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The ocean. Some people are just drawn to the ocean. It is what they need. It is where they like to be. When you travel to Kauai, most people will want to go to the ocean. Some individuals are drawn to the ocean and simply do not want to leave. If this sounds like you or your significant other, I suggest getting a vacation rental home near the water. Get as close to the ocean as possible. Get close enough that at night as you fall asleep you will be able to hear the waves crash and roll out. The getaway condo at Sealodge fits the bill.

Sealodge E4

This is a condo that is nestled into a small complex up on the ocean bluffs in Princeville. The water is just below the bluffs as you are perched appropriately on the cliff. The rise up on the bluffs makes it magnificent and oh so glorious! Sitting out on the lanai is so invigorating, so awakening, I just love it! Depending on the season, weekly rates start at low as $700 per week. Check and see what dates are available and what weekly and nightly rates currently are.

What you get for the price is a one bedroom one bath condo. There is a full kitchen, cable television, a laundry washer and dryer, and also a sleeper sofa. This is ideal for a couple’s getaway or for a family of four (sleeps two per bed/queen sofa sleeper). There is also a shared pool and a barbeque area onsite to share with other vacation renters.

The views! The location in Princeville! The price… it is all so attractive. Look at these pictures from Sealodge E4 and tell me how desirable this is!

April 16, 2014 by, Lindsey

Well I know Easter is coming, but this is also my birthday month! (Happy birthday to me tomorrow!) I found myself trying to be savvy online, and looking for places where I can get a free drink or a free something on my birthday. Who doesn’t like free, without compromising on quality… am I right? Anyway, since I looked up this stuff, I thought I would blog about it. Here are some freebies you can get on your birthday while on Kauai…

Starbucks. This might be common knowledge by now, but when you sign up as a gold card member (a registered Starbucks card holder) then you are in their system and are mailed a free drink car in the mail. Any hand crafted drink is yours, free! Add a shot of espresso, add another if you’d like, make it a venti, ad caramel and vanilla.. it is all up to you. There is even a story about this going too far! Read this for a laugh. I cringed first, actually.

Burger King. This only applies for a child, but hey–you gotta save money when and where you can, am I right or am I right? So when you register your child with Burger King online, you will also be prompted to enter in his or her birthday. On their birthday they will receive a free kid’s meal!

McDonald’s. I am not 100% sure, but I know that McDonald’s also does a free happy meal for kid’s on their birthday. I am just not sure if they have to be registered.

What I also witnessed, is that most places you go to eat or drink at, if you make it known that it is your birthday or your child’s birthday, folks will usually do something special. This is not guaranteed, but most restaurants will give you something. Some may ask for ID for birthday proof, and some may not. What I do know, is that it is kind to include the price of the dessert (or the free meal or whatever birthday freebie you got) to include that price in your tipping amount. It is always kind when someone brings you something special on your big day. I know I like it!

April 15, 2014 by, Lindsey

Did everyone see the “blood moon” the other night? It was a special night to see the blood moon, or the total lunar eclipse . Here is my favorite image of it. My camera phone did not do it justice, but I like this one of the blood moon. I saw it this morning on my facebook news feed.

So it came up last night just before 7pm Hawaiian Standard Time. Then close to 8pm is when it began to get it reddish, orange-ish hue. It sure was neat to see. I also like the fact that I did not have to wake up from my slumber at oh say 3am to see it. It was conveniently timed here on Kauai!

This total lunar eclipse is what everyone was and is talking about. I think it was neat to see, and I liked brushing up on my science knowledge to understand how this exactly happened. It is not the first time this has happened and it will not be the last. To my understanding , this is the first of four eclipses between now and September of next year. Pretty neat they are all clustered together like this. Next up on the calendar is April 28th’s annular eclipse. This is when the moon will partially block the sun and the sun will look like only a ring of fire. I’m looking forward to this next one!

