not wish to bike the NSP then please, walk it! If you have little ones, stroll on it! It is something outdoorsy, free to do and it keeps us all moving. I know I look for ways to add exercise into my day. If you are on vacation, this is a great way to help keep fit.

When you think “Hawaii vacation” you most likely think “beach” right off the bat. The beaches on Kauai are really what draw people from near and far. The beach is where you go to relax, getaway, have fun with your family and friends, and really have some time to just hang out by the water. I know just the beach for you: Pali Ke Kua Beach. This is one beach that you are sure to have a good time at!

What better way to bring a day to a close than at the water’s edge watching a sunset? I really should not say “watching a sunset,” it is more of an experience that you are a part of. The water, the waves, the sound of the ocean is magnificent! Add a sunset on the beach and you will find yourself in such a place of serenity. The constant waves of the ocean make for such a soothing sound. Just to be silent at the water’s edge for a moment can bring peace to your life and your thoughts. If this is not therapeutic I do not know what is! Talk about a way to release stress and reflect on recent and upcoming events in your life.

Not all beaches are created equal. Kauai’s Hideaway Beach also known as Pali Ke Kua Beach is one a bit more on the adventurous side. What makes it a hideaway? Well, the path to get to the beach does I suppose. It is a bit of a hike that most anyone is capable of doing. This past Christmas Eve I was headed to this beach when I immediately noticed at the beginning of the trail that a wedding ceremony was going to be held at this beach. Yes–the bride was on the path and if she can make it up and down that path barefoot and in a full length dress then I am sure most others can make the hike as well. That was a fun night. :)

Anyway, this beach is known to some but I am sharing this Hideaway Beach with all of you my readers so that you too can enjoy and experience this wonderful site. Sunsets are my favorite but really it is enjoyable any time of day. The sand is pure and desirable too. It is relatively private like I mentioned so this makes it great for sun bathers. ;)

Another point of interest that makes this beach one of a kind is the location. There are shade trees all around (do not worry though you sun bathers have plenty of sun) and there are many large black rocks that add interest. It is such a pretty beach. If you have not yet been to this beach I highly recommend it. If you are living or vacationing near the Princeville or Pali Ke Kua area: perfect! If I were you I would add this beach to my “to experience list.”

When I was a kid, I would take 1 liter soda bottles, strip them of their stickers and wrappings, and fill them with multi-colored sand and shells. There is sand of all colors on Kauai, and I would also dye white sand into bright colors with food dye, which was fun. I would make layers and swirls and add shells at just the right moments. And then I would give those bottles away as Christmas presents. It’s just the right gift to give as a child with no money.

Of course, I’m not the only person who has ever turned trash into treasure. Recycling turns used products into new products, saving our natural resources. I have a friend who finds sea glass and turns it into mosaic artwork. And my husband reuses coffee grounds to grow a garden. (And I help by drinking as much wonderful coffee as possible.)

Trash is only worthless if we choose not to reuse it. And maybe that’s what Elizabeth Freeman discovered, because she is leading an upcoming workshop you might be interested in.

This Wednesday (November 13) from 6-7:30pm, there will be a free workshop offered at the Princeville Public Library. This workshop is called “Turning Trash into Treasure at Festival of Lights” and will be taught by Elizabeth Freeman. (Elizabeth is the Festival of Lights Founder and an Art Director.)

Now, if you don’t know much about the Festival of Lights here on Kauai, then you might not understand what this workshop will be all about. And I’ll be honest – I have no idea what exactly we will be doing at this workshop. But I do know that the Festival of Lights is a part of our tradition involving hand-made “up-cycled” ornaments for Christmas. And, from what I can tell, this workshop will go over the history of the Festival of Lights, the ornaments that are the most popular, and how to make your own “up-cycled” ornaments this Christmas season.

