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Have you ever been talking with a friend or new acquaintance about going on vacation and been embarrassed about your idea of a vacation in comparison with theirs? You know, the people who vacation at a villa in the South of France and look down on you when you talk about your family camping trip or plans to visit Hawaii? Well, now you can match them villa for villa by staying at Hanalei Bay Villa 11 on your next trip to Kauai.

Unlike a villa in the South of France, a Hanalei Bay villa is only $1,050/week! So you get all of the villa experience for a quarter of the cost they will spend on their accommodations. Plus, you get to come here to the most beautiful place on earth: the Garden Isle. Every morning, you can have breakfast in your own private breakfast nook and gaze out over the lush vegetation, beautiful mountain slopes, and crystal clear ocean waters. Sounds good, right?

Hanalei Bay Villa 11 is just a short walk to the beach, so you and your kids can visit the sandy oceanfront each and every day if you want. Need some groceries to make dinner in your private, fully-equipped kitchen? Well, you are also a short walk away from town where you will find stores and quite a few restaurants, in case you decide not to cook. And with a master bedroom containing a king-sized bed, a private bathroom, a private patio, and a television, you can enjoy some much-needed alone time with your spouse each and every night after the kids are asleep.

This villa sleeps 4 comfortably and is perfect for a small family. Plus, at only $1050 a week, you’ll be able to afford some souvenirs before you leave. And just think about how you can brag to your snobby friends about the lovely villa, breathtaking scenery, and luxury amenities knowing the whole time that you spent FAR less than they ever could on a vacation.

August 27, 2012 by, Emily

If you are free this Tuesday evening and are planning on visiting Kauai, can I recommend a workshop for you? It is called “A Future Without Fear” and is taught by Jay Chodagam. But unlike other workshops where you listen to a speaker, in this workshop you will be taught the Ancient Art of Raja Yoga Meditation.

Now, I’ve never done Raja Yoga before, so I don’t actually know what’s coming. However, a friend of mine who lives in San Francisco cannot recommend this man enough. According to my friend, fear is something that can be overcome in our mind. This yoga exercise will teach you how to control your fear and handle it instead of running from it. It changed her life, and it could change yours.

So, Tuesday (August 28) from 6:30-8:00pm, come and join us at Hanalei Bluff to learn how to overcome your fears. This workshop is free of charge and might just change how you live. Plus, who couldn’t use a little exercise, right? ☺

August 23, 2012 by, Emily

There is a series of festivals coming to Kauai that visitors and residents alike will enjoy. They are called the Kauai Aloha Festivals and will be spread out from August 25th (just around the corner) to October 20th. While an event will not be scheduled every day in that time period, chances are that you will have something Aloha oriented to do if you come to visit in the next two months.

Want to hear more? Excellent! Let me tell you more.

The Aloha Festivals are designed to remind all residents and visitors of the rich and honored culture of Hawaii. So, over the course of the next several weeks, there will be festivals and events centered around the cultural of Hawaii. What is in the line-up for August? Well, how about a visit from the royal family?

The islands were once ruled by a King (or Queen, depending upon the ruler) and a royal family. Of course, now we are a part of the United States and we have a President, not a King. But the days of the royal family were mostly good ones, and we celebrate this cultural heritage by remembering our royal family and their significance to our small state.

The first day of the Aloha Festivals will be August 25th. On this day, the newest members of the royal family will be honored and the royal court will be presented to the people. During this ceremony, the royal family will be given gifts, treated to songs and hula, and will be otherwise treated as royalty, as they should be.

This event will take place at Smith’s Tropical Paradise Garden. Witnesses to the event will also get to see the royal court’s procession through Smith’s Tropical Paradise gardens on their way to the traditional luau feast. Of course, space is limited, so you will have to call Smith’s at 808-821-6895 to make reservations for you and your family.