Easter is in the air! It is that time of year again and I am getting excited! I just love the community here, the events, the activities… in other words everything. Let me tell you about the Easter Parade and Egg Hunt at Prince Albert Park this Saturday the 12th.

This is a family fun event hosted by the Princeville Community Association. It is a free event. Free and fun. I love it when those two words wind up in the same sentence! ;)

Anyway, it is at Prince Albert Park in Princeville. The park by itself is designed for children ages one through eight, and it is a clean and well maintained park and play structure. (I was there recently–I know these things!) It is right across the street from the Princeville Library, too. Here is the address for those who wish to know the street address so they can better navigate there: 4304 Emmalani Drive, Princeville, Hawaii.

The event starts at 2pm and there will be a parade to kick it off. Bring a bike, wagon, stroller… something child friendly for the parade. Dress it up and dazzle it out before hand so the parade can sparkle and shine as the procession carries on. There will also be an opportunity for the children to meet the Easter Bunny. Now how perfect is that?! Furthermore, there will be an egg hunt at the park. Festivities are anticipated to end around 4pm. I got the flyer just the other day and thought I would pass along the info. You’re welcome.

April 9, 2014 by, Lindsey

As loyal readers to my blog know, I love fresh food. I love locally grown food. If it is organic then you know I am all in! I found out about this awesome dairy farm when I was at the Hanalei farmer’s market one Saturday awhile back. The Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm in Kilauea on Kauai’s north shore is my dream come true!

This goat dairy farm makes all kinds of products for the home, as well as food products …and they grow fresh produce. I just found out that they are starting a membership where once a week members (and seasonal members) can come pickup their box of fresh produce as well as the option to get a few other home goods such as milk, cheese, honey, eggs, baked goods, lotions and soaps made from goat’s milk, etc. The good folks at this dairy are kind and in business to sell what they have grown and created.

For those who are just passing through on Kauai, like staying at a rental on the north shore, this is a great place to go on your first day here. Stock up with fresh produce and things for your vacation home’s kitchen. They also have tours! So go get your food here and get a tour that is family friendly and interactive. It was nice to see some kids outside feeding the goats for fun. The samplings will ensure you buy their delicious goodies. They had me at hello! ;)

The folks at Kauai Kunana Diary are very earth-friendly in their practices on the farm. They have won awards and are leading the way in green and sustainable practices. I love supporting them and all they do. Now that I have done the tour, I can appreciate their business even more. I look forward to seeing them at the farmer’s market and I plan to go to Kilauea to visit or to take friends on the tour.

They are located at 4552 Kapuna Road, Kilauea, HI 96754. They do not have regular business hours, but feel free to send them an email at That is what I have done. That or I call ahead for a special order: 808-651-5046 and ask for Ryan.

Looking for things to do on Kauai’s north shore? How about kayaking? This is not the kind of kayaking that has rapids or something like that, this kind of kayaking is more like paddling around. If you are not a fitness buff, then this may feel like an upper body workout a bit… like it was for me.

Kayaking on Hanalei River is a fun thing to do, and it’s family friendly. There are kayaks for rent (that seat up to three people is the most I have seen). There are folks out there with children too, so you can bring them along if you think they are ready, good listeners, and who want to go out on the water. I have seen kids as young as about four years old, if that helps any.

There are multiple locations on the north shore to get out and on the water. Hanalei River is the one I like to kayak on. The water is easy and smooth. The landscape is breathtaking! You are bound to see wildlife such as turtles and birds. It is like an estuary out there.

With any kayaking adventure, I recommend going prepared. Sunscreen is a must, a water bottle, maybe a sunhat or other type of shade. Wear clothes that you would be okay getting wet in as far as shorts and shoes. You can bring your cell phone if you wish. There is a thing called a “dry bag” case that is available for rent at most all kayak rental shops. It is large enough to hold a few small possessions to keep dry, such as a phone, wallet, and a key ring. In case the inside of the boat gets wet, these items will be just fine. If you think this is a good investment for your lifestyle, go ahead a buy a dry bag, or bring the one you already own.

