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March 24, 2014 by, Lindsey

When most people think of Hawaii, they think of the beach. On Kauai there are many gorgeous beaches to go to! I want to shine the spotlight on Anini Beach today… it is a favorite of mine and of my friends. If you have children, this is a great beach for them too.


Anini Beach is located just southeast of Princeville, so if you are staying in Princeville or Hanalei, you should definitely go to this beach. It is located on Anini Road, on your right hand side of the road. If you are looking for it, you will not miss it. There is a home at the end of the road, but right on past it to get to the beach.

What To Expect

If you think a beach is just a beach–think again. Anini Beach has something for everyone, I think. It is very kid-friendly there. I have seen children as young as 4 years old learn how to snorkel there. The reef is only six or so feet deep, so it is easy to see turtles and fish! The beach is calm. It does not get big waves which makes it great for the little ones to have fun in the water. I have seen kids gain confidence in swimming and snorkeling there, and I have even seen some folks teaching their children how to get up on a long board out there (again, with no waves).

What I like about Anini Beach (add it to the list) is the ample shade trees. I like to lay out in the sun every now and then, but there are other times when I seek refuge from the sun’s ray. There are shade trees but also there are climbing trees! How fun is that?! One I know of hangs out over the water (it’s not high up) and it is fun to jump in off of it. Good times…

There are picnic tables in the area so people are able to enjoy a meal while on the beach. There are other facilities such as showers and bathrooms. Oh and there is a lifeguard on duty. By now I should have convinced you to go to this beach and see for yourself how great it is!

December 26, 2013 by, Emily

Christmas is behind us and New Years is before us! And while you’re making resolutions for 2014, maybe you should take a break for a little while. Find some time to relax, enjoy your family, and play in the ocean. That’s right, I’m thinking you should come to Kauai and do New Years in STYLE! And if you need a place to stay, I have some recommendations for you, one of which is Puanani in Kilauea.

Puanai is an excellent place to spend a vacation for multiple reasons:

1. A great bedroom to bathroom ratio – There are three good-sized bedrooms and three bathrooms. So if you go with friends, each couple can enjoy their own private bathroom… unless you also have someone sleeping on the sofa sleeper bed in the living room. Then someone will have to share.

2. The location is SUPER close to the beach – Anini Beach is literally 60 seconds away on foot.

3. Tons of space to stretch out – This is especially good if you bring a few friends or a couple of other couples. You can either spend time all together in the spacious living spaces or out on the deck, enjoying the view OR you can each find your own places in the house to have some privacy. This house has two living rooms and several nooks and crannies you can slip into in order to be alone.

4. Free laundry and internet – The worst thing about vacation is going away and then having to bring back a week’s worth of dirty laundry to wash once you’re home. It’s like creating your own work! Not cool. But this house has a washer and dryer, so you can go home with all clean clothes. Plus, there is free internet, so you can check this blog for fun things to do while you’re here!

5. It costs only $2,550 for an entire week! While that number seems big, we’re talking 7 days in a huge house only 60 seconds from the beach for only $2,550. And if you bring three other couples with you, that means it’s only $637.50 per couple for seven days! That’s only $91 a day!! Seriously, have you priced hotels lately? This is a fabulous deal!

So if you want a large, elegant, enjoyable vacation home with enough room for a large family or several friends to spend an entire week near the beach in comfort, then this is the house for you. Puanani in Kilauea. Check it out today!

What can be better than a bay on a bluff? (Go ahead – Try saying that 3 time really fast.) On Kauai, we have some beautiful waterways and even better vacation homes. And the best of both worlds has got to be Kalihiwai Ocean Bluff, a vacation home on top of an ocean bluff overlooking Kalihiwai Bay. It’s one of the most beautiful spots on the island, and you could stay here on your vacation!

Now, this house is pretty large, with two spacious living rooms, a lanai for relaxing, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen, and enough sleeping space for 10+ people. (The + sign is for those who don’t mind sleeping on the couch.) And to add to the sheer size and majesty of this house, there are also full sized windows in almost every room. In the living room, there are floor to ceiling windows. And each view will be of a tropical paradise overlooking crystal clear waters.

Now, beside the amazing view, the floors are probably my favorite part of this house. I admit that I tested out this vacation rental, just to see how great it was. And after spending the day sipping wine on the lanai and watching the water, I went inside to those amazing tile and wood floors… and slid in my socks all the way across the kitchen. :-D Hardwood gives a strong and elegant feel to any house, and it is perfect for sliding.

