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When you come to Kauai, I know that you will want to save some money. After all, vacations are expensive and you’ll want to save up for more important things like surfing lessons or nice dinners out with your loved ones. So here is an option for you if you want to stay in Princeville and experience all that the North Shore has to offer: Puamana 1C.

Puamana 1C is a vacation rental in Princeville off of Wyllie Road. With two bedrooms, two baths, and enough space to sleep 6 people, this is a great home for a larger family or a group of friends. Plus, unlike hotel rooms which run $200-$600 a night per room, this vacation home is only $1050 for the whole week!

Now, you might be thinking that $1050 for the week isn’t THAT much less. But let’s factor in a few details. For instance, most hotel rooms are set up for two people. And, if you have kids, some rooms will fit up to four people. But after that, you’ll need a second room. So, for a family of 6 staying on Kauai in a hotel for a week, you’ll be paying $2800-$7200.

Do I have your attention now?

Well, then I should also mention that most hotel rooms are the size of small bedrooms. But with a vacation rental home, you’ll get two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, a living room, and a patio. Talk about having a bit more space.

Of course, I should let you know that saving money isn’t the only reason why you should choose Puamana 1C for your vacation. In addition to the spacious interior and the inexpensive pricing, this home is also packed full of amenities like DSL internet, a TV, a DVD player, a stereo, a fully equipped kitchen, a pool, a washer/dryer unit, and a large BBQ on the back patio (called a lanai on Kauai).

So if you want a comfortable and inexpensive place to stay on your vacation, think about choosing Puamana 1C. It really is worth the stay.

Okay, I never thought I would say this but… how many of you like martial arts and kickboxing? Well, in two days (on June 25th) from 5-8:30pm, the Kilohana Carriage House in Lihue is going to be hosting “Mayhem at the Mansion,” a sporting event for the fight night lovers out there.

Personally, I have never been to a fight night. I don’t watch kickboxing on television and would have no idea who the participants were if it wasn’t for my boyfriend. He is a BIG fan and has been bugging me about attending this event for a while now. (And I gave in last week, so please come and join me!)

Admission for the event will be $25 for general seating and $35 for ringside seats. All around the Carriage House there will be booths set up to sell local products, food, sporting event paraphernalia, and more. So if you are going to be on Kauai on the 25th and have a hankering for a good kickboxing match, here is your chance to see one up close and personal. Come to the Kilohana Carriage House in Lihue and be a part of the action.

Perhaps you read the last post in this blog and thought to yourself, “I would love to hear some great live music, but 6-8pm is a bit late.” Well, that’s okay. I can completely understand not wanting to be out too late, especially if you are staying on the North Side or the West Side of Kauai and don’t want to drive to Lihue on a Saturday night.

But never fear – I have another option for you.

This year, you can visit Hoffgard Park in Waimea every other Saturday afternoon from 2-6pm and hear some great live music as well. This event is called, “Music in the Park” and it is also a free event. This last Saturday, I happened to be nearby Hoffgard Park, so I wandered in and sat listening for a while. It was a wonderful experience, seeing the park and hearing the beautiful melodies wash over me. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a free concert, right?

Since June 11th was the last “Music in the Park” day, the next ones will be on June 25th, July 9th, July 23rd, and August 6th. And since this is an outdoor event in the park, the music will all be child-friendly, so don’t worry about bringing the kids. Simply come to the park and enjoy what the musicians of Kauai have to offer.

Do you like music? Do you like free concerts? Are you going to be on Kauai for at least one Saturday in June? If you answered yes to those questions, then I have somewhere you need to be!

Kauai is having a music festival every Saturday from 6-8pm at Shutters Lounge. (That’s in the Kauai Beach Resort.) The festival actually started back on May 21st with Mike Young’s performance and will continue on until July 9th with different artists each Saturday.

If you like music and want to hear some of our local talent (and believe me – they’re talented), then you should definitely come and give our musicians a listen. Each performance is free and open to the public. Plus, you can sip drinks and eat some yummy food in the lounge while you enjoy the swirl of melodies around you.