There is always something good going on in Princeville. That is part of why I recommend vacationing and staying on this shoreline town. For a family of four, Puamana in Princeville is just the right vacation rental to come and stay at. This two-story condo sleeps four people comfortably and does not miss a beat when it comes to meeting your family’s needs.

Puamana 2D is the condominium vacation rental located at 3880 Wyllie Road, Princeville, HI. It is an end unit, and you could very well call it a townhouse. At this beautiful location you will get to experience both a mountain and a tropical garden view. Oh, and the golf course is nearby too. The Anini beach path is a five minute walk away, too. Didn’t I say that this place does not miss a thing?!

It is a two bedroom, two bath condo. A king bed is in the master and a queen is in the other bedroom downstairs. Every room is furnished with linens and all of the little details that count. There are plenty of bathroom linens as well. The clothes washer and dryer there are also nice to have, for you can do your laundry on an as-need basis, and not worry about running out of clothes or returning to your home with luggage full of clothes that need to be laundered.

The kitchen is ready to go! You do need to stock it with food, but everything else you need is right there at your fingertips. This makes it easy to have your meals first thing in the morning, or late at night while the kids are in bed for example. I think having a kitchen in-home is great for families with young children who can be routy at meals sometimes, or for the person who has specialty dietary needs. Having access around the clock to a full sized kitchen is the best when you are on vacation. Not too many places can brag about that!

There is so much more that this rental has to offer: a gas barbeque, a pool onsite, a private patio, television, phone, the whole nine-yards. Rates for Puamana 2D start as low as $840 per week. That is as low as $120 per day! That is a very competitive price that will be tough to beat considering all of the accommodations this place has to offer. Feel free to call Oceanfront Realty at 808-826-6478 and ask about seasonal prices, discounts, and availability. Nightly rates are also an option–it is not limited to only weekly rates. Puamana really is a great condo to stay at while you and your family come to visit Princeville and the surrounding areas on the beautiful Kauai.

Today was the grand opening of Fish Eye Kauai in Princeville! Fish Eye Kauai is an art gallery that has on display a variety of art mediums. The grand opening today was a big success. The atmosphere was great, the weather was just right (there were some light showers, but no big deal) and the live music was welcoming. I enjoyed touring through the gallery and snacking on some hors d’oeuvres (yes I had to spell check that one…). This is a family friendly art gallery that has pieces on display for purchase. I think it is a great tribute to Princeville to have a place like this nestled into the community.

At Fish Eye they specialize in photographic prints featuring underwater photographs of Kauai by Scuba Tom. Also known as Thomas Green, this is his first gallery! How exciting to be a part of such a great gallery at the grand opening. Tom shares the gallery with a few other local artists. There are a lot of photographs (my personal favorite) and also carvings and creations. Oh–and there is jewelry as well!

Princeville is one of the best places to come and stay on Kauai, in my opinion. Hmm perhaps that is why I am living on the north shore! Come check out this place if you are wanting to see some talented artists’ work. Fish Eye is on the Kuhio Highway in Princeville. Check out their webpage here for directions, hours of operation, the whole thing…

March 30, 2014 by, Lindsey

If you live on Kauai then you know exactly what I am talking about when I say “shave ice” …for those of you who are going to be coming to Kauai soon or are here visiting, let me tell you now: please treat yourself to some shave ice…

Shave ice is beautifully shaved ice that I like to describe as “fluffy, soft, smooth and fine.” This is not a snow cone or a slushy or anything like that. It is so significantly better that it really does not compare to those. Shave ice is delicious and it comes in a wide variety of flavors. Syrups are added to give the shave ice its flavor.

There is also the option to get ice cream with your shave ice. I recommend the ice cream. Why? Because I like ice cream. The ice cream is also your choice, so pick carefully and pair well with your syrups. When in doubt, ask the person serving you what they like and they will be sure to recommend a good combination.