For me, coming from a background that was filled with reusable items and making presents from discarded bottles, I’m excited about this workshop. I think it will be a great opportunity for everyone to get into the Christmas spirit and learn how to make ornaments. I’m also thrilled with any workshop that is free. And this one is most definitely free.

So please join us for an evening of slides, demonstrations, and decorations. The Princeville Public Library is located at 4343 Emmalani Drive in Princeville.

Now, I’ve been recommending a lot of tours, which are fun, challenging, exciting, adventurous, and not exactly free. And if you’re worried about spending all of your vacation money on tours, please don’t. I have a simple and easy way of saving you money on your vacation. All you have to do is stay at Kamahana 18 instead of in a hotel.

Now, hotels are great. I mean, there are a million rooms, so you’ll probably get one if you ask. And there is typically a ballroom or event room downstairs where they sometimes host entertainers, for a price. But the downside is that each room is $200-$500 a night! Yikes! And if you have a large family, you might need a couple of rooms. Plus, those rooms are tiny little things with a bedroom and bathroom only. You’ll have no room to stretch, relax, and enjoy your evening.

On the other hand, Kamahana 18 is a vacation condo that you can rent per night or by the week. For an entire week’s stay, you will only have to pay $810. That’s 7 days of vacation lodging for only $810 plus tax. Can you believe it? But it gets better.

Renting your own condo means you can have privacy and a place to stretch out and relax. Instead of one bedroom and a bathroom, this vacation rental has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and your own private patio! In other words, you get an entire house to make your own for the week. And that house has some great amenities.

Location – Sure, a hotel might be in the city near the beach. And if you are on a high enough floor and facing the right direction, you can see the ocean. But Kamahana 18 is on the golf course with an excellent view of the cliffs and the Kilauea Lighthouse! (Which is a great place to visit, by the way. The history and beauty of the place really shouldn’t be ignored.) So while relaxing on your patio, you can star out into the ocean’s soothing blues and enjoy the manicured greens.

Size – If you have kids, this place is perfect. You’ll have your own master suite with a Queen-sized bed and a private bathroom, so you get some privacy during your stay. And your kids can share the other bathroom and the 2nd bedroom, which has 2 twin beds. Plus, there is a family area with a kitchen, dining room, and comfortable living room furniture to hang out during the day with your kids and watch TV.

Extras – And if the price, location, and size aren’t selling points on their own, keep in mind that you will also have access to a fully-equipped kitchen. This means that all the utensils, dinnerware, cookware, and appliances you’ll need are right there, waiting to be used. The laundry room has a washer and dryer, so you don’t have to worry about taking a bunch of dirty clothes home in your luggage. And there is free high speed internet, so you can check my blog for fun activities and festival ideas while you’re here!

Do you see why this condo is SO much better than a hotel? And it’s clearly a WHOLE lot cheaper. So if you want to go on a bunch of tours or spend your money on nice restaurants in town, you can!!

It’s always important to use your money wisely. And renting a condo is a great way to accomplish that.

If you have been following my blogs you may have read about how I have come out of my shell and tried new things on Kauai. Here and there I try new things. Other times I do not push myself and I become totally content being a bystander. It works out for me. I can appreciate others differences in likes and dislikes as well.

That said…. I want to tell you all about the Powerline Trail. This is a hiking and mountain biking trail that spans from Arboretum to Princeville. That is 13 miles on the trail. It is not for a beginner I would say. If you did not pack or last minute buy any sneakers you would be okay getting muddy, then I suggest another trail is for you.

On the other hand if you want to get down and dirty, if you want to see a more rugged side to the island head-on, if you want a good workout, then Powerline Trail is for you! If you want to hike it, bring a good pair of hiking boots or sneakers. It would also be a wise choice to wear a hat of some sort, to keep the sun out of your eyes and the sunburns away. Also, wear sunscreen and bring lots of water. You know, basic things like that. If mountain biking is more your speed, then wear long pants. The terrain is rough and pants are a good enough layer of protection.