Then, for the remainder of the festivals, the royal family will be visiting different places on Kauai. Now, this only happens once a year, so it is a big deal here on Kauai. Visitors are always welcome, so if you have never greeted a royal family before, now is your chance! And I will be telling you more about upcoming cultural events and festivals as the weeks go by. Enjoy!

If you are at all familiar with the history of Kauai, then you know that a lot of our revenue both past and present has come from farming. We have large plantations and small farms all over our Garden Isle, growing and selling fruit and vegetables that are some of the best in the world (in my humble opinion). ☺

So is there any wonder that we have a Farm Fair coming up? In fact, it is this very weekend from Thursday (the 23rd) to Sunday (the 26th). And, as always, this fair will be at Vidinha Stadium in Lihue, which is on the South-Eastern side of Kauai. Each day, there will be fun, farming, food, friendly people, family-oriented entertainment, and much more. So if you want to come and check out the fair, here is some more info.

On Thursday and Friday, the fair will be open from 6pm-midnight. On Saturday, it will be open from 12pm-midnight, and on Sunday it will be open from 12pm-11pm. This event, formally known as the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair, is mostly an outdoor event, with some tents and indoor booths. It is handicapped accessible and child-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about boring your children. There will be games and rides and live music and crafts. All in all, it will be rather fun.

Of course, as with any fair, there will be shopping booths, craft booths, live animals on exhibition, food and livestock for purchase, live entertainment, and much more. If you want more information about what will be going on at the fair, you can visit the Kauai Farm Fair website. But if you just want a day or two with good food for sale, rides for the kids, games, and some hand-raised livestock, then come to Lihue and check it out.

Need something to do tomorrow? Well how about visiting Prince Albert Park in Princeville for a concert? It should be an easy-going and relaxing day of music at the park.

First of all, let me just say that this concert is free, so if you are in the neighborhood and want to check it out, please do. It will cost you nothing and you might just find yourself loving a few of our local musicians, who will be playing from 3-6pm. Signed up to play are Madison with Tyler Nina and the Nectar Mystery Band. So come and enjoy it.

What will you need? Well, bring a chair or a blanket to sit upon, as the concert will be out on the grass. A hat for shade would be a good idea too. In fact, you could bring a whole picnic if you wanted to and make this a mid-afternoon snack stop. It should be a fun concert and you can come and go as you please, which is always a plus if you have kids.

August 17, 2012 by, Emily

As you know, Hawaii and all of the Hawaiian Islands are a part of the United States. And every year we celebrate the day that we became a state. Of course, we don’t always celebrate on the exact day (August 21). Instead, Statehood Day is celebrated on the 3rd Friday of August. Why? Well, maybe the paperwork process for becoming a state takes so long that an exact day of official statehood cannot be celebrated. Or maybe it was just a great excuse to have a 3-day weekend each year. ☺

Well, whatever it was that caused Statehood Day to be celebrated this weekend, I’m happy for it. Being a part of the United States is an honor and a privilege. I will never take my freedoms for granted, and Statehood Day reminds me each year just how lucky we are to be a part of such a great nation.

So, for all of my friends here on Kauai, HAPPY STATEHOOD DAY!!!

Okay, now many will argue with this, but I think the best way to see the North Shore of Kauai is on a bike. Go ahead. Call me crazy. But if you think about it, I’m right. Helicopters are awesome, but they cost a fortune. Horses are nice, but they poop. Cars go fast, but you can’t fully appreciate the sights and smells around you from a car. And walking isn’t any fun at all. So why not bike?

If you are staying on the North Shore, there is a bike rental place called Coconut Coasters that can give you a good deal on a bike rental. They have several options, including renting by the hour or rental by the day or half day. Plus, you can get any type of bike you need.

