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March 30, 2015 by, Lindsey

This came up on my social media news feed and I thought it was worth sharing and blogging. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a classic to me and always will be. I like the movies as a little girl, and I still know the whole story. I mean do not ask me to recite it or anything, but I know the plot down. I could give you a synopsis and all if you asked. Anyway, so I saw this that at the Kauai Performing Arts Center in Lihue (near the airport) that this production is being put on end of April and into May so I thought I would share. This is a fantastic family friendly activity to do. If you see it on Kauai, you are sure to remember it. It makes it even more memorable I think if you see something like this while on vacation.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be showing April 24-26 and May 1-3 at the Kauai War Memorial convention Hall in Lihue. This would be perfect to see while coming or going from Lihue where the airport is. Fridays and Saturdays showings are at 7pm, and Sundays are a matinee at 3pm. How perfect is that for little kids? It would be right after nap time and perfect for them to be ready and alert for the play. Tickets are at tops $12 per person, and go as low as free to children ages 3 and under with the purchase of an adult ticket. Follow the link here for more detailed ticketing information.

Vacationing to Hawaii is all about relaxing and creating memories. This is sure to be a memory creating event. I saw Beauty and the Beast when I was young, and I remember it to this very day. It was magical. Seeing live theater is a marvelous experience and I encourage others to partake in the experience. I was excited to see this event in my news feed, because I looked forward to sharing it with you all.

March 28, 2015 by, Lindsey

Staying on Kauai’s North Shore is the best. I have said this before and I will say it again, that the North Shore is the place to be. Now when coming to Hawaii, most people have it in their mind that they want to try to learn how to surf. If it’s a onetime thing or it becomes something they simply fall in love with, it is what they want to try at least one. I am sure some folks have surfing on their bucket list!

Surfing. Kauai’s North Shore. I’d like to give a shout out to Hawaiian Surfing Adventures in Hanalei. These folks dare I say it may just be the best in the business. They have surfing and paddlebaording lessons, as well as other rentals (like kayaks) for Hanalei Bay. Visit their website to find out more information:

I have taken lessons here in the past. As the weather gets warmer and warmer with summer around the corner I thought it would be nice to share about my past experiences surfing. When I was there, Mario was my instructor and he did a fabulous job! I felt safe in what I was doing, and also having a lot of fun. Beginner or not, I encourage everyone to try a lesson first before just going out and trying things on your own. I have talked with others and they have expressed to me how after surfing Hawaii, they have learned that the waves are different here. Might sound silly, but the waves in the way they act and the way they break, is is unique to Hawaii. Take the lessons, figure out what you are doing, and most of all have a blast doing it. Come into it with humility, like I did, and you are sure to come out the other end of the lesson with a smile on your face.

Hawaiian Surfing Adventures does small group and individual lessons. They are a nice family owned business and I love supporting them and giving a shout-out post like this to them.

So… you know you will be staying on Kauai’s lovely North Shore. Now you just need the perfect place to stay with your larger family or group. How about a spacious three bedroom, three bath vacation rental? Plantation at Princeville 222 is just what you have been looking for. Seriously, look no further. Check out this modern rental for the accommodating price starting at 1575 per week.

Plantation at Princeville 222 has everything. Vacation rentals are the way to go when you travel. They meet your every need of a home: kitchen, laundry, sleeping, etc. It is all there. Hotels do not accommodate you with such amenities such as these. A full kitchen for your culinary and convenience needs. An in-house washer and dryer so that you can launder your clothes as you wish and even leave from your vacation with a suitcase full of clean clothes. Imagine that?! Coming home and not having that lag of needing to do laundry right away. This vacation rental has wifi, TV, and DVD access. Air conditioning is also in-unit. Not every dwelling on Hawaii has this. Yes the temperatures are desirable, but the humidity can be a tad too much for some folks. Air conditioning makes this luxurious and comfortable to better meet your needs.