If you and your family or friends go on this trail together, you will see some amazing sights. Hint hint… that is a way of suggesting you bring your camera too! You will see a lot of green! From the pictures I have seen from points along the trail, I can see that you will get a more in-depth look at the landscape of Kauai–bold and in your face. I find it to be a bold and beautiful experience to get out and get to know the land better. There is no other place like this on our planet. If you want to go on an adventure, holding nothing back while you’re on Kauai, consider this trail. If not for the exercise, then for the new appreciation you will have for outdoor beauty and Kauai landscapes.

Powerline Trail is called Powerline Trail for the power lines along it. Haha. So if you are not sure about which way the trail bends, just follow the power lines. Not that they are overpowering the scenery, but just that this is a trail on which you can help keep a sense of direction as you travel.

Oh! And don’t forget the bug spray either! Have fun!

Yesterday, I watched part of the 5th Annual Westin Princeville Charity Golf Tournament. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t hear about it until the last minute. So I was unable to blog about it in advance and invite you all to come. However, I was able to go and watch some pretty amazing golfers doing what they love as they helped to raise money for some amazing charities.

Each year, the Westin in Princeville hosts one of these golf tournaments. The tournament usually runs throughout the morning and ends with an awards luncheon on-site for the participants. So not only do the players get a wonderful day of golf, but they also receive lunch, a golf cart rental, their green fees covered, a gift bag of goodies, potential prizes and awards, plus live entertainment throughout the day. It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially since the entrance fee is only $100.

Anyway, I went to watch for a while. I couldn’t stay the whole morning, as I had to work and meet my husband for lunch. But I did want to watch for a while. Why? Well, first of all, I LOVE golf. I used to play all the time when I was young. My brother and I would practice all the time out in the middle of no-where. And then we’d put our skills to the test every other Saturday morning. It was a great life, and these golf tournaments bring back wonderful memories of those days.

Secondly, it’s important to support your local charities. I don’t have a fortune locked away somewhere that I can use to support our local charitable organizations. However, I do have a willingness to help, a desire to do my part, and the ability to flex my schedule to accommodate such events. Perhaps you have a flexible schedule, disposable income, or items you can use to help others. If you do, please consider supporting your local charities. They can cure cancer, save the orphans, feed the homeless, and provide for the elderly. They can save those in your community. And we are all a part of one another, right?

Anyway, today I went to watch the golfers and support their charitable play. As for me, I still play when I can. It isn’t as often as I’d like, especially since I didn’t marry a man who plays as well as I do. But here on Kauai, I am indeed blessed to live by one of the best golf courses in the United States. Our golf courses are World Renown, which makes me feel special whenever I play on them. In fact, I’ve run into a few celebrity players in my time on the green, and I almost never freak out and beg for autographs… almost never. ☺

Anyway, at this tournament, I heard that they gave away a car to the hole-in-one winner! Awesome! So if you have the chance to come to Kauai next August and play, please do! I mean, don’t you want to sign up next year, support our local charities, and perhaps take home a new car!? I know I do… but I always forget to sign up. ☺

Here in Princeville, we have a concert in the park every now and again. Well, the next one is coming up this Sunday (August 18th) from 3-6pm. Admission is free, as this is an outdoor event, and I would recommend showing up a bit early to get good seats.

What to Bring:


Chairs (preferably low-rising chairs)

An umbrella or hats for shade

A cooler with food/beverages

Your family and friends

This particular concert will feature Powerhound, the Mysterious Pearl Band, and Mark Langford. Now, if you aren’t from around here and you don’t know who these bands are, don’t worry. I can tell you a bit about them so you know what to expect.

Powerhound is an electronic, funk, world music band. Like old time jazz musicians who play to a set rhythm and let the music take them, these talented artists play a concept of music instead of set songs. So their concerts are always entertaining, different, melodic, and you’ll never hear the same thing twice. Fun, right? You can find out more about them HERE.