My fiancée and I love to bike around the area, and before we had our own bikes we would rent a tandem bike (aka. a bicycle built for two). We could be gone an entire day for only $45. We would pack up a picnic and bike to a deserted beach, spreading out a blanket and enjoying the tropical sunshine. But you might be more practical than romantic, so it’s important to note that they have single rider bikes as well. ☺

In fact, they have many different designs and styles from mountain bikes to classic beach cruisers. And they have several sizes for each type of bike, so you can find something to fit your height. They also have kids bikes and those little trailers that parents use for infants and toddlers. So you can take your whole family out for a bike ride if you want to.

Honestly, I’ve seen many families pile into rental cars and drive around the island to different points of interest. And while the destinations might be fun, the kids typically hate being in the car. So why not take the boredom out of your adventure and ride some bikes? The kids will love it and you’ll get some exercise while you’re at it.

I can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly! And now, once again, we find ourselves at the Hawaii Sand Festival and Sand Art Contest! If you read my blog regularly, you’ll remember me talking about this contest last year. While I had entered the contest with my friends the year before, I was unable to do so last year. Yet still I went to the festival and had a wonderful time!

The sand art was lovely. I couldn’t believe some of the awesome things that people built. I saw wonderful sandcastles from residents and tourists alike, and even the entrance sign was made entirely out of sand! I wish you could have seen it. On the plus side, if you missed the sand festival last year, you can always come and see if this year!

This event, as always, is free for everyone, even the competitors. So if you want to come and built a sand castle or art piece while listening to the live music, come visit Hanalei from 11am-4pm on Saturday, August 11th. Individuals can participate as well as teams, and separate prizes will be given to the best sand art in multiple categories from kids to groups to individual men and women. And you can take a free lesson on sand creations from world-renowned sand sculpture Jeff Peterson. (The free lesson starts at 11:30am.)

Now, if you want to participate, I recommend coming to the beach early. There will be many teams and registration starts at 11am. Also, bring all of your own equipment from shovels and pails to molds and tools. Oh and shade! The first year I participated, we didn’t bring any shade and got SO burnt from the sun. So bring a beach umbrella, hats, sunscreen, LOTS of water, and anything else you can think of. Last year, I took a picnic lunch to my friends who were building some sand art, so that’s always an idea as well.

The final judging for sand art will be at 3:30, with the awards ceremony started at 4pm. So come and enjoy a day of fun in the sand! You just might win something.

Do you want a lovely vacation rental home inside of a famous resort with all the amenities you’d expect from resort life for half of what you will pay for a nice hotel? Yeah, I thought so. So here is some information on Hanalei Bay Resort 2309.

The Hanalei Bay Resort has a set of seriously nice condos on-site. These condos are spacious, beautiful, and modern, a great backdrop for a trip to Kauai. And at only $900 for a week in condo 2309, it’s hard to say no.

Of course, like the other condo units in this resort, there are amenities like a community pool, tennis courts, and a short walking trail to the ocean! In this particular 2-story condo unit, you will find everything you need for a pleasant stay. There is a master bedroom upstairs, complete with a television for late night movies. Downstairs, there is a large living room for family time, a bathroom, a kitchen with all of the equipment you’ll need for basic cooking, and another bedroom.

So what you’re getting is a home-away-from-home with bedrooms, a private bathroom, a kitchen, and a living area inside of a popular resort for less than you would pay for a nice hotel room. Can you see any down side?

August 6, 2012 by, Emily

Quite a few couples come to our island every year to get married. Still, other families come to rent cars and tour all of the hot spots on the island. And businessmen have also visited in the past for conferences and workshops, planning and playing on the same trip. And for all of these people, I have a suggestion:

How about going by limo?

Here on Kauai, we have several transportation companies that would be able to offer you excellent service. I’ve personally used the Kauai North Shore Limousine & Tours and can recommend them. Why do you need a limousine company? Well, that’s simple: to travel in style of course!

If you are getting married on Kauai, then you know that our beaches and wedding venues are second to none. We aren’t the Garden Isle for no reason, after all. From the white sand to the crystal clear waters to the lush mountains framed by tropical flowers, we have the most beautiful views in all of the Hawaiian Islands. And many couples have chosen to get married here for just that reason. But if you want to make your wedding day truly special, why not get married on the beach and then get skirted away with your love in an elegant stretch limo?