Of course, there’s also plenty of room to slide. The kitchen is fairly large, so there is lots of floor space. This means that a group of friends can all help make a meal at the end of the day, which is a bonus. Plus, there is a lot of counter space for cooking, mixing, prepping, adding ingredients, and more. And, like all vacation rentals I discuss on this blog, the kitchen has everything you will need to cook a meal at home. (I mean, what’s the point in using a vacation rental if you have to go out and buy pots, pans, utensils, and appliances?)

Now, I admit that renting this house wouldn’t be ideal for a small family of 4, unless you all want your own rooms. Plus, owing to its position on the bluff, it’s wouldn’t be great for small children either. No, this house is designed to hold a very large family or a group of friends or business associates. It is perfect for a large group, having the sleeping space, relaxation space, and kitchen potential to hold many many individuals. Plus, there is a backyard for outdoor play.

So if you are planning on getting a group together and coming to Kauai, please consider this house. It’s truly lovely and I believe it will be well worth the price.

If you decide to stay on the North Shore and want to take your kids to the Anini Beach swimming area, then I have a vacation rental suggestion for you. One of the best rentals near Anini Beach is Puanani, which is a short walk away from the water. Why is it nice? Well, let me tell you about it.

The first thing I loved about this vacation rental is the interior design. Now, normally I would be bragging about the space and the price (which I will get to), but you can’t help but love this place when you walk into it. This is a two story home with high ceilings and a fun and tropical interior theme. The support posts are painted in bright, friendly colors and the staircase to the second floor is simply beautiful. So, if you are a fan of unique interior design at all, you must visit this place.

Okay, onto the good stuff. This place is HUGE. Seriously, it is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 living room vacation home tucked into a tropical paradise. The size makes it easy to find your own space, even if you are vacationing with 6 other people. The locational privacy makes it ideal for vacationing families or up to 4 couples vacationing together. And the price is unbeatable, especially if you are looking into hotel costs. (But I’ll get to that in a minute.)

As well as the size, this place has a few amenities. For instance, each bedroom has a bathroom, so there is no fighting over the shower in the morning. The living room couch also folds out into a sofa sleeper, making this a house for up to 8 people. Plus, there is a large wrap-around covered deck on the second floor with tables and chairs, so you can relax each evening while BBQing up a meal and watching the stars above the foliage of the mountain. Yep, it’s nice.

Other amenities for this place include a fully-equipped kitchen for all of your cooking needs, two separate living rooms so you can break up into groups, and free wireless internet for those who need to check my blog for the latest updates. ☺ There is a large yard out front where you can run around and play, and there are fruit trees on the property that you are allowed to pick for some delicious treats. And, if you packed light, that’s okay! There is a washer and drying in the home for easy laundry services.

Now for the cost. If you have researched hotel rooms at all, then you know that they can run anywhere from $200-$500 per night. So, if you and three other couples want to come to Kauai together, that would be between $800 and $2000/night for your group. (Doesn’t sound good, am I right?) HOWEVER, this enormous vacation home is only $2,500 for the week! That’s 7 nights of lodging for up to 4 couples for only $2,500. And when you add on space, amenities, location to the beach, etc… well, you can see why this is a good deal and a nice house.

So, if you are going to be visiting the Anini area, check out Puanani in Kilauea. You are simply going to LOVE this place.

When you have children, the idea of going to an island completely surrounded by water might be a bit scary. After all, the worry that your child can wander out into the water and be swept out to sea is a real one when there is that much water around. But, luckily for you, I have the answer.

Keeping your little ones safe so that they can enjoy the wonder of the ocean is important, so I want to help. And luckily for you, I know some of the safest beaches on Kauai! Is that because I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve been to every beach on Kauai? Well… okay, yes both of those things are true. But I know the safest beaches for kids on Kauai because of the Kauai Visitor’s Bureau, who have an awesome pamphlet about water safety and which beaches to choose.

So here is the information I read on the pamphlet:

Anini Beach – Anini Beach is on the North Side of the island near Princeville. And while this beach does not have a lifeguard (which is a big No No in my world), they do have a protected swimming area. So the water in this area stays calm and, if you keep a sharp eye on your kids, you should be able to have a lot of fun at this beach.

Lydgate Beach – Lydgate is on the East Side of the island and, unlike Anini Beach, it DOES have a lifeguard station. So in addition to a protected swimming area, there are trained professionals on site. (Yes!) Plus, if you are just getting into town, Lydgate Beach is just north of the airport a ways.

Poipu Beach Park – Poipu Beach Park has all of the greatness of Lydgate Beach, except it’s on the South Side of the island.