Mysterious Pearl Band is just what the name indicates… a mystery. Why? Well, because I’ve never heard them play before! ☺ I honestly don’t know anything about them. But they have been put on the roster, so they must be good, right?

Mark Langford is a Spanish guitarist. Okay, that’s like saying that the Mona Lisa is a painting. It’s true, but it doesn’t communicate the depth of his talent. Mark is like a gift to the music industry. Growing up in California, his own playing came as a result of years of practice combined with learning from World Renown experts in both classical and flamenco guitar. As a teenager, he had a rock band. Now, he is a solo artist who has performed for Kings, Presidents, Saints, and small gatherings of people on tropical islands. We are truly blessed to have him come and play for us. You can find out more about him HERE.

So if any of this sounds interesting, please join us at Prince Albert Park for a time of great music and family fun. I hope to see you there!

It’s July 4th, the day that Americans all over the world celebrate the Independence of our great nation. It is a day of remembering our past, of thinking back and truly appreciating the work done by our forefathers. It is a day to look to the future and renew our efforts at making America all that we want it to be. And it is a day to celebrate in the present, knowing the rich heritage that is ours and the hope it gives us here and now.

It’s also a day to light small sticks on fire and shoot them into the sky!

So, since we have many here who are visiting the island, I just wanted to post the safety warnings that all residents and visitors alike must follow if they want to have some firework fun in Princeville.

Just so you know, fireworks can be purchased at any number of locations right here in Princeville. They are not illegal here (like they are in some places), but precautions must be taken to ensure that everyone has a fun, festive, and safe holiday. So if you purchase fireworks, keep these things in mind:

1. Fireworks may be lighted and enjoyed by any family on private property (with permission if the property isn’t yours). Public property (like the park or on the road) however is off limits. So if you want to set off fireworks and you are visiting Kauai, make some friends and only fire your fireworks in a safe and legal place.

2. Fireworks may be fired any time between 1-9pm today!

3. Some fireworks require a permit to fire. However, small fireworks like snakes, sparklers, fountains, cone fountains, whistles, smoke devices, wheels, and ground spinners do NOT require permits. As long as you fire them safely and upon private property, you will be within the letter of the law.

4. Do not light fireworks around dry grass, trees, small children, flammable liquids, your car, etc. Use common sense and you should be fine.


I hope each and every one of you has a safe and fun Independence Day! And now, I’m off to set some sparklers on fire! ☺

When I was growing up, there were few things that I could find to discuss with my grandmother. She was a stubborn woman who was a little gruff around the edges, but in an almost endearing way, you know? It’s odd to describe her now. Even with all of my words, there is little I can truly say to capture the woman. She was like a jagged cliff holding up the Kilauea Lighthouse. Sure, she was tough and stormbattered, but she had weathered much, seen much, and lived much. And that is eventually what made me like her.

You see, she lived with us when I was very small. My grandfather had passed away some years before and my parents decided she shouldn’t live by herself. She threw a fit. I never thought they’d get her to stay, especially since she was so capable in her own right and thrived on independence. Mom used to say that she wasn’t sure how grandpa tamed her, but somehow he captured her heart like a tropical storm in a bottle. And after he died, that storm was released… on my house.

Sure, my parent did the right thing. But I’m pretty sure she drove them nuts. And I might have been driven nuts too had it not been for one place: the Napali Coast.

The Napali Coast is a place on Kauai’s North Shore that has captured the hearts and minds of visitors and residents alike for generations. It is a breathtaking area, 17 miles of coastline encompassing everything from the lush landscapes and the ragged cliff sides to the cascading waterfalls and wild ocean waves. Directors have made movies on it, poets have written sonnets about it, and couples have gotten married for centuries in its presence. It’s timeless. And my grandmother loved it.

When I was small, she used to take me by the hand and we would walk along the shore for hours. And there she would tell me stories of the old day, in the times before written records were kept. She would tell me stories of island villagers, kings and queens of the nation, folk tales, and stories of fairies. And we would watch the ocean, glory in the nature around us, and be free of everything unpleasant in this world. The coast was ours. The sea was ours. And it called to us.