June 19, 2011 by, Emily

If you are looking for a great shopping experience while you are on Kauai, I can think of no better place for you to visit than the Yellowfish Trading Company. Here you can find everything from antique Hawaiian hula girls to new furniture. It’s the perfect place to look around for gifts.

The last time I was in Yellowfish, I decided to buy everyone their birthday presents in advance. This way I would have something for everyone and wouldn’t accidentally forget anyone’s big day. While I was there, I found lots of great gifts for my friends and family, especially those on the mainland. From vintage textiles and hand-colored photographs to books by local authors and jewelry by local craftsmen, they had something for everyone on my list. I was even able to pick up a vintage menu for my brother featuring artwork by Eugene Savage. (My brother loves two things in life: golf and food. The menu covered that second love perfectly.)

Of course, being from Kauai gives me an added love for many of the items in the shop. Even so, I truly believe any tourist would have a great time shopping here as well. After all, if you wanted to pick up a tea towel printed with a map of Kauai for your mother-in-law, they’ll have it. If you needed a woven basket purse for your daughter, they have that too. How about a lamp made in the 1940s by a World War II serviceman for your grandfather? Yep, they’ll have it.

Do you see what I mean? Just about everyone who visits me here on Kauai goes to Yellowfish at least once. So never fear – the land of gifts is here for your every need.

In honor of King Kamehameha, Kauai is having a celebration! And tomorrow from 10am-2pm, you can come to Lihue and be a part of that celebration, honoring King Kamehameha the Great of Kauai.

First of all, there is going to be a parade. The parade will start at Vidinha Stadium, travel down Rice Street, and end at the historic County Building. If you want a good view, I recommend going at least half an hour early and finding a place along Rice Street to watch the show.

The parade itself will have marching units, decorated floats and other vehicles, and some fabulous Pau units. Then, on the lawn of the County Building, the celebration will really begin!

There are many local musicians and hula dancers who have signed up to provide entertainment during the event. Plus, local artists will be there with craft booths set up to sell their work and demonstrate their skills. And, of course, no festival in Kauai would be complete without some great island food. In fact, from the looks of things, there is going to be a feast!

So come and celebrate with us during this important time. Remember, it’s June 18th from 10-2pm in Lihue and it is going to be a fantastic party.

If you are going to be visiting Haena State Park, then you’ll want to stay somewhere nearby, right? Well, if it helps, I know a great place: Haena Place.

Haena Place is located a short distance from the park and is a great home away from home for tourists and visitors alike. With two bedrooms and 1 ½ baths, this is an exemplary house for small families of four or less. It is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac and is only a short walk from many great beaches. Plus, unlike a hotel room, it’s fully furnished and has a good-sized kitchen full of equipment.

A few added amenities include cable television, a DVD player, a telephone, and a glorious deck that overlooks the lush tropical mountains. But mostly this house is amazing because of its location and price. So if you are planning on staying near the North Shore during your vacation, check out this property. I just know that your family will love it here.

Actually, it’s more of the beginning of the road. Anyway, if you are planning on visiting Kauai and you haven’t been to Haena State Park, I’m going to use this chance to recommend it. Where can you find Haena State Park? Well, simply go to the beginning!

Haena State Park is located on the north end of Kauai at the very beginning (or very end, depending on your point of view) of State Highway 560. This is a great area for snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, hiking, or checking out some awesome sea caves. Plus, with the mountains and lush greenery of the jungle behind you and the long beach and blue waves before you, you’ll feel like a happy castaway.

Tunnels Beach, which I’ve talked about before, is located in this area and is the perfect spot for snorkeling. With an extensive reef extending out through the water, Tunnels Beach is one of the best places to find sea turtles and several forms of tropical fish. Ke’e Beach is also in the area is a beautiful spot to stop and have a picnic, especially if you appreciate romantic settings.

And, if you’d like, you can take one of the many hiking trails up into the mountainous jungle, exploring the untamed side of Kauai. I am not the biggest fan of exercise, but I do love to explore a bit of our tropical island from time to time. You never know what you might see!

So, when you plan your trip to Kauai, visit Haena State Park and enjoy your day at the beach.

June 11, 2011 by, Emily

Hello Everyone! Happy King Kamehameha I Day!