Where can you get shave ice? On the north shore here, there is a place called Shave Ice Paradise. They set up shop at 5-5183 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 96714. Type that into your GPS or smart phone and they are open most afternoons on into the evening. I like–no wait, I love their shave ice with Macadamia nut ice cream and coconut syrup. Heaven in a cup. Look here for their other syrup flavors.

Another hot spot to go for shave ice is at Wishing Well Shave Ice in Hanalei. Here is their address 5-5066 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 96714. There are more flavors on the menu, but I say equally as good as Paradise. If one is not open, go to the other, really. When you need some shave ice in your life, you just need it. And then you’ll need seconds! That is what I always have to talk myself out of: seconds… each time I have shave ice.

There are other tasty shave ice locations on Kauai’s north shore, I just highlighted two today. I will name others in later blogs and other types of eateries as well. I just had to share about shave ice so you too can experience it–and the sooner the better.

March 26, 2014 by, Lindsey

Today, March 26th, is a special day and a state-wide holiday for Hawaii. Today is Prince Jonah Kuhio Ka-lani-ana-`ole’s birthday! For short, he has been nicknamed “Prince Kuhio.” He was born in 1871 on Kauai, and in his adult life he played a major role in Hawaiian politics. He was born a royal, and was also elected as a delegate to the US Congress. For a more thorough bio on Prince Kuhio, read more here.

What I really want to share about it all of the events going on today in honor of Prince Kuhio Celebration Kauai 2014! If you are on Kauai, you already know that some events have started and the festivities usually span a week or two around his birthday.

There has been a Prince Kuhio Rodeo with barrel racing, goat tying, bull riding, breakaway roping–the whole deal.

At the National Tropical Botanical Garden there was a special guest, Kupuna Mele Brewer, who shared about the art of hula, how to make a lei, and she also shared Hawaiian proverbs.

Other festivities in honor of Prince Kuhio include good food… the Plantation Gardens Restaurant held a royal dinner there earlier last week.

On Saturday there was the annual Prince Kuhio Commemorative Ceremonies with the royal order of Kamehameha at Prince Kuhio Park.

The Garden Island Canoe Racing Association help a long distance race too, in the Prince’s honor. Afterall, he was one to help promote and make a way for Hawaiian canoeing to have its place.

And today, on his actual birthday, at the Kauai Museum they are having a special celebration there.

If you are still interested in joining in on the festivities, at Anahola Beach Park this coming Saturday the 29th there will be a *free* celebration, open to the public. It will be a good time for everyone, I am certain of it! :D Happy Birthday Celebration Prince Kuhio!

March 24, 2014 by, Lindsey

When most people think of Hawaii, they think of the beach. On Kauai there are many gorgeous beaches to go to! I want to shine the spotlight on Anini Beach today… it is a favorite of mine and of my friends. If you have children, this is a great beach for them too.


Anini Beach is located just southeast of Princeville, so if you are staying in Princeville or Hanalei, you should definitely go to this beach. It is located on Anini Road, on your right hand side of the road. If you are looking for it, you will not miss it. There is a home at the end of the road, but right on past it to get to the beach.

What To Expect

If you think a beach is just a beach–think again. Anini Beach has something for everyone, I think. It is very kid-friendly there. I have seen children as young as 4 years old learn how to snorkel there. The reef is only six or so feet deep, so it is easy to see turtles and fish! The beach is calm. It does not get big waves which makes it great for the little ones to have fun in the water. I have seen kids gain confidence in swimming and snorkeling there, and I have even seen some folks teaching their children how to get up on a long board out there (again, with no waves).