While my grandmother might have been a crotchety old woman with a sly streak, she was my world on those days. She made history come alive and is the reason why I love island history and cultural tradition to this day. She made them real, and she used this, the most beautiful place on earth, to do it.

Today, I take my husband to the Napali coast and we play in the sand, explore the sea caves, stare up at the jagged cliffs, and enjoy the ocean waves. And someday we will bring our children here to do the same, and I will walk with them and tell them the stories of our ancestors. How lucky are we to live here and have this natural wonderful for a backyard? And how lucky are the visitors to our island who get the chance to walk along these same paths and experience the amazing scenes around them. What better place in the world than here?

So, have you ever seen the Napali Coast? If not, it is a necessity in life. Trust me – place it on your bucket list. Because once you’ve seen it for yourself, you will never forget it.

The best part about living on an island is the fact that you get to be surrounded by the ocean. And while rivers and lakes are nice, the ocean is a truly amazing place filled with unique life, large fish, teeming reefs, beautiful spaces, and magical ambiance. In other words, it’s worth spending time in and around. And if you get the chance to scuba dive, then you will truly understand the majesty of this aquatic world.

Scuba diving is a fun and professional way of getting a glimpse of the underwater kingdom surrounding Kauai. And, if you aren’t a professional scuba diver just yet, you don’t need to worry. There are tours you can pay for and lessons you can take, earning your right to enter the water and swim with the fishes. Plus, if you take a tour, there will always be a certified scuba instructor with you to help with all your needs, as well as showing you the truly unique places near the island for exploration and fun.

Back in the day when I used to scuba dive, I would go with a group of friends in a tour group. We went with Seasport Divers and always had a good time. So I figure I can recommend them to you now. After all, they are still under the same ownership, so I’m sure their instructors are still top notch.

Seasport is located in Koloa on the North side of the island. (They also have locations in Poipu and Kapaa for those who are vacationing on a different side of Kauai.) You can email them for more information by using this email address ( or by visiting their website (click HERE). But to give you a quick overview, you can just read below.

First time divers need to be given the proper training. And at Seasport Divers, there is a class for that. They offer free pool lessons 7 days a week, so you can practice before getting into the ocean. But once you get good, you’ll want to head to the water immediately, which is why they have a shore dive program and a boat trip you can take.

Now, if you are new, you will not be allowed to dive below 40 feet. That’s just the rule. Non-certified divers must be closely monitored and not allowed to place themselves into a position that will get them hurt. But don’t fret. 40 feet is still a long way under the water, and you will be surprised by just how amazing the underwater world can be.

Now, if you are a certified scuba diver, you can just go out on your own. But, if you are visiting Kauai, you probably didn’t bring your scuba stuff with you on the plane. And you might not know where the best diver spots are located. Well, no worries! You can rent scuba gear from Seasport and get all the information about the waterways from them.

So have you always wanted to learn to scuba dive, but you just weren’t sure you had the time or the proximity to the ocean? Well, now is your chance! Come and visit Kauai, and get to know a different part of the island, the part that not many see… the part under the sea.

I have long thought that the North side of Kauai is the absolute best side to visit. We have shopping centers, beautiful beaches, mountains, world renown golf courses, and some of the best restaurants in the world. And at the northernmost tip of our fair island is the Kilauea Lighthouse, standing proudly since 1913.

Now, back in the day when I first started this blog, I blogged about the Kilauea Lighthouse. And who wouldn’t? If you live in the north, the lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks there is, along with the famous crescent shape of Hanalei Bay. Visitors to the island love to visit this pillar of our community, now 100 years old, and stare into the sea like the lighthouse keepers of old. And I don’t blame them. I used to do it myself… frequently.