Now that you know the unit is set to meet your comforts, you should also know that you are staying in a vacation rental. Vacation comes first in that phrase! Talk about ocean views, talk about the community hot tub, pool, exercise room, outdoor grill, and nearby golf course. Yes, this place has all you need for your vacationing needs.

March 27, 2015 by, Lindsey

Happy Aloha Friday everyone! What a gorgeous day it is here on Kauai. I have been excited about summer, and here it is a partly cloudy spring Friday. I am not complaining though! The temperature is cool in the 60’s and there is always sun on Kauai.

IMG_012234 used Mar2015

I took this picture on my way to work today. The pink just popped at me and called out my name it seemed like. I have seen this flower before, but something about the lighting today made it pop for me. I snapped the picture and carrier on with my day. People like to say “Happy Aloha Friday ” on Fridays when in Hawaii. I suppose those not on Hawaii could say this too. Kind of a take it home with you sort of deal. I like that as a matter of fact. Come and visit Kauai and take a bit of Kauai home in your heart. Wear an aloha shirt on casual Friday at your work. It is an Aloha Friday wherever you are. Then when you need to refuel your aloha spirit, come on back to Hawaii and re-energize. That is what I recommend.

March 22, 2015 by, Lindsey

Easter is on the horizon, and with it comes the Easter Egg Hunts! I have always loved egg hunts as a kid. I am a bit more on the introverted side, and shy, but the egg hunt fields always seemed like a level playing field to me. It was about speed and skill. Skill as in “looking to find the eggs.”

Allow me to share with you about a free egg hunt this Saturday, March 28th on Kauai. Well, I suppose it is technically at two locations. One is at the Historic Kauai County Building. The other is at the Waimea Canyon Middle School. These are hosted by Big Save Markets/ Times at Kauai. It is the 58th Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Not to worry, it is not a huge free-for-all. They do split up the kids by age groups for fairness. There is a 0-4 years old, 5-7, and then an 8-10 year old group. Admission is FREE! They even offer an ASL interpreter if that is something that would better meet your needs. Very cool that they do that. Please contact the administrators of this event if you need to request this service, or if you have any other questions or concerns about the event. Here is the link to follow:

March 21, 2015 by, Lindsey

I know, I know spring has just arrived. March 21st. First day of Spring. Summer is on my mind though! With Kauai’s island temperatures, I might as well just say summer is here. Am I allowed to do that? Can I unofficially say it is summer?

Whether you agree with me or not, summertime is coming, unless you are me and think it is pretty much already here. Maybe summertime to you and your family more so means the time off from school for the kids. When they are out for the summer, it can be easier to think of the summer in that fashion. Ok, so when the kids are from class, you are wanting to take a summer vacation, am I right or am I right? A family vacation to Kauai is just what you and your family needs to ease on into summer, to relax, and have some time away from the norms of home.

Kauai is just what you need to get your Hawaii fix! The Garden Island as it is called, has the right mix of rural meets city meets island time. Have you heard of the tree tunnel? It is considered the gateway to Poipu. It is one of the nicest rides in my opinion. People love riding this way, and it is quite a picturesque view as well. I encourage you to Google it.

When you are on Kauai, everything seems to be just right. The roadways, the ease of time, the people and community here, the food, oh and I could go on and on and on…

If you are considering coming to Kauai, check out the Kauai Visitors Bureau. Here is the link to their webpage

March 18, 2015 by, Lindsey

Have you heard? National Geographic Wild will air its new series, Aloha Vet. Want to know more? Veterinarian Scott Sims is the Aloha Vet who travels to meet the animals where they are at, to help those in need. Nicknamed the “barefoot vet” Dr. Sims, he even flies his own plane, or animal ambulance, to reach some of the animal patients he attends to. How cool is that?!

Watch the sneak peak preview here, at this link:

He tends to animals both domestic and wild. He seems to really have a heart and a passion to help all animals in need. I will definitely check out this new show and see how it goes! Share your thoughts in the comments below. I am curious what others think about Dr. Sims, the Aloha Vet.

