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Now I realize that the last activity I wrote about was in Lihue. And while I don’t normally recommend staying on the South-East side of the island, sometimes it’s handy to be close to an activity you plan to attend. And while I don’t recommend staying in Lihue (it’s loud and busy and not usually private), I can recommend a great vacation rental home in Anahola, north of Lihue: Anahola Aloha Beach House.

So what makes this beach house special? Well, the view is probably its most dominant feature. And I’m not just talking about the interior view of amazing architecture and aesthetically pleasing design. No, I’m referring to the fact that this house is directly on the beach. Yep, that’s right. Your view is of palm trees and sculptured lawns reaching down to the white sandy beach and crystal clear waters.

At this beach home, you will be an extremely short walk away from Anahola Bay. This is a wonderful beach for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and other water sports. That’s because there is a protective outlying reef that keeps the water from being too choppy. There is even a lifeguard on duty at Anahola Beach, though that is closer to the public beach side. And from the sand itself, you will have an amazing view of the mountains of Kalalea.

Of course, the interior of the home is just as important as its location. After all, the location can be perfect but, if you don’t have a comfortable place to relax, you won’t enjoy your vacation nearly enough. And we do want you to enjoy your stay. So, let’s talk about amenities.

This vacation home is comfortable, modern, has custom wooden features, and has an amazing kitchen. The kitchen is filled with white appliances that perfectly off-set the wooden cupboards. And everything else you’ll need to eat a meal in the home (from cookware and utensils to dishes and a large dining room table with linens) are included. So you’ll have no problem making meals and enjoying the conveniences of this modern house.

There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms, meaning there is plenty of space for a large family or a group of friends to come and spend the week. Two of the bedrooms are suits that include a King-sized bed and full bathroom. The other two rooms have queen-sized or Double beds and they share a bathroom. There is also a sofa-sleeper in the living room, so you can bring extra friends. In total, this vacation home can sleep up to 11 people comfortably. But wait – there’s more.

There is a living room where you can relax and unwind during the day, but there is also an entertainment room that has a flat screen TV with DVD player. And while there are TVs with DVD players in all the guest rooms, this is a great room for getting together for a movie night.

And don’t worry about running out of clean clothes. This home has its own washer and dryer, so you won’t have to pack so much stuff. (This will leave plenty of room in your luggage for souvenirs and will also allow you to clean all of your clothes before you go home, meaning less work once you return to your real life.) There is also a private hot tub on the lanai, so you can relax under the stars each night while sipping wine and dreaming of a quiet life.

And, this is the best part, you can stay here for only $3500 a week! This means that each person on this trip will only have to pay $45/night to stay at a mansion home with a hot tub on an amazing Kauai beach. Seriously! Finding a hotel like this would cost $1000 a night! Can you say “Amazingly Good Deal!” (Of course, this is the price during October only. During the summer and during Thanksgiving week, the price is $4500, and during Christmas/New Years, the price is $5500. So plan your trip accordingly.)

Now, can you see any reason why you wouldn’t want to stay here? I can’t. So come and enjoy yourself… and bring your friends!

It’s approaching the 4th of July. Kauai’s hotels are filling with visitors to the island who want to see some hula, some palm trees, and a lot of fireworks over the ocean. And you and your friends want to all come together and party for the weekend. There’s just one problem: you can’t afford to get that many hotel rooms. Well, not to worry – that’s why you have Anahola Beach House.

Anahola is a beautiful area in Northern Kauai that has some of the most wonderful beaches. The water is blue, the sand is white, and the lush vegetation is vibrant green and smells amazing. And if you want to experience that up close and personally, you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room. You want to be in a house directly on the beach, so you can walk directly out the back door and onto the sand, right?

The Anahola Beach House can give you that. It is a HUGE house on the beach, just a short hop across a beautiful backyard to get to the water. There are enough rooms to sleep 12 comfortably and more than that if they want to crash on the furniture. Each room has comfortable furniture, wide open spaces, and enough room for several people to maneuver easily. Plus, there are tons of amenities for you and your friends to enjoy.

The outside has a BBQ and patio furniture, so you can eat outside and enjoy the beautiful views as you listen to waves crashing on the beach. Or you can play tackle football on the grass. Your choice. And the inside has free wireless internet access, a giant flat screen tv, a big kitchen that is fully equipped to cook whatever you want to make, and enough space to do whatever you want. You can go out, you can stay in, and you can have a great time this 4th of July weekend with your friends.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to pay over $200 per night per room for your entire group of friends? Or do you want the best house in the world for only $4,500 per week?? For a group of 12, that is only $375 per person for 7 full days!! And it’s even less with more friends.

So come and visit Kauai and stay at Anahola Beach House. It will be SO worth it.

When I was growing up, there were few things that I could find to discuss with my grandmother. She was a stubborn woman who was a little gruff around the edges, but in an almost endearing way, you know? It’s odd to describe her now. Even with all of my words, there is little I can truly say to capture the woman. She was like a jagged cliff holding up the Kilauea Lighthouse. Sure, she was tough and stormbattered, but she had weathered much, seen much, and lived much. And that is eventually what made me like her.

