March 21, 2015 by, Lindsey

I know, I know spring has just arrived. March 21st. First day of Spring. Summer is on my mind though! With Kauai’s island temperatures, I might as well just say summer is here. Am I allowed to do that? Can I unofficially say it is summer?

Whether you agree with me or not, summertime is coming, unless you are me and think it is pretty much already here. Maybe summertime to you and your family more so means the time off from school for the kids. When they are out for the summer, it can be easier to think of the summer in that fashion. Ok, so when the kids are from class, you are wanting to take a summer vacation, am I right or am I right? A family vacation to Kauai is just what you and your family needs to ease on into summer, to relax, and have some time away from the norms of home.

Kauai is just what you need to get your Hawaii fix! The Garden Island as it is called, has the right mix of rural meets city meets island time. Have you heard of the tree tunnel? It is considered the gateway to Poipu. It is one of the nicest rides in my opinion. People love riding this way, and it is quite a picturesque view as well. I encourage you to Google it.

When you are on Kauai, everything seems to be just right. The roadways, the ease of time, the people and community here, the food, oh and I could go on and on and on…

If you are considering coming to Kauai, check out the Kauai Visitors Bureau. Here is the link to their webpage

March 18, 2015 by, Lindsey

Have you heard? National Geographic Wild will air its new series, Aloha Vet. Want to know more? Veterinarian Scott Sims is the Aloha Vet who travels to meet the animals where they are at, to help those in need. Nicknamed the “ barefoot vet ” Dr. Sims, he even flies his own plane, or animal ambulance, to reach some of the animal patients he attends to. How cool is that?!

Watch the sneak peak preview here, at this link:

He tends to animals both domestic and wild. He seems to really have a heart and a passion to help all animals in need. I will definitely check out this new show and see how it goes! Share your thoughts in the comments below. I am curious what others think about Dr. Sims, the Aloha Vet.

Aloha Vet has its premiere on Saturday, March 21st in the evening. Will you be tuning in?

You may have started thinking about your Kauai vacation that you are beginning to plan. Moist of the time when I plan things of this nature, I think about it for quite a long time, then I make some decisions about the trip I am taking. Then it takes something to put me over the edge to get it in writing, put it on paper, and make reservations to the places I want to go to.

Take this as your opportunity to gently nudge you over the edge. You’ve been thinking about your Hawaii vacation and have decided on Kauai. Now you know you want to be by the water when you make your plans. Let me introduce to you the Cliffs in Princeville, on Kauai’s North Shore. The Cliffs 8205 has gorgeous ocean views and modern condominium living, that you are really getting the best of both worlds. Budgeting is another aspect I take into account to my travels and plans. This condo at the Cliffs is an easy $1365 per week, or it can rent at nightly rates. Oh and did I mention the whale watching? This is a prime location in whale watching season (late December to mid-May).

A Kauai vacation rental like this one is like a home away from home. It has all of the comforts of home such as a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer in unit, wireless internet, other TV/DVD systems, and then the amenities of the Cliffs condos. There are tennis courts, free to use, as well as basketball and volleyball courts. The swimming pool and Jacuzzi on site are luxurious, and the BBQ areas make grilling out with the family oh so easy.

Let me back track a moment, so you get all of the highlights of the Cliffs 8205 . It is a one bedroom, two bath unit, though the sofa in the living room is a queen sized pull-out sofa sleeper. This makes it perfect to match with the two bathrooms.

March 7, 2015 by, Lindsey

Have you heard of Moses Hamilton? Maybe you have come across him on Kauai’s North Shore or elsewhere on the island? Or maybe you do not know him by his name, but you know him by his artwork. Well, if you have not heard of him or cannot recall what he does, allow me to introduce you…

Moses Hamilton is like an inspirational speaker to me. He is a man full of inspiration and uplifting words. He is optimistic about life and he is seizing the day, most every day from the way I see it. He is also an artist. He paints not with his hands, but with his mouth. He was injured in a car accident, and has turned his disability as a quadriplegic into an ability as an artist. He holds the paint brush in his mouth as he paints. He has gotten quite good at his trade I might add! He admits that “[his] accident has been a doorway to his creativity…”

He goes onto say in his YouTube video that he finds inspiration to paint from all around him on Kauai, from the sunsets, the perfect waves, the people, and more. I can totally see what he is talking about here. I find myself doing double takes when I see picturesque views. I on the contrary to Moses, do not have much of a painting artistic ability.