Aloha Vet has its premiere on Saturday, March 21st in the evening. Will you be tuning in?

You may have started thinking about your Kauai vacation that you are beginning to plan. Moist of the time when I plan things of this nature, I think about it for quite a long time, then I make some decisions about the trip I am taking. Then it takes something to put me over the edge to get it in writing, put it on paper, and make reservations to the places I want to go to.

Take this as your opportunity to gently nudge you over the edge. You’ve been thinking about your Hawaii vacation and have decided on Kauai. Now you know you want to be by the water when you make your plans. Let me introduce to you the Cliffs in Princeville, on Kauai’s North Shore. The Cliffs 8205 has gorgeous ocean views and modern condominium living, that you are really getting the best of both worlds. Budgeting is another aspect I take into account to my travels and plans. This condo at the Cliffs is an easy $1365 per week, or it can rent at nightly rates. Oh and did I mention the whale watching? This is a prime location in whale watching season (late December to mid-May).

A Kauai vacation rental like this one is like a home away from home. It has all of the comforts of home such as a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer in unit, wireless internet, other TV/DVD systems, and then the amenities of the Cliffs condos. There are tennis courts, free to use, as well as basketball and volleyball courts. The swimming pool and Jacuzzi on site are luxurious, and the BBQ areas make grilling out with the family oh so easy.

Let me back track a moment, so you get all of the highlights of the Cliffs 8205. It is a one bedroom, two bath unit, though the sofa in the living room is a queen sized pull-out sofa sleeper. This makes it perfect to match with the two bathrooms.

March 7, 2015 by, Lindsey

Have you heard of Moses Hamilton? Maybe you have come across him on Kauai’s North Shore or elsewhere on the island? Or maybe you do not know him by his name, but you know him by his artwork. Well, if you have not heard of him or cannot recall what he does, allow me to introduce you…

Moses Hamilton is like an inspirational speaker to me. He is a man full of inspiration and uplifting words. He is optimistic about life and he is seizing the day, most every day from the way I see it. He is also an artist. He paints not with his hands, but with his mouth. He was injured in a car accident, and has turned his disability as a quadriplegic into an ability as an artist. He holds the paint brush in his mouth as he paints. He has gotten quite good at his trade I might add! He admits that “[his] accident has been a doorway to his creativity…”

He goes onto say in his YouTube video that he finds inspiration to paint from all around him on Kauai, from the sunsets, the perfect waves, the people, and more. I can totally see what he is talking about here. I find myself doing double takes when I see picturesque views. I on the contrary to Moses, do not have much of a painting artistic ability.

If you want to see and meet Moses Hamilton, he is most often at the Ching Young Village in the Heart of Hanalei, on Kauai’s North Shore. I have not personally met him yet, but part of me wanted to do this post to encourage others to go out and meet him, and for me to make the time to meet him as well. His story is so inspirational to me, and his heart and mind seem so focused and happy on the simple things in life. What a neat person. The world is a better place because of you, Moses Hamilton.

March 6, 2015 by, Lindsey

Yes, happy 40th Birthday to the Hokule’a, the famous canoe of Hawaii! Not too sure what I am talking about? Check out this article that showed up in my newsfeed today; it’s from National Geographic.

Hokule’a is a canoe that has become famous for its voyage across the Pacific Ocean, reviving the Hawaiian culture, language, way of life, etc. Just stop for a minute and think about a canoe across an ocean. Yes, an ocean! Mau Piaiulg declared himself likely the last person on Earth able to accomplish such a voyage. March 8th, 1975 was the start of Hokule’a’s voyage on O’ahu, then traveling on 6 major trips over the next 25 years. It traveled all across what is known as the Polynesian triangle. This marvelous vessel currently rests in New Zealand where she is getting some TLC on the dry dock.

