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No Fear

If you are free this Tuesday evening and are planning on visiting Kauai, can I recommend a workshop for you? It is called “A Future.

Aloha Festivals

There is a series of festivals coming to Kauai that visitors and residents alike will enjoy. They are called the Kauai Aloha Festivals and will.

Concert in the Park

Need something to do tomorrow? Well how about visiting Prince Albert Park in Princeville for a concert? It should be an easy-going and relaxing day.

It’s Here!

I can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly! And now, once again, we find ourselves at the Hawaii Sand Festival and Sand Art.

For $900/Week

Do you want a lovely vacation rental home inside of a famous resort with all the amenities you’d expect from resort life for half of.

Go by Limo

Quite a few couples come to our island every year to get married. Still, other families come to rent cars and tour all of the.