What I like about Anini Beach (add it to the list) is the ample shade trees. I like to lay out in the sun every now and then, but there are other times when I seek refuge from the sun’s ray. There are shade trees but also there are climbing trees! How fun is that?! One I know of hangs out over the water (it’s not high up) and it is fun to jump in off of it. Good times…

There are picnic tables in the area so people are able to enjoy a meal while on the beach. There are other facilities such as showers and bathrooms. Oh and there is a lifeguard on duty. By now I should have convinced you to go to this beach and see for yourself how great it is!

March 23, 2014 by, Lindsey

For those who are staying or will be staying in Princeville, let me tell you about two great eateries nearby. Both CJ’s Steak & Seafood and Federico’s are located in the Princeville Shopping Center (5-4280 Kuhio Hwy, Princeville). I am always a fan of a good place to eat, so I thought I would blog about these two.

CJ’s Steak & Seafood is a great option if you are looking for seafood, steak, or a variety to please the group you are with. It give everyone an option and I know I have never been disappointed! Monday is Meatloaf day… and let me tell you… this meatloaf is out of this world! Now I get why people wait for Mondays. Oh and Prime Rib is on Friday’s. ;)

Now for Federico’s Fresh Mex Cuisine… this really is authentic Mexican cuisine here on Kauai’s north shore. I like it for they have the option to dine in or to take your food to go. They also offer breakfast, in addition to lunch and dinner. Whether you are visiting or are living on Kauai, this is a place to go get some fresh Mexican food. The food is affordable but does not compromise on quality. Their avocados and tomatoes are locally grown, as well a number of other ingredients in their recipes. Again, Federico’s is located at the food court at the Princeville Shopping Center behind the Post Office.

I am always trying new eateries and returning to the oldies but goodies that I love. As I try more places I will blog about them! As for now, I am calling it a night… Monday is just around the corner now!

Looking to stay on Kauai’s north shore soon? The gorgeous Hale Waileia is available as a vacation home. Check your calendars and see what dates this home is still available for. At just $1,350 per week, this vacation rental home is worth it all. Click on the link I added above to see pictures of the home–both inside and out!

This home is modern, with clean lines. It has an open floor plan so it is great for entertaining a large family or a group of friends for a Kauai vacation. It sleeps six with two queen sized beds and two twin sized beds for a total of three bedrooms. There are also two full sized baths. If you need space to add that extra person, there is a single folding bed to sleep just one more person. If you are needing to sleep an infant or small child, Hale Waileia comes stocked with a pack ‘n play as well. Look how many people this house can sleep now?!

The accommodations are all there: TV with DVD player, high speed internet and it is fully stocked with quality, updated furnishings. Check out the pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms–you will be impressed I am sure. What I like about a vacation rental home, is that while you are there, you have the luxury of coming back and relaxing to a place where everything you need is at your fingertips. There’s the kitchen you stock with foods and drinks, and you can have some late night fun while the kids are safe and soundly asleep in the room down the hall. Having a home while on vacation makes it all the more relaxing.

Oh! Let me also tell you about the location of Hale Waileia. The home is at 4240 Waileia Place, Princeville, HI 96722. It is in a residential community just a couple minutes’ drive (or a few minutes’ walk) from being in town. This way you are close to activities in town, restaurants, shopping; and then in the other direction you are just a short drive from the beach. The view in the backyard is luscious and oh so green! The greenery and the garden life is simply divine. Hale Waileia is a great vacation rental home in Princeville–great for a family or large group who wants some space to relax and spread out. It makes for a great home-base while staying active with all of the sights to see and things to do on “The Garden Island.”

The island of Kauai is known as “The Garden Island.” I want to share my experience at the Limahuli Garden and Preserve which is recognized as one of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in the United States.

Located at 5-8291 Kuhio Highway, Haena on Kauai’s north shore, this garden of living history is one of a kind. The garden is open for both self-guided and guided tours starting at fifteen dollars per person. I read a sign that this garden experience is only for people ages ten and over. Note that guided tours require reservations in advance using their online system. Look here for Limahuli Gardens tour information to select a date for your reservation and to find out more specific tour information.