After all, there was a time in my life when I didn’t have much of a life outside of writing in my journal, playing my guitar, sitting in beautiful places, and dreaming of the future. And I admit: that was a great life! I would take my notebook and head to a beautiful place to write about what was happening around me. Sometimes it would be my thoughts and feelings filling the paper, and other times it would be chapters of a book or snippets of long-forgotten stories.

The lighthouse was always a huge draw. After all, there were places to sit and write and a beautiful ocean to watch as the hours passed. And more than that, just imagine the stories that the lighthouse could tell! Stories of sea captains, fair maidens, island princesses, and lighthouse keepers past. From a lighthouse, you can see the whole world or just a portion of an idea in a dream. I used to sit there for hours each week, planning for the future and writing everything I could.

Of course, today I don’t do that anymore. I have a job, responsibilities, a husband, a life, and this wonderful blog to write. And each month, I search the island for festivals to tell you about, movies to watch, events to attend, secret places to wander, and more. Why? Because I love my life and I love giving you a glimpse of our beautiful island. This blog has led me to explore a large portion of this beautiful island, places that you typically don’t see. And that has led to quite a few blog posts over the years. But my first love (and maybe yours) has always been this lighthouse.

As I mentioned, this year the lighthouse turns 100 years old. So if you can, I encourage you to make the trek up the hill and see it. Sure, it might not hold the same importance as it did before the light was turned off in the 70’s. But it’s history and the stories it can tell are more important than you can know. Plus, it’s just plain cool.

So if you have some free time and you are visiting Kauai this summer, stop by Kilauea Lighthouse. You’ll be glad that you did.

All throughout the summer, the Princeville Community Association puts on a monthly family movie night at Prince Albert Park in Princeville. These nights are typically fun, family-friendly, and an enjoyable experience for parents and children alike. Plus, you get to experience a great movie while being on the most wonderful island in the world! Seriously, how can it get much better?

This month, movie night will take place on the 16th. That’s a Saturday, in case you didn’t know. I’m not sure what the movie will be, but I’ve never known a family to complain about the movie shown. And all films are family-oriented, so you don’t have to worry about the rating or the content. In fact, you just need to worry about getting there in time. ☺

The tentative schedule for movie night is 3-6pm. However, the movie never starts that early. Everyone generally arrives around 3pm and finds a good spot on the lawn to set up. The idea is to have a family fun night, so you’ll want to bring food, a blanket, low-seated chairs, and maybe a cooler with some drinks. Once you have your spot and get comfortable, the kids can play for a while and you can eat your dinner. Then, at dusk, the movie starts.

Entrance to this movie night is always free, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Just come, have a good time, and maybe make a few new friends. I’ve gone several times and have really enjoyed watching the kids play, eating with friends and family, and then watching an easy-going film as the sun settles behind the hills. It’s a beautiful place and an enchanting time for all. Plus, FREE MOVIE!!

The next movie night will be July 20th at 5pm. This movie night is special because it includes a BBQ diner for a small fee of $5/plate. And, like always, the movie starts at dusk. In August, the date will be the 18th from 3-6pm, and in September the last movie will be shown at dusk on the 21st.

Some come out and enjoy the movie. And if you’re a bit late, find someone who looks nice and join them. ☺

May 20, 2013 by, Emily

Do you like deep-fried breaded bacon?

I know, I know… Who doesn’t, right?? And if you like bacon (and just about any other breakfast or brunch food), you need to visit The Tavern on your journeys through Kauai.

The Tavern is located off Kuhio Hwy in Princeville and is a great place to stop for breakfast, lunch, or dinner while you’re in town. Why? Well, they serve breaded bacon for starters! And to be honest, they are one of the best places to grab breakfast while you’re in town.

Many places on Kauai are open for lunch and dinner, but The Tavern is open for breakfast as well. So you don’t have to eat at the hotel restaurant (where you will be overcharged) or in your rental home (though fresh fruit in the mornings is a great choice). You can choose to go out to a nice breakfast, eat a perfectly proportioned meal, and leave satisfied to start a big day of sunbathing, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, horseback riding, touring, tasting, etc.