Oh, and if you were wondering, Hokule’a means, “Star of Gladness” in Hawaiian. Over the years this vessel has united communities, and brought both a hobby and a joy to many. It has been fun for me to follow through the years I have been alive! Back as far as I can remember I have heard of Hokule’a and her travels. I love living pieces of art and history like this one.

With this being the 40 year anniversary, the PVS, Polynesian Voyaging Society, has festivities going all year long in 2015. Look them up and see if they will be doing anything in your area, or while you are visiting on Kauai. I will keep you posted too, if I hear of anything.

So you all know how I like to root for the home team. Yes, I root for all thing Hawaii! I came across another USA TODAY 10Best online voting things, and Kauai is on the list. I immediately knew I need to blog on this and share the news….

Let me back step just a bit… If you have ever been to Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge on Kauai, you must know that you have got to vote for this spot as the Best U.S. National Wildlife Refuge systems. Yes, that is the name of this Readers’ Choice vote for the month of March: Vote for your Favorite National Wildlife Refuge here, at this link:

Just to be fair, I will say that there is the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge that are both Hawaii options to vote for. I’m excited that both Hawaiian Wildlife Refuge systems made the list! It is an honor that USA TODAY’s wildlife expert panel nominated these two Hawaiian locations to be nominees to then be voted on. In other words, they made the first cut when it comes to totally awesome wildlife refuge systems.

My other thoughts on the matter are simple: I am thankful that there are National Wildlife Refuge systems across the United States. I am glad that so many animals have a safe place where they can just be, and keep on doing what they are doing. So many species of animals are able to live in peace across over 150 million acres of water and land habitats. I was smiling to learn that each state has at least one to call their own. This makes my heart happy.

February 26, 2015 by, Lindsey

Ooo this looks like a good one!

Do you know what kapa is? I’m sure you’ve seen it before but you may not know what it is. Perhaps I have sparked your curiosity though, eh?

Airing tonight on PBS Hawaii is Hawaiian Masterpieces: Ka Hana Kapa. Airing at 9pm HST. The preview is the link above in this post, and I wonder if you can view the whole thing online, perhaps once it has already aired. I think that is how it works. Watch the couple minute preview to get a dose of kapa education, and if you’d like, tune in later to see the full episode.

In other news, have a happy Thursday. Here a gorgeous plant I took a picture of the other day. I’d say Happy Aloha Friday , but it’s a wee bit premature!

IMG_2437 (2)

February 25, 2015 by, Lindsey

I stumbled upon this website I am about to share with you. It is all about Kauai’s roads, drive times, distances to and from major cities, and more. I read through it and found it to be truthful, and well, helpful! That is why I am gladly sharing it with you, the readers of my blog.

New to Kauai? Planning your first trip, or your annual trip? You may be wondering about what it is like being on an island. Yes, there are cars, roadways, and everything else you would expect when it comes to roadways. You can rent a car while you are here, you can use a taxi service, or the Kauai bus as a mode of transportation. Even bike riding is an efficient way to get around in a local community if you are not planning on going far.

Ok, so for the site, follow this link here and see some estimated drive times to and from places. They also have a highway cheat sheet of highway numbers corresponding o the nicknames they have been given. If you are not familiar with Hawaiian, the numbers may suit you just fine, and folks will know the highways you are talking about as well.

Remember Kauai has some wonderfully rugged parts as well, so you cannot take a fully circular coastal tour. The Na Pali coast makes this not possible. The North Shore is where I suggest going for a mix of everything including the views, scenery and beaches.

Hawaii is a state that enforces the use of hands free devices while driving. Also noteworthy, is that children under the age of eight years old or eighty pounds must be in a car seat or booster seat. These are pretty much standard national laws as far as I know.

February 23, 2015 by, pVille-227
February 21, 2015 by, Lindsey

You might be surprised how many times I get asked questions about Kauai. This is what leads me to blog today. Here come some Kauai FAQ’s round number 2…

Q: Where is a good place to eat?