I read-ahead and went prepared for this walking tour of the gardens. Please wear good walking shoes (your feet will thank you), and bring a water bottle. I went on a self-guided tour and I got to pause at the spots and checkpoints that I wanted to. They also provide a booklet on the self-guided tour, so that was interesting to read and learn about the stops along the way . It was neat to actually see the garden spots like the stepped irrigation section and then to look in the booklet and read about it. What a glance into the past! The time I spent touring was close to two hours worth. Just letting you know so you can plan accordingly.

It was so neat to learn about and to see plants that are native to Hawaii and to see others that are not native to Hawaii. Did you know that coconut palms are not native to Hawaii?! It is amazing what you can learn if you just step outside of your comfort bubble and immerse yourself in your surroundings. History is fascinating.

Also during my tour I learned that this garden has won national awards as the best natural botanical garden in the whole United States. They have the best appropriate environmental practices of soil, water, and rare plant conservation in their overall garden design. This is a sight to see, folks… a garden to experience.

March 14, 2014 by, Lindsey

Weekends are always busy for me. I can only imagine this is also true for you folks. This weekend is packed for me, but I am also looking ahead to the following weekend! Can you tell I like to plan? And I like to look forward to fun things to do? And on top of that I love free events? (I also like sharing my knowledge through blogging!)

Saturday the 22nd could not get any better, for all of you golfing fans with children. On Kauai there is a Free Kids Clinic by PGA and LPGA Professionals. It is the 3rd Annual Junior Golf Day put on by the Hawaii State Junior Golf Association. This is exclusively a children’s beginning golf event for kids ages five through eighteen. They are advertising for new and beginner golfers only. Of course parents will need to accompany their children, but they will not be golfing at this event. The focus is on the kids–getting them involved, getting them active, and having fun.

Hit the greens of Kauai’s Princeville Makai Golf Club for this upcoming event. The lead contact person for this opportunity is Alex Nakajima. I went ahead and attached the online registration link here, for your convenience. If you are wondering where to go exactly, here is the address of the Makai Golf Club at Princeville: 4080 Lei O Papa Rd, Princeville, HI 96722. That should work out perfectly if you are using a smart phone or other GPS device.

Why is this event opportunity going on? Why not! It is a fun way to get kids outdoors and to try a new sport. Just like with new foods, you will never know if you like it until you try it. Same goes with sports. This sounds like a great opportunity to get outside and try out golfing for your children.

I highly suggest this outing for those who are staying on Kauai’s north shore, like in a Princeville vacation rental. What a way to have a day out on the greens and to make some family memories. The first forty children to register online will receive a free tee gift. Glad I am telling you about this early, hmm? You’re welcome. :)

March 11, 2014 by, Lindsey

Alright, this is turning out to be a busy week for me and this weekend is looking to be much busier! There are so many events and activities going on here on “The Garden Island” that I must share as many as I can! If you are not wanting to travel to Lihue for the lei making workshop this Saturday, I would encourage you to come to a free event on the north shore.

It is a community workday–a great way to get involved in the community by lending a helping hand. Did I mention that after the cleanup they are also providing a free lunch? Yes, there is a Waipa Community Workday this Saturday from 9am to 12noon followed by a free lunch.

This may not seem like the most glamorous event, but it sure has a lot of meaning and purpose. The workday is to help control the weeds and to then plant native trees and other useful plants of the Ahupua’a of Waipa and Malama the stream.

Interested in getting a bit dirty to help beautify Kauai’s natural landscape? If you are genuinely interested in helping out, here is what you can do. Contact Emmaleah at (831) 566-4575. She will want to know that you are coming. This will also help the Waipa Foundation plan for lunch that day. After you RSVP, pack your bag. Bring a filled water bottle, good shoes for walking and hiking, a towel, a snack if you so desire, and gloves for gardening type activities. Apply sunscreen and insect repellant before you come out, too.