You see, she lived with us when I was very small. My grandfather had passed away some years before and my parents decided she shouldn’t live by herself. She threw a fit. I never thought they’d get her to stay, especially since she was so capable in her own right and thrived on independence. Mom used to say that she wasn’t sure how grandpa tamed her, but somehow he captured her heart like a tropical storm in a bottle. And after he died, that storm was released… on my house.

Sure, my parent did the right thing. But I’m pretty sure she drove them nuts. And I might have been driven nuts too had it not been for one place: the Napali Coast.

The Napali Coast is a place on Kauai’s North Shore that has captured the hearts and minds of visitors and residents alike for generations. It is a breathtaking area, 17 miles of coastline encompassing everything from the lush landscapes and the ragged cliff sides to the cascading waterfalls and wild ocean waves. Directors have made movies on it, poets have written sonnets about it, and couples have gotten married for centuries in its presence. It’s timeless. And my grandmother loved it.

When I was small, she used to take me by the hand and we would walk along the shore for hours. And there she would tell me stories of the old day, in the times before written records were kept. She would tell me stories of island villagers, kings and queens of the nation, folk tales, and stories of fairies. And we would watch the ocean, glory in the nature around us, and be free of everything unpleasant in this world. The coast was ours. The sea was ours. And it called to us.

While my grandmother might have been a crotchety old woman with a sly streak, she was my world on those days. She made history come alive and is the reason why I love island history and cultural tradition to this day. She made them real, and she used this, the most beautiful place on earth, to do it.

Today, I take my husband to the Napali coast and we play in the sand, explore the sea caves, stare up at the jagged cliffs, and enjoy the ocean waves. And someday we will bring our children here to do the same, and I will walk with them and tell them the stories of our ancestors. How lucky are we to live here and have this natural wonderful for a backyard? And how lucky are the visitors to our island who get the chance to walk along these same paths and experience the amazing scenes around them. What better place in the world than here?

So, have you ever seen the Napali Coast? If not, it is a necessity in life. Trust me – place it on your bucket list. Because once you’ve seen it for yourself, you will never forget it.

If you haven’t been to one of our local farmer’s markets, it’s well worth the time, especially if you are staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel room. Why? Well, you can find a lot of great local produce from fresh fruits to homegrown vegetables. But that won’t do you as much good unless you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, if you know what I mean.

This Wednesday (aka tomorrow) from 3pm-6pm, the weekly Kapaa Farmers Market and Swap Meet will take place. This is one of the better Farmers Markets because you can get excellent produce and also amazing deals on swapped items. Last year, a friend of mine got a $200 surfboard as a trade in for car parts! Can you believe it!?? Of course, I don’t surf, so I didn’t even consider the surfboard. But I’ve gotten clothes, other water sports gear, and a few items for my home from this swap meet. So I know it’s worth a visit.

I try to get there every Wednesday, but lately I’ve only been going once a month. I got a bit busy, I guess, so I don’t have as much free time in the afternoons. But if you have the time, I would highly recommend visiting this Farmers Market. It’s free for anyone wanting some good deals and fresh foods, and it’s only $20 for vendors to set up a booth. So everyone wins.

I’ll include a map of where it’s located (plus it shouldn’t be hard to find on a GPS). My recommendation is to enter the market from behind the Bank of Hawaii on Lehua Street and park there, as there will be less traffic. And once you get there, have fun! Browse, buy, and support our local growers.

If you and your friends have been talking about taking a big trip together somewhere fun or exotic, then I recommend coming to Kauai. Not only do we have a million different things for you and your friends to do, but we also have a large vacation home (Anahola Beach House) for you all to stay in together. And with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, there should be more than enough space for everyone in your party!

Let’s talk details. As I mentioned, there are seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Of course, only two of the bedrooms have King sized beds, so you might have to call dibs. ☺ The bedrooms are spread out throughout the house, giving each couple or individual person some much needed privacy. And then, of course, there are large main rooms for hanging out together including a large living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The kitchen is fully equipped, allowing you to cook at your leisure. And the living room has a flat screen tv for vegging out at the end of a long day playing in the sun. The dining room has seating for everyone, and the private courtyard is there for lounging, laughing, or playing. There is even a gas BBQ for those who enjoy big steaks or grilling up their freshly caught fish.

Can I just say this place is amazing? Seriously, it’s big, private, fun, and provides everything you will need while staying on Kauai, minus the food. Plus, there is a large yard for playing football or Frisbee and a beach not too far away. (It pays to stay in Anahola.)

So, if you want to travel somewhere exciting with your friends or your extremely large family, come to Kauai and look up the Anahola Beach House. Once you see it, you’ll know it’s the place for you.