Depending on where I am when I get asked this question, I immediately stop and look around and point to the nearest eatery that I have eaten at before. Everywhere I have eaten is good eats. You might think I’m joking, but really, it’s hard to go wrong here. I usually ask the person what type of cuisine they like, or what type of dining experience they are looking for (formal, casual, quick). My advice: no worries in asking, but just try an eatery and see for yourself!

Q: Is it safe to go in the ocean?

The ocean is safe to go in and swim in, yes, but there are times when it would be an unwise choice. Always obey lifeguards, postings regarding tides and sea life, as well as warning flags. Sometimes it is not a good time to go into the water. Most other times it is completely fine. Be smart, use common sense, and be respectful to others and the environment around you. That’s the advice I like to give.

Q: Do people on Kauai speak English?

I get this question more so over the internet and my blog than I do live and in person. The answer is yes, I’d say most people on Kauai speak English. Furthermore, there are also those on Kauai who speak Hawaiian, Japanese and Mandarin. Just like anywhere else a world traveler would go these days though, you are bound to come across someone knowing a foreign language.

And there you have it, some more FAQ that I get, answered for you! You’re welcome ;)

Princeville on Kauai’s North Shore is a luxurious place to stay on vacation. They have vacation rentals of all different types, so whatever meets your fancy. Pali Ke Kua 225 is one of the ones I like to brag about. It is oh so nice AND the right price! ;)

Pali Ke Kua is a vacation rental unit hosting two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private lanai (porch), and gorgeous ocean views. The bedroom situation has a king sixed bed, and then two doubles. If need be, there are beds enough to sleep 6 people comfortably. The bathrooms are modern and accommodating. Check out the picture slide show at the link above. The vacation rental complex, Pali Ke Kua, has a community pool, jetted hot tub, barbeque grill and a picnic area. The views… did I mention the view from this unit is divine?! Ocean. Front. Yes. Please! Did I mention there is a secluded beach, with this community having beach access? Yes, to Hideaways beach is the one. It is a great beach for snorkeling, swimming, or sunbathing. Sunbathing may have been an automatic thought of what a beach is good for, but I thought I’d say it again anyways.

More than just a place to sleep, access a secluded beach, grill-out, and swim in a swimming pool, Pali Ke Kua also brags of a full kitchen (ready for action) and a washer and dryer in unit. It is like your vacation home– it is a vacation home. It is perfect for families, extended families, or even couples on double date vacations to go out and getaway.

February 19, 2015 by, Lindsey

For those of you regulars who follow my blog, I’d like to take a moment to update you on something near and dear to my heart: the Kauai Humane Society. They have hit it big (news-wise) by landing in a post by the Huffington Post. See the article here:

For those of you who are relatively new to my blog, let me fill you in real quick. Awhile ago I wrote about an article, inspired by the Kauai Humane Society (KHS) that offers a way for visitors, residents, anyone really to be able to stop by the shelter and take a dog for a walk. They can talk the dog for a walk, take the dog with them out for a few hours, or they can opt to take the dog on a mini-vacation for a few days or so. How neat is that? Well, these dogs are of course up for adoption as well. They are shelter dogs, and they are lovable!

So this one story, of a KHS adoption of a dog, named Big Z, hit social media like wildfire! His story was mentioned in the Huffington Post article. What the big ground breaking news now, is that his owners have created an app for that! An app for what? An app that lists shelter dogs nearest you that are available to take a walk. The app is called “Walkzee” which is a cute little combination of walk and Z, as in their dog Big Z. Cute tribute name I think! :)

Ok, now before you go to look and download the app, let me tell you that this app will not hit your app store until June of this year. It is coming though, and maybe just in time for your summer vacation to Kauai.

February 16, 2015 by, Lindsey

It started February 14th, Valentine’s Day. It ends February 21st. It is the annual Waimea Town Celebration!! This is a fabulous time to come and play and participate in fun, recreational activities and entertainment events. The community comes together for this week-long celebration and has a memorable time doing it all.