The group is starting out the cleanup workday at Waipa, just a half mile out of Hanalei. This is a great option for those of you staying on Kauai’s north shore. If you and your family or group of friends staying on the island are looking for something productive to do, this is a great option for a few hours on Saturday morning. Now if only I can decide on which event or events I can make it to that day!

March 10, 2014 by, Lindsey

Have you ever seen beautiful Hawaiian leis? I am convinced there is nothing else like them. Flower leis have become quite an iconic symbol relating to Hawaii. I found the perfect event for you and your family to attend to, this upcoming weekend, Saturday the 15th. At the Kauai Museum in Lihue, there is a children’s lei workshop. Called, the Keiki La Lei Workshop, this $5 per family event will certainly be a memorable one.

There are actually six different lei making techniques. One is “kui” which is by stringing, “kipu’u” is another method by knotting, “wili” uses twisting, and “humu papa” is a method where it uses sewing on the backing. “Haku” uses a braiding technique and “hili” lei making utilizes a plaited approach. It might sound complicated, but I hear some award-winning lei makers will be there to lead the class.

The first session of instruction starting at 9:30am will cover kui, kipu’u and wili. The second class commences at 10:30am and will be on the other three methods.

This sure sounds like a fun-filled event! I got word that participants must bring their own lei making materials. This should not be a problem, for any floral shop will be able to provide what goods you need. Perhaps you already have some flowers on your property and you could use. This is a special event for the kids and will be worth the trip to Lihue. With this advanced notice, you should easily be able to make it to the event on-time.

March 6, 2014 by, Lindsey

Traveling with children and other special needs people require more resources and equipment for everyday activities. I can understand that when it comes time to travel, you cannot bring everything with you. There is only so much you can pack and fly with. You may want to bring every little thing and every big thing including the kitchen sink, but really you do not need to. I want to share with you Ready Rentals. The lovely people at this company offer rentals of items to people anywhere on Kauai.

For example, say you are staying at a vacation rental and you checked with the property management to see if there is a crib or not. Or maybe you have an elderly person who occasionally needs a wheelchair. This company, Ready Rentals, are the ones to call upon when you find yourself needing an item or two to rent during your stay. They rent out cribs, strollers, rollaway beds, wheelchairs, and beach accessories at weekly and also daily rates. I think it is all very affordable… especially considering the alternatives of going without of buying new.

They offer solid wood cribs for rent with mattress and bottom fitted sheet. Bumpers are an additional charge if you choose to rent that as well. They also have portable cribs, also known as pack-n-plays with the bottom fitted sheet provided. These folks pay attention to the details so that the customer is not left high and dry.

Now for strollers they have quite the variety. Single and double jogging strollers work best on the sand. There is also a lite rider stroller and a tandem double stroller. Prices for strollers and all other items can be rented per day or at per week prices. They are really, very accommodating.

On the topic of children, Ready Rentals offer more infant and toddler equipment items for rent. They have high chairs, booster chairs, baby swings, baby gates, exersaucers, bed rails, and baby frame backpacks. You can just imagine how useful and handy it would be to have these items during you stay on Kauai. If I had a child, I know I would be eyeing that backpack for some hiking outings!

There is a twin sized rollaway bed that can be rented. Full linens can be rented at an additional price too. This is great for vacation rentals that you are going to be staying at and you are just in need of another spot for the last person to sleep. There are two different types of wheel chairs for rent as well. Now for beach accessories, there is quite a variety of goodies there.

Check out Ready Rentals to make your Kauai stay just perfect for those additional resources you will be needing. Renting as opposed to buying is a good way to save on costs while not depriving yourself or your group from enjoying their time. Ready Rentals delivers and picks up. Follow the link I added and click on “Order Form” to place your order, or you can give them a call at 1-800-599-8008.

As you may know, I am always looking for things to do on Kauai, and I love to blog and share my findings! To keep up with all that is happening on Kauai’s north shore, staying on the north end of the island is best. I came across the Princeville Nalu House! This house is great… I am confident you will enjoy your stay while here. From $1,200 per week, you do not want to pass up this rental opportunity.