If you want to see and meet Moses Hamilton, he is most often at the Ching Young Village in the Heart of Hanalei, on Kauai’s North Shore. I have not personally met him yet, but part of me wanted to do this post to encourage others to go out and meet him, and for me to make the time to meet him as well. His story is so inspirational to me, and his heart and mind seem so focused and happy on the simple things in life. What a neat person. The world is a better place because of you, Moses Hamilton.

March 6, 2015 by, Lindsey

Yes, happy 40th Birthday to the Hokule’a, the famous canoe of Hawaii! Not too sure what I am talking about? Check out this article that showed up in my newsfeed today; it’s from National Geographic.

Hokule’a is a canoe that has become famous for its voyage across the Pacific Ocean, reviving the Hawaiian culture, language, way of life, etc. Just stop for a minute and think about a canoe across an ocean. Yes, an ocean! Mau Piaiulg declared himself likely the last person on Earth able to accomplish such a voyage. March 8th, 1975 was the start of Hokule’a’s voyage on O’ahu, then traveling on 6 major trips over the next 25 years. It traveled all across what is known as the Polynesian triangle. This marvelous vessel currently rests in New Zealand where she is getting some TLC on the dry dock.

Oh, and if you were wondering, Hokule’a means, “Star of Gladness” in Hawaiian. Over the years this vessel has united communities, and brought both a hobby and a joy to many. It has been fun for me to follow through the years I have been alive! Back as far as I can remember I have heard of Hokule’a and her travels. I love living pieces of art and history like this one.

With this being the 40 year anniversary, the PVS, Polynesian Voyaging Society, has festivities going all year long in 2015. Look them up and see if they will be doing anything in your area, or while you are visiting on Kauai. I will keep you posted too, if I hear of anything.

So you all know how I like to root for the home team. Yes, I root for all thing Hawaii! I came across another USA TODAY 10Best online voting things, and Kauai is on the list. I immediately knew I need to blog on this and share the news….

Let me back step just a bit… If you have ever been to Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge on Kauai, you must know that you have got to vote for this spot as the Best U.S. National Wildlife Refuge systems. Yes, that is the name of this Readers’ Choice vote for the month of March: Vote for your Favorite National Wildlife Refuge here, at this link:

Just to be fair, I will say that there is the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge that are both Hawaii options to vote for. I’m excited that both Hawaiian Wildlife Refuge systems made the list! It is an honor that USA TODAY’s wildlife expert panel nominated these two Hawaiian locations to be nominees to then be voted on. In other words, they made the first cut when it comes to totally awesome wildlife refuge systems.

My other thoughts on the matter are simple: I am thankful that there are National Wildlife Refuge systems across the United States. I am glad that so many animals have a safe place where they can just be, and keep on doing what they are doing. So many species of animals are able to live in peace across over 150 million acres of water and land habitats. I was smiling to learn that each state has at least one to call their own. This makes my heart happy.

February 26, 2015 by, Lindsey

Ooo this looks like a good one!

Do you know what kapa is? I’m sure you’ve seen it before but you may not know what it is. Perhaps I have sparked your curiosity though, eh?

Airing tonight on PBS Hawaii is Hawaiian Masterpieces: Ka Hana Kapa. Airing at 9pm HST. The preview is the link above in this post, and I wonder if you can view the whole thing online, perhaps once it has already aired. I think that is how it works. Watch the couple minute preview to get a dose of kapa education, and if you’d like, tune in later to see the full episode.

In other news, have a happy Thursday. Here a gorgeous plant I took a picture of the other day. I’d say Happy Aloha Friday, but it’s a wee bit premature!

IMG_2437 (2)