Of course, if you’re expecting a 5-star formal restaurant, you will be sorely mistaken. As with my last post (about a food truck), this place isn’t exactly the type of place to put out nice tablecloths and call you sir when you order. This is a tavern. The tables will be sturdy, the food will be good, the drinks will be perfectly mixed, but there will be no fluff and no finery. These people mean business, and the business of the day is a good time.

So, what should you order? Well, that’s a good question. The last time I was there (aka. before the diet), I was there for dinner, and I ordered the fried chicken. It was SO good. Home-style cooking with all of these gloriously fluffy mashed potatoes served on the side. Mmmmmmm… just thinking about it is starting to make me hungry. Oh and I splurged and had the “pie.” Now, I’m not going to give much about the “pie” away, except to tell you that it’s wonderful, it’s not really a pie, and you will LOVE it.

Of course, that isn’t the only good thing on the menu. I’ve had the calamari, the greens, the burger, and the ribs before, and I’ve loved them all. So I recommend going for just about any meal and ordering whatever fits your fancy. I’m sure you will find something on the menu that sounds fantastic, and that it will be every bit as good as you imagined.

No, this post will not be about which queens in Kauai’s history were known to use bubble bath. ☺ In fact, this post isn’t about a real bath at all. Rather, it is about a beautiful spot on Kauai that is rather dangerous. While I would normally write a post encouraging travel to lovely spots on Kauai, this blog will be more of a warning.

The Queen’s Bath is actually a tide pool in Princeville. It’s about the size of a swimming pool and is listed on many blogs for tourists as a beautiful spot to hike, swim, snorkel, and watch the surf. According to these other posts, the path down to the pool itself is a bit steep, but the walk is only about 10 minutes long and the view is worth it.

Well, this particular blogger disagrees with what is said on the other blogs. You see, anyone living on Kauai knows that this is a dangerous area, even if it is lovely. Every year, people die while trying to get down the slick, water-covered path to the tide pool, and even more drown as a result of swimming in and near this pool. While some websites will just tell you to wear grippy shoes and avoid high tide, I think this place should be a no-visit spot on Kauai for everyone, including those with grippy shoes.

The last time I visited the Queen’s Bath, I was much younger than I am now. I wore my swimsuit and got into the water. As always, the water was a perfect 75-80 degrees, so swimming was comfortable. Some friends and I went together and we laughed, talked, swam, and played in the water. The problem came when we were leaving.

A good friend of mine slipped from the rocks and fell into the water. She almost drowned. The tide was pulling at her and slammed her against the rocks. She was under for a while. Luckily, we had a trained lifeguard with us (a bonus of having such amazing friends) and he dove into the water after her. When we all made it back up to our cars, we made a pact: no more visits to the Queen’s Bath.

And I’m not the only one who has experienced problems with this area. Over 30 people have died there in the past several years, both from rouge waves and from slipping on the rocks. In fact, Queen’s Bath has been labeled one of the three most dangerous places to visit on Kauai. So, to put it plainly, don’t go there.

I bring this up because we have had a string of tourists visiting this swim spot in the last few months, and not all of them have come back unscathed. And while I want you all to experience everything Kauai has to offer, I also don’t want to see anything happen to you. So please do me a favor and take the following advice:

1. Don’t ever swim without a lifeguard present.

2. Don’t go to the Queen’s Bath and expect a fun day with no problems.

3. And never assume the water is safe and couldn’t hurt you just because you’re a strong swimmer at home and the waves look calm at the moment.

Okay guys, I’m sorry to be so fervent with this post, but I have lived here a long time and want everyone to stay here in safety. There are many beautiful beaches with fun tide pools, white sand, and calm waters that you can visit while on Kauai. And if you need information about any particular beach, just ask me! I would be glad to talk to you about everything you need to know.