For those of you who have no idea who that is, let me tell you a bit about why we have this national holiday. First of all, this is a celebration of a great king… literally. King Kamehameha I was also called King Kamehameha the Great. He was the monarch who first established the unified Kingdom of Hawaii! In other words, he’s the reason why we call them “the Hawaiian Islands.”

During his reign, lots of wonderful things happened. For me personally, I like to celebrate the fact that coffee was first planted on Hawaii during this time. If there is anything that’s worth celebrating in this world, it’s a good morning dose of caffeine, right?

Well, 52 years after he died, this holiday was established by the royal decree of his great grandson, Kamehameha V. And then, after the Hawaiian Islands became a part of the United States in 1959, Kamehameha Day was the first holiday proclaimed by the Governor of Hawaii and the Hawaii State Legislature.

We have a lot to celebrate this Kamehameha Day. Not only will I start the day with a large cup of Kauai Coffee, but I will bask in the thought that I am not alone on a small island at sea. My island of Kauai is a part of a bigger picture, a larger family of islands that have a tradition and culture all their own. I am Hawaiian! Aloha!

In an effort to give tourists a chance to plan in advance, keep in mind that the Fourth of July is coming up quick, and I’m sure that you will want to experience it in all of its glory: on a tropical island. Let’s be honest – Kauai is the most beautiful, wonderful place on earth. Of course, I might be a bit biased since I live here. And July 4th is a celebration of everything that makes America great. So why not enjoy the beauty of America in America’s most beautiful spot?

Each year on July 4th, we have a huge celebration, local style. As with any Hawaiian celebration, there will be food, live music, games, hulas, and plenty for the kids to do like face painting and inflatable bounce houses. And, of course, there will be a large fireworks display showcased above the beautiful waters of the ocean.

The admission cost is only $10 for adults and $5 for children if you buy your tickets early. Children 5 and under get in for free. And all proceeds from ticket sales go to a great cause: Kauai Hospice.

If you have never seen a fireworks display reflected off of the tropical waters of Kauai, don’t miss out. This is your chance to enjoy America’s freedom as it was meant to be enjoyed. Come and celebrate with us this year. The activities will start at 4pm in Vidinha Stadium Soccer Field in Lihue.

June 3, 2011 by, Emily

Since I haven’t had much of a chance to write about it yet, I just wanted to say that Memorial Day, as always, was a day to remember. While millions of Americans proudly displayed their red, white, and blue and had barbeques with loved ones, here on Kauai we did the same. But I didn’t stay on the island this year. I visited another important island.

Each year, I try to take a trip to the Arizona memorial. My grandfather told me all about the war and the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. He was here, on Kauai, when it happened and could see the blasts and the fires going on the horizon. So I took a trip to see the harbor, the final resting place of so many young men and woman, and to focus on remembering that day.

Of course, there have been other wars since then. It sometimes seems like the fighting will never stop. But I truly believe that the men and woman who sign up to protect our nation are heroes, regardless of the decisions the men in power have made. They are on the front lines everyday protecting us and that takes courage. They deserve our respect and our admiration.

So to everyone who has served in the armed forces or who is currently serving, thank you.

For a true Taste of Hawaii, you should attend the Ultimate Sunday Brunch. Held on the first Sunday of June, visitors and natives alike can enjoy the best food on the island prepared by over 50 of the best chefs from all over the Hawaiian Island chain.

For just the price of one small ticket, you too could be here to devour the delicious treats that will be created. And if you love food as much as I do, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this tasty event. But wait – there’s more!

There will be over 15 beverage stations serving everything from beer and wine to soft drinks and specialty coffees. So if you are in the mood for a pineapple smoothie, then this is a good stop for you. Also, there will be live music performed throughout the event, with over 14 musical groups scheduled to perform.

For those who like to eat AND shop, a large silent auction will be a part of the proceedings. And what better place to eat great food, drink whatever you want, listen to music and enjoy some shopping than in a park?! The brunch will be held at Smith’s Tropical Paradise, a beautiful location with sprawling grounds and lush plant life.

So have I talked you into it yet? Because I’ll be honest – I’m already salivating. This is one of my favorite events on Kauai and will hopefully be one of yours. So come and join us this year and eat your hearts out!