No, you do not have to be a part of every single activity, no. That is not the purpose of this event. The purpose is more so to boost community involvement, support nonprofit organizations, and to do fun athletic activities.

Sunday February 15th – King Kaumuali’i Festival is this day. Admission is free, food and drinks available for purchase. This special festival encompasses hula performances, and a 3-act play depicting historic events from the King’s life.

Monday February 16th – Waimea Film Festival takes place today for a full day of documentaries and international screenings at the Waimea Theater. Tickets range from 6-8$ per film or a 25$ day pass is available as well. Follow this link to see what’s playing, and at what time:

Wednesday February 18th – This year’s Ambassador of Aloha 2015, Mrs. Nalani Brun will be presenting at the Waimea Theater to share her support of annual festivals and her past experiences.

Thursday February 19th – They are calling it “Tales and Treats” at the Waimea Theater, where Story Teller Joseph Keoki Punohu will be sharing some sweet treats and also some spooky tales. Tickets are 10$.

Friday and Saturday February 20-21 – So much is going on this day… I will make a brief list of the highlights: Silent Auction at the Waimea Theater, Ukulele Contest at Old Waimea Mill, Ice Cream Eating Contest at the Mill also, Surf Ski Races from McBryde to Waimea Landing, Fun Runs of different distances to end at the Waimea Plantation Cottages, Hat Lei Contest at the West Kauai Visitor’s Center, Basketball tournament at Waimea Canyon Park Basketball Courts, Softball Tournament at Waimea Athletic Field, a Roundup Rodeo at the Old Waimea Dairy site, and also the Heritage of Aloha event with free live entertainment at the Old Waimea Mill

It is a fun, fun week we are in! Look up what events and activities you are most interested to get involved in!

February 16, 2015 by, Lindsey

Kauai has a lot to brag about. Let me do some of the bragging! ;)

In Kilauea there is a soap and candle shop that makes their products here on Kauai with solar power. How neat is that? They are the Island Soap & Candle Works Company who make high quality soaps, candles and other goodies. Yes I love that they produce and use solar powered energy, and I also love that these good folks are part of the Kauai Made organization that supports and promotes merchants that manufacture, produce, and sell Kauai-made products. That’s what led me to toot their own horn for them…

Here is their website ( that you can order from, if you will not be able to come and visit the shop live and in person in Kilauea, Kauai. They use natural palm oil in most of their products. To go into more detail, I suggest checking out their website. Keep in mind that they offer handmade soaps, skin care products, massage oils, bath products, lip balms, candles, and they have gift basket collections and items paired together as well.

If you are looking for a unique gift, go ahead and try their products out! I have always been a fan of all natural, so they have me sold on this. I have heard nothing but great reviews of this place as well, so that was part of my inspiration to blog about ‘em.

February 13, 2015 by, Lindsey

When you come to Kauai, the beach is most likely one of the places you’d like to visit. And maybe not just one beach or any beach, but multiple beaches. If I were in a visitor’s shoes and not living on Kauai, I would want to visit more than one, well more than two beaches during my stay. Kauai’s beaches are gorgeous! Some are great for swimming, others snorkeling or surfing. Some are ideal for a walk along the shore. There is quite a variety of beaches to meet the fancy of what you are looking for.

With that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to talk about reefs… coral reefs to be exact. Coral reefs are living things. They are alive! If you go to a beach with the intent to snorkel, please respect the reef. Kicking, touching, stepping on it can cause damage to the corals.

Another reminder, is that fish do not need feeding. I know this can be a common misconception that it is fun to feed the fish, but really the ocean provides what the fish need. Feeding them people food can cause disruptive behavior in fishes and is all around undesirable. Marine life whether fish or coral underwater (or other living creatures for that matter) as well as marine life along the shore like turtles and monk seals should be respected and left alone. Do not approach these animals and always respect their habitat.