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All of the Best Vacations in One

When you visit my little corner of Kauai, you get all of the best vacations all in one. I’ve often heard my cousins discussing where they will vacation, whether near the beach or to the mountains or to a tropical location. Those really are the three choices most people consider when they think about vacations. And Kauai has them all!

Mountains – First of all, Kauai is known for its beautiful mountain ranges. The Haupu Mountain Range is definitely a sight to see. Located between Lihue and Hanapepe, this range covers a lot of ground and extends all the way to the ocean. The highest peak on this range is known as Haupu Peak, and it is almost 2300 feet above sea level! Not bad for an island that is directly on the sea.

Beaches – There are several beaches on Kauai, most notably Hanalei Bay. That is my favorite, especially since it is so close to where I live on the north shore. With white sand galore and a half-moon crescent shape, this is a beautiful spot to snorkel, swim, scuba dive, paddle boat, and enjoy the water.

Tropical Locations – All of Kauai is a tropical location. It contains a rainforest that is one of the lushest locations in the world. Plus, there are hiking trails, biking routes, tours, helicopter rides, and zip line adventures to several of the most secluded spots in the forest. So no matter what you feel like doing, you can experience the wonder of our tropical environment.

So, as you can see, we really do have it all.

By: Emily