Salt Pond – Just like Poipu Beach Park, Salt Pond has a protected swimming area, ample room to set up your supplies for the day, a lifeguard on duty, and it’s located on the South Side of the island.

So, as you can see, there are a few beaches with calm, protected ocean waters where your small children can splash around, play with floaties, build sand-castles, and experience the warm tropical waves. And if you have any questions about the beaches listed above, you can contact the Kauai Visitors Bureau or simply write them a note on their Facebook page.

We live on an island, so there are MANY beaches to choose from when you visit. Some have great reputations, some are exclusive, some are remote, some are well-populated, and some are just plain awesome.

So when you are choosing a beach to visit, it’s important to keep a few basic questions in mind.

1. Does it have a lifeguard? As I’ve mentioned before, lifeguards can help keep you and your family safe. So if you have the choice, always choose a lifeguarded beach.

2. Do you have children? There are some beaches with lots of activity and big waves and then there are beaches that have calmer waters and fewer people. The beaches in that second category are typically better for families with small children.

3. How well can you swim? Again, beaches with large waves and no lifeguards should be avoided, especially by those of you who do not swim exceedingly well. Each beach is different, and conditions change quickly. So if you are a bad swimmer, avoid the ocean.

4. What does the weather report say today? Each day you plan to go out into the water, check the Kauai Explorer website. Why? Well, conditions change often. Beaches that were perfectly safe yesterday might have large waves and choppy waters today. And knowledge is power.

Okay, so you know what questions to ask, but you might not know anything about the beaches! I can help with that. After all, I live here. ☺

Hanalei Bay Beach Park – Hanalei Bay is one of the most beautiful spots on Hawaii. Typically, when tourists visit our island, it’s to see this beautiful bay. And that is why lifeguards are on duty in this area. The beach is large and stretches all the way around the half-moon bay. For this reason, there is a lot of ground to cover for the lifeguards, which is why I recommend that you and your family set up your towels near the guard towers. And keep in mind that the ocean is not tame in this area, which makes it great for some water sports like surfing but also means you must use caution.

Kee Beach – This is also a lifeguard protected beach and is very near Hanalei Bay. But because of the natural arrangement of water obstructions, it’s much safer than the Bay. This beach is considered a great beach for swimming and snorkeling, so enjoy. But it also has strong currents, sharp coral, slippery rocks, and breaking waves. So please use caution.

Haena Beach Park – Like Kee Beach, this beach is good for snorkeling and swimming, due to the natural arrangement of water obstructions. And this beach has a lifeguard station, so if something goes wrong, a rescue will be forthcoming. It’s also very close to Hanalei Bay.

Anini Beach – Anini beach is considered a good swimming and snorkeling beach because of the natural obstructions in the water. However, there are NO lifeguards on duty here, so I do not recommend visiting this spot. There is, however, a protected swimming area and facilities nearby. So if you watch your family like a hawk, it’s a good place to let your small children put their feet in the water.

Kauapea Beach – Just like Anini beach, there are NO lifeguards on duty. There are also no obstructions, so the water tends to come fast and large. Honestly, I would completely avoid this beach with my family.

Lumahai Beach – There are no lifeguards on duty at this beach and the currents are really really strong. So, if you want to get in the water, avoid this beach. However, if you want to see the pretty spot where they filmed the “wash that man right out of my hair” song from South Pacific, enjoy but stay on the sand.

Also, keep in mind that the North Shore gets large swells during the months of September through May. So if you are visiting within the next month or two, check often on the Kauai Explorer website and check the wave heights before visiting any beach. Also, keep your eyes out for lifeguard warning signs as you swim. Enjoy!

If you have a large family, then you know that it costs quite a bit of money to go on vacation. From your food budget to simply finding beds for everyone, it’s going to cost, especially if you vacation in Hawaii, right? After all, a basic Hawaiian hotel room will run you $200 a night, and if you have a big family, you’ll need at least two rooms.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can house a family of 6 for only $1050/week at Mauna Kai 12 and you’ll have plenty of space to spread out.

Mauna Kai 12 is great because it has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, so there should be no fighting over showers and toilets in the mornings. Plus, with lofted ceilings, a large family room, and a beautiful covered lanai with ceiling fans, you’ll have plenty of space during the day to hang out and live.

When you’re not out and about on our beautiful island, you can eat meals as a family in the nice dining area, cooking those meals in the fully-equipped kitchen or getting take-out from one of the many wonderful restaurants in Princeville. You can watch TV or movies using the CD/DVD/VCR player. You can read emails and catch up on work with high speed internet. Or you can find a quiet corner and curl up with a book.