Do you love the beach? Do you dream of a large house on white sandy beaches? Do you want to enjoy your next vacation to its fullest? Then you should look into the Anahola Aloha Beach House off Anahola Road. This beach house has it all, and it is one of the best rental homes on all of Kauai. Let me tell you more.

Anahola Aloha Beach House is located directly on the Anahola Bay. There is a large lawn for playing games or simply enjoying the landscaping. And, of course, there is a large stretch of beach right off the back deck. That’s right. You heard me. There is a spaceous back deck that leads down to a beautiful white sandy beach along Anahola Bay.

But you shouldn’t just stop at viewing the beach from your deck. Sure, it’s always nice to grab the BBQ tongs and grill up a nice meal while watching the water, but the point of a tropical island is to enjoy yourself. So go and get wet! This beach is a great beach for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, boating, paddle-boarding, scuba diving, kayaking, and more! And when you are done in the water, you can sunbathe, wander down the beach, enjoy building a sandcastle, or simply relax on your porch and watch everyone else play in the sand.

What are the other great features of this house? Well, it has two master suites, so you can sleep in comfort while enjoying your own private bathrooms. Beside the two master suites, there are two additional bedrooms with Queen-sized and double-sized beds and an additional bathroom in the main part of the house. Plus, there is a sofa sleeper in the living room, which makes this house large enough to sleep 11 people! So there is more than enough room for a large family, two families vacationing together, a group of friends spending Spring Break on the island, a business group that needs a private place to work, or a single person who really, really likes their space.

The house has plenty of communal space as well, with a living room, kitchen, dining room, and media room. The media room is a separate room from the living room that has a flat screen tv and DVD player. But don’t worry – there are TV/DVD/VCR combos in all of the guest rooms as well. So if you want to enjoy a private movie, you can do so in comfort.

Other amenities include a hot tub, a washer and dryer, fine table linens and dinnerware, a kitchen stocked with gadgets and cookware, access to the beach, and a location about halfway between Kilauea and Kapaa. In other words, you can spend your entire trip hanging out in this luxurious house OR you can drive to a nearby town and enjoy more of what the island has to offer, from equipment rentals and adventure tours to nice restaurants and spas.

So why not contact the rental company and check into Anahola Aloha Beach House? You could be spending your trip to Kauai in comfort and luxury with just one phone call.

The last time I took a vacation, I stayed in a city. I was surrounded by people at all times. This wasn’t so bad when I was touring around or visiting the sites, but I hated to be surrounded by people at night when I wanted to go to bed. Staying in a hotel isn’t always fun. But that’s why I can whole-heartedly recommend Bond Beach House for your stay here on Kauai.

Bond Beach House is a lovely place located in Anahola. It’s right on the beach, giving you immediate access to the ocean and the beautiful views of the island. And, because it’s in Anahola, it’s centrally located on the island, giving you easy access to any number of things to do from hiking and water sports to shopping and spa treatments. However, unlike a hotel, this beach house is located in a hide-away spot on the island. So you get a secluded section of white sandy beach all to yourself.

The house itself is just as nice as its location. It’s a 4-bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, so there is more than enough room for a large family or group of friends. It also has a living room for spending family time indoors, a kitchen with everything you’ll need to make a meal (minus the food), a dining area for family dinners, and a lot of space to roam around outside. It’s a great home with a lot of space, but that isn’t the only reason it’s great.

The house comes with a washer and dryer, so you can pack light and wash what you need. And it has an air conditioner, so you can stay cool even on hot, humid days. There is a hot tub outside for some evening enjoyment, and a BBQ on the patio for making dinners. Plus, the master bathroom has a Jacuzzi spa for relaxation and alone time.

In other words, the Bond Beach House is one of the best vacation rental homes on Kauai. So check it out today!

Okay, today let’s go for big, beautiful, and on the beach! When you’re looking for an Anahola Beach House with enough room for a large family or a private party, it pays to know about this bodacious beauty right on the sand. With seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and 5,000 square feet of opulent accommodations, you can get lost in this wonder of a rental. Plus, did I mention it was only a few hundred feet away from the water?

This comfortable beach house located at 4274 Poha Road has modern furnishings, a private courtyard, free wireless internet access, and an outdoor BBQ area complete with garden showers for rinsing off after some fun in the ocean. It is perfect for a large group of individuals or couples who are traveling together, especially if money is an issue. At $7,000 a week, you can either have a very large house all to yourself or you can invite everyone you know and make a party of it, splitting the cost between the lot of you.

The best part is that this house is on the east side of the island, giving you access to everything eastern Kauai has to offer, from Fern Grotto and the Kauai Museum to Kilohana Plantation and Kipu Falls. In fact, the east side also has Lydgate State Park, by far one of the best family beaches on the island. After renting this house, you can truly have a great time exploring the east side of the island right from your own backyard. What could be better?

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Anahola, while technically on Kauai’s East Coast has a large white sand beach and is only a few short miles from the actual beginning of Kauai’s North Shore which is the town of Kilauea. View other Anahola-Aliomanu Vacation Rentals