If you want to tour the island with your family or friends, why pack into a cramped car? There are lots of places on the island to go, from the breathtaking Waimea Canyon in the West to the historic Kilauea Lighthouse in the East to the spectacular Hanalei Bay in the North. So why would you want the hassle of driving all around, trying to find these places on a map? The better choice would be to rent a limousine for the day and tour the island. Kauai North Shore Limousine & Tours even offers specific tours for you to take that will be sure to be enjoyable.

If you are a businessman who is on the island to work, don’t take all the fun out of your trip. Even a work trip is made better when you rent a limousine and enjoy getting from place to place each day. Plus, with a limousine rental, you are ensured to get everywhere on time. These drivers know the roads, know the people, and know how to show up on time. And then, at the end of a long working day, you can bring your co-workers along for an evening on the town!

Do you see how a limousine can really spice up your time on Kauai? Well then try it out on your next visit. Sometimes a limousine rental can be cheaper than a taxi, especially if you need a car to take you from the airport to your hotel or condo. So why not enjoy yourself? Consider renting a limo and really traveling in style.

Okay ladies, we all know that our men love to drive fast cars and street bikes, racing against each other in fierce competitions to see who is the best racer on the street. But what about you? Do you love the feel of the wind in your hair as you accelerate toward freedom and epic speed? Well, if you do (and if you aren’t planning on attending the Tahitian festival I mentioned in my last blog), then you should come to Ladies Night at Kauai Raceway Park! ☺

I’ve talked about the raceway before. In fact, there was even a scheduling mix-up for the first event, which I sadly didn’t catch on my blog. (Sorry again for that, guys.) However, this night at the raceway will be totally different as women compete in a special ladies-only bracket racing class. It should be awesome to watch as these women compete for the title of fastest woman on the track. And I bet they can even show up some of the men, eh?

Of course, there will be free hotdogs and giveaways for this special event, and other races will take places as well. You’ll get to see dragsters, street bikes, sport compact cars, muscle V8s, and Top Gun favorites, and that’ just a sample list. There will be much more to see this weekend at the raceway.

So if this sounds like a fun event for you, then come on down to Kekaha on Saturday, August 4th, from 11am-3pm. The cost is only $12/person to get in. Plus, kids are free! Everyone is welcome at this family-friendly event.

Dance is an essential part of the Hawaiian culture, and many young men and women learn the hula each year as a way of passing down their cultural heritage. Plus, it’s fun to do. But did you know that Tahitian dance started on Tahiti? It sounds obvious when written down, but many people assume that Tahitian dance is a Hawaiian concept. It is not.

The Tahitians who taught us the dance, however, are a Polynesian people, as are native Hawaiians. And as our cultures mixed and evolved over time, a bond was made that cannot be broken. I’ve often heard it said growing up that Hawaii is a combination of all the best Polynesian people combined with all of the best cultures in the world. I believe that is true. And dance is just one way that I can enjoy my cultural heritage.

Why tell you all of this? Well, Heiva I Kauai Ia Orana Tahiti 2012 is coming up on Saturday and Sunday (August 4-5), a 2-day festival about Tahitian culture that will include a rather large dance competition. Dance troops from many different locations (including Hawaii, the mainland, and Japan) will be there to show off their talents and compete to see who is the best at Tahitian dance. And this is probably the best opportunity for visitors to witness some truly spectacular dancing.

So, if you are going to be on Kauai this weekend, come to Kapaa Beach Park anytime from 9am-5pm and enjoy the competition. The park entry fee is only $5 and will allow you to experience the wonder of dance for the whole day. Plus, there will be craft and food booths selling a wide variety of items, so you won’t get hungry or bored. Seriously, come and join in the fun. It will be well-worth the cost.