The Nalu House is in Princeville, a major city on Kauai, filled with shopping centers, restaurants, golf courses and it is ridiculously close to the beach. The house is a single-story home on a residential street. It is at: 5112 Kapiolani Loop, Princeville, HI. Thought some folks may want to look it up for themselves. It is on a quiet, residential loop. How perfect is that for a family vacation?

The House

Okay, the house itself is a single story dwelling. This is ideal for families with small children and also those with elderly family members. By having no stairs, this makes for a safer and more family-friendly environment where everyone can move about the home with ease. The house has a garage to house your rental car (should you opt to get one).


Princeville Nalu House gets to boast of two bathrooms and two full bathrooms. The master bedroom has a California King bed (that’s the largest kind bed I know of) and it has a spacious on-suite bathroom. The other bedroom holds a queen bed. Now there is an additional room off of the garage that has a full sized bed. So really, this home sleeps six people when all of the beds are full.

The floor plan in welcoming and has a logical flow to it. I like it when floor plans and the general set up are logical! It also has high ceilings which are great for ambiance and the breeze to have room to flow on into your living space. From inside the home, you get to look out onto lush garden views. Nearby homes are not too close either. They are a comfortable and appropriate distance away. There is a relaxing sense of privacy at this vacation rental home.

This home is fully functioning as you would expect any other home to be. It has a full sized washer and dryer. That will be nice to not have to go home and have suitcases full of dirty clothes. Oh! The kitchen is gorgeous and fully stocked for use. There is Wi-Fi! See, told you it was an up and running rental home with all of the details you may take for granted.


If you step out the back sliding door onto the lanai (deck), you will get to experience the outdoors in full! There is outdoor furniture and a grill for use. It is so tempting just to lay out there and sunbathe. Do it! ;) Something else I really liked about this place, is that there are fruit trees on the property. Yes–you can help yourself to them! I love touches like that to a rental home. You just cannot beat the whole house–the whole property–effect!

There is a double person hammock out on the grass. I opted to take the hammock all to myself and cozy with a light blanket and my current book in the evening. It was just the right combination of everything: the breeze, the smells, the sounds, the sway of the hammock… it was all I wanted. I got to take this rental for a test-drive and it sooooo passed.

Looking for something to do this coming weekend? I have just the event for you. It came up on my facebook feed and I thought I would share the info! Oh and should I mention it is free?! Yes it is a free event! Be sure to pre-register so you can participate, it is required. Now that I have you all wild-up about this event I should probably tell you what it is. There is a free Roping Clinic for young ropers at Farias Cattle Company in Kapaa. If you are staying on the north shore of Kauai, just follow the Kuhio Highway east and then south as it curves with the island. This looks like it will be a fun event for kids to come out and show off some roping skills.

This is an event where parent/guardian participation/supervision is required. There is an orientation on Friday, March 7th at 6pm. The workshop activities begin the follow day, Saturday at 10am and go until 4pm. Sunday is the same schedule with a 10am start and a 4pm finish. Those who will be participating in this roping clinic will need to bring a personal lunch and drink both days. Snacks will not be provided either. Plan accordingly.

Just think about it–a free roping workshop where your youngsters can really learn a thing or two about roping. The highlight speaker and teacher of this event is Rickey Green, horse trainer and team roper from Texas. You can thank The Department of Parks and Recreation for sponsoring this event.

I also want to take the time to tell you more about the Farias Cattle Company where the event is being held. Bobby Farias is the owner of this company and runs his operation for the purpose of land management and also beef production. It rests on three thousand acres of land, and Bobby was given the award for “Green Business Initiative” recently. This is sure to be a good time with good people doing some fun things out in the beautiful country landscape of Kauai. Consider adding it to your trips’ itinerary, drive out, and see what it is all about.