But why stay inside? Mauna Kai 12 is located in the coveted Princeville resort area of Kauai. Not only is this a great neighborhood with beautiful homes, but you’re in the hot spot of the North Shore! There are beaches, hiking trails, horses to ride, equipment rental places, waterfalls, tennis courts, fishing spots, and more. You can use the beach towels, chairs, and pool floaties and walk 10 short minutes to the Anini Beach. Or you can dive into the Mauna Kai community pool. There are shops, restaurants, a children’s park and more, all within walking distance of this house.

So if you want to take a nice vacation with your big family, don’t fret the cost of accommodations. Simply call and find out more about Mauna Kai 12. It’s a great house and you’ll be glad you stayed here.

Not long ago, I mentioned the Wade Beach House in one of my blogs. However, unlike the other rental homes that I’ve mentioned over the months, I didn’t give much information about this one. Therefore, here is some info about Wade Beach House, a lovely rental home in Kilauea.

With 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, you definitely won’t run out of room in this large and luxuriant home-away-from-home. In fact, with over 3,000 feet to work with, you could invite all of your friends along on your Kauai vacation. The home itself was built in 2006 and is located right on Anini Beach, so you have easy access to the water. Plus, there are several gorgeous windows in each room, giving you a great view of the waves, especially during whale watching season.

The interior of the home was designed with Brazillian Cherry hardwood floors, custom furnishings, and a private hot tub for relaxing after a long day of seeing the island. There are all of the usual amenities, like a washer/dryer, a plasma TV, and wireless internet. And there is a fully equipped kitchen for when you want to cook your own meals and enjoy a night at home.

Anini Beach is a wonderful location for a rental home, especially since it is ideal for snorkeling, paddle boarding, and swimming. These protected waters are clear and warm, owing to the tropical climate. And the sands are white and comfortable on your feet. Who wouldn’t want to stay on this prime piece of real estate?

Isn’t September a lovely month? I’ve always loved the back-to-school season, though I haven’t had to attend school in some time. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy it so much – I feel the freedom of not being stuck in a classroom all the more during the month of September.

Usually, once all of the kids have gone back to school and most of the vacationers have left, I can go to all of my favorite places and just relax. The temperature here in September is usually between 70 and 80 degrees, so I never have to worry about it being too cold or too hot. Of course, it does rain around here because of the tropical climate, so sometimes I have to worry about it being too wet.

That doesn’t stop water activities though. Today I think I’ll take a walk down to the beach and go swimming with some friends. (It’s never a good idea to swim in the ocean alone. Plus, swimming with friends is much more fun!) The water is still a constant 80 degrees, so it’s almost as warm as the weather. And, if I’m already planning to get wet, a bit of rain won’t spoil anything.

Have I mentioned lately that I love it here?

So today I decided to walk down to the beach. Well, really I drove to the park and then walked down to the beach. Let me explain. On the northern side of Kauai off of Anini Road, there is a park called Kalihikai Park. It is a lovely place and also one of the few places on the island where you can go camping. When I was first learning to write, I would wander down to the campground and “people watch” for hours. It’s amazing how many stories you can come up with if you just have enough interesting people crammed into one place.

Anyway, Kalihikai Park is right on the ocean, so the beach is readily accessible. Whenever I want to “people watch” for a while, I take my notebook and head to the park, walking down to the beach to admire the sapphire waves and the white sands. All sorts of people come to the beach, especially since many different water activities are made available there by Hawaiian businessmen. When searching for a fun activity or two, you can find any number of rental deals from boats and surfing gear to snorkeling and scuba equipment. It’s just that kind of place.

Today was my day to simply relax, however, and leave the water activities to the tourists. I brought a good book, a large beach towel, a small cooler of refreshments, and absorbed the sun for a few hours. It felt good to be out in the sunshine enjoying the humid weather and the scent of the sea breezes. While I enjoyed watching a few tourists learn how to surf, the day wasn’t about “people watching”. The day was about me. I was relaxed, I was enjoying the sights and sounds of the oceanfront, and I was suddenly very sunburned! That teaches me to forget my hat!

February 25, 2010 by, pVille-227

The Anini Beach / Kalihiwai area is reminiscent of Tahiti and the South Pacific. Anini Beach is protected by a huge barrier reef and offers good snorkeling, windsurfing, and beach combing during certain times of the year. View other Anini-Kalihiwai